Manduka recycled high density eva foam yoga block – contoured edges for comfort, firm stability for balance and help in any yoga pose

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  • ensure this fits by way of getting into your model range.
  • widespread: zero. 9 lbs.; 9” x 6” x four”
  • this lightweight yoga block affords unbeatable consolation, fashion and guide.
  • radius edges for comfort and splendor.
  • excessive density, excessive durability, company assist.
  • tender, secure grip that is also slip-resistant.
  • incorporates among 50% – seventy five% recycled publish-commercial & publish-patron eva foam.
  • to store: maintain out of direct sunlight.
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manduka recycled high density eva foam yoga block

manduka’s recycled foam yoga block is the first amongst equals – which include over 50% recycled eva foam, this lightweight yoga block provides unbeatable consolation, style and guide.


  • 0. 4 kg; 23 cm x 15 cm x 10 cmc
  • ontains between 50% – 75% recycled post-industrial & put up-patron eva foam.
  • radius edges for consolation and splendor.
  • excessive density, severe sturdiness, company assist.
  • smooth, secure grip this is additionally slip-resistant.
  • product description

  • step up your routine with the unbeatable style, comfort and aid of the recycled foam block from manduka®.
  • consists of over 50% recycled eva foam for lightweight comfort with a conscience.
  • firm balance for balance and help in any yoga pose.
  • high-density foam is durable and extra firm, less squishy than different blocks.
  • slip-resistant layout with radius edges.
  • contoured edges for comfort.
  • 4″ thick x 6″ huge x 9″ long
  • imported.
  • color_name

    Midnight, Thunder

    8 reviews for Manduka recycled high density eva foam yoga block – contoured edges for comfort, firm stability for balance and help in any yoga pose

    1. J. Ashar

      I have tried many types of yoga blocks in my day. They all varied in size, shape, texture, firmness, and colour. Out of all of them, I have found these Manduka yoga blocks to be the best of the best. Typical yoga blocks are cheaply-made, and I find them to be too squishy. They never give me the confidence that they can actually support my body. On the other hand, I have used yoga blocks that are literally wooden blocks. They support my body very well, but they’re much too hard to make me feel comfortable when leaning any body parts against them. This is where the Manduka yoga blocks shine. The Manduka yoga blocks are firm enough to support your body’s weight, and they are also soft enough that they don’t feel uncomfortable when leaning on them. I ordered two blocks in “Thunder” at $16 each ($32 for a pair). I’m not sure why they called it thunder exactly, but it’s more of a dark grey/charcoal. There are some engravings on the blocks to showcase the Manduka branding, but they are not very noticeable and do not get in the way. Read more

    2. Nick in NH

      BUYER BEWARE – The order page clearly shows a Manduka recycled yoga block. What I received, after several weeks of waiting, was the wrong dimensions (9″ x 6″ x 3″ instead of 4″) and had no logo or other identifying marks. Classic bait and switch. Amazon has kindly offered to organize a refund, but I have to send it back to China at my own expense to qualify…which makes no sense whatsoever. Read more

    3. Troy Bushong

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. Received today, October 20, 2020. Ordered two blocks. Each came in its own box. Each sealed in thin plastic with a cardstock sleeve. The plastic seems unnecessary, but easily peeled off. The blocks are firm. I don’t know how squishy other foam blocks are, but these are definitely not squishy. There is a little give, with a string squeeze. They seem good to me. I like the little “practice on” reminder. One review said something about taking the plastic seal off caused damage to the block. Just pull at the plastic seam with your thumb, and it easily separates. Looking forward to using these. Read more

    4. Sam

      The packaging was very minimal, which I appreciate, but the plastic was very difficult to remove without destroying the product. I love that this product is made out of recycled material and the thunder gray one even has a cute “Practice On” engraving in the back. I was a little disappointed in the firmness of this block. I spent a little more money to get the recycled product from a brand I trusted and the foam is much firmer than other foam blocks I’ve used from other brands. Maybe the foam will get less firm with use, I’m not sure. I’ve only had it about a week. Or maybe it is firmer because it is made from recycle materials and that’s just the trade-off. It is softer than a cork block, but I was looking for something to contrast my cork block and it is too similar in firmness. With that said, I would highly recommend this block to someone who wants something firm or demands a recycled product or who wants something that will provide stability without sinking into the block, especially in standing poses, but that is still lightweight and not as heavy as cork. If that’s what you’re looking for, this product will be perfect for you. Read more

    5. ❤️ Amazon

      I have had a pair of Manduka yoga blocks for years. Now we are home all the time, I need some extra yoga blocks to be handy at different floors in the house. I ordered a few different ones and none of them were firm sturdy. I am happily ok with many other things in life being low cost solutions, yet when it comes to yoga mats and blocks, it just has to be this high quality and high grade one. I have been doing yoga for year and those other brands just don’t cut it. Firmness is not just from the surface, it has to be from and through the core and entire body of the yoga block to give you the adequate support and comfort. So I eventually put some of those other blocks into good use such as putting them between the back of the bed headboard and the wall, so it was not an entire waste. This one is the true yoga block for me along with the pair of Manduka blocks I had. Additionally, Thunder is the deep rich dark grey color, which grey color is very on trend. It goes perfectly well with our room accent and decor color them. Read more

    6. Jo

      These are great. I am a relatively light user of these though but have done daily calf raises on these for a few months in a row. They have not lost their shape or chipped away any pieces. No scratches or texture changes observed. Read more

    7. Arthur W.

      Very dissatisfied with the products received. It is low quality and density foam made in China. No Manduka emblem on the block. As well as extremely late delivery. Do not buy it Read more

    8. snowbird567

      Great weight; perfect size for triangle and practicing jump-throughs. As others have mentioned, block selection is just about preference. I like these because they have very little give. Read more

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