Manduka start yoga mat – top class 5mm thick yoga mat with alignment stripe. Reversible, lightweight with dense cushioning for assist and balance in yoga and pilates

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  • make certain this fits by means of coming into your model range.
  • a hundred% herbal tree rubber
  • imported
  • high-density closed-mobile floor prevents sweat from seeping into the comfy mat cushion, advanced joint protection, and unmatched grip and support.
  • standard: sixty eight” x 24″, 5mm thick, designed with a patterned alignment stripe for correct positioning to help guide your poses.
  • reversible design for growing the appropriate colour environment or wanting a cahnge of coloration for an new pose.
  • made from 100% herbal tree rubber with non-poisonous foaming marketers and non-azo dyes, manduka makes use of no percent or harmful plasticizers and all post-industrial scrap is thoughtfully applied in the manufacturing of materials creating 0 waste
  • to easy: keep your mat within the nice circumstance through wiping it down after each practice with our manduka all motive mat wash. In no way soak, bathe or submerge your mat in water. Store in a fab, dry vicinity
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manduka start yoga mat – top rate 5mm thick yoga mat

the begin mat is a with no trouble cushioned, novice-targeted yoga mat that encourages self belief from the floor up. Its reversible layout capabilities an alignment stripe to assist guide poses.


  • sixty eight” x 24″ (172cm x 61cm) – 2. 5lbs (1. 1kg)
  • 5mm thick for support + cushioning
  • alignment stripe for proper positioning
  • grippy texture to help against slip
  • closed-cell surface prevents sweat from seeping into the mat
  • product description

    the begin mat is a with ease cushioned, beginner-targeted yoga mat that encourages confidence from the floor up. Its reversible design features an alignment stripe to assist guide poses.


    Bondi Blue, Light Blue, Navy, Steel Grey

    8 reviews for Manduka start yoga mat – top class 5mm thick yoga mat with alignment stripe. Reversible, lightweight with dense cushioning for assist and balance in yoga and pilates

    1. cmtandy91

      I purchased this mat because I wanted something light and readily available to me as I planned on using it in the studio. Also, I enjoy being outdoors and I thought this would serve me some purpose for outdoor yoga. Wrong. This mat is very slippery in down dog which seems to be common in the reviews. That is not an exaggeration and you will slip plenty. Aside from it being so slippery, it’s a great mat and made very well. However, I would not recommend this mat for Vinyasa, power, or hot yoga because you will ship and you will have a miserable time in class. If you’re looking for a budget mat, there are plenty of other options and I would not recommend this mat at all. If you’ve already ordered it and don’t plan on returning it, I find that this mat is great for yin and restorative yoga classes. I’ve also used this mat for Pilates and it gets the job done alright. I’ve decided on the 3/5 star rating only because I’ve managed to find some use for this mat and I practice yin quite often. Again, if you plan on doing Vinyasa, power, or hot yoga, do not buy this mat because you will be slipping left and right with the tiniest amount of sweat. If you’re looking for a budget mat, do not buy. I would only recommend using this mat for restorative and yin yoga, and mat Pilates. It’s honestly a very beautiful mat and well made, but it’s just not good. I hope this helps. Read more

    2. Laura

      I received a mat a different color than I ordered. In addition, the mat is more like 68 inches long. Its fine for my daughter who I purchased it for, but its not the standard 71 length. Good quality mat that sticks. Here is the accurate product description (look at the bottom of the page) For information on how Manduka contributes to the community, please visit the About page Start your yoga journey with Manduka® and the beginner-focused 5mm Begin mat. Closed-cell surface design prevents sweat from soaking into the mat. Integrated alignment stripe to help you find proper positioning. Grippy texture helps keep you stable. A thicker, 5mm design provides ample cushioning. Free of chemical solvents, toxic glues and manufactured in an energy-efficient facility. Measurements • Dimensions: 68″ x 24″ (172cm x 61cm) • Weight: 2.5lbs (1.1kg) Imported Read more

    3. Good readers’ mother

      This is the first “quality” mat that I’ve bought since I started my yoga journey 10 years ago. I usually use the cheap mats from TJMaxx or Ross. Since the COVID-19 quarantine, I’ve had to practice yoga a couple of times a week at home. I am practicing on carpet since my tv is in the living room (with carpet). The mat is thick enough so that I won’t slide around on the carpet. It also has some stickiness to it, so that my dry feet won’t slide off the mat. For yoga, it is important to have a mat with a good grip, otherwise, you cannot stretch or have enough balance. Overall. this mat seems sturdy and the foam looks like it will hold and not break off. Amazon has the best price, as I looked on other websites, they were $10 more. Read more

    4. FOlson

      The quality of this yoga mat is awesome. I absolutely love it. It’s totally different from one you’d pick up at a big box store. I also found the color to be accurate compared to the picture. However, I’m disappointed with the length. I’m 5’3″ and sometimes wish the mat were longer. I’d stick with this brand and look for a longer version. Read more

    5. Lori Morin

      I was a little disappointed in the length, I ordered this mat because the dimensions show it being 71″ when in fact, it is the average 68″. Read more

    6. Julia Hendrickson

      This mat is horrible! Hot yoga towels slide right off of it and if you are in a cool class and not using a towel thinking you are not going to slip, think again. I seriously don’t know why it is so slick. The alignment strip isn’t even useful because you can take warrior two without your feet sliding apart. If you were doing a seated practice this is a very comfortable mat. Read more

    7. J.L. Forrest

      Yoga mats are one of those items where the principle “Don’t throw good money after bad” applies. Cheap yoga mats are toxic, they don’t last long, they stretch, they lose their grip quickly, and many many of them are toxic. With yoga mats, spend the money and get the best you can. The last yoga mat I had which was this good was from Prana, at was even more expensive, and I bought it fourteen years ago. The Manduka feels just as good as the Prana, is made from similar materials, and I expect it’ll last at least a decade. I’m happy with this one. Read more

    8. Manasaa Kannan

      The Yoga mat is NOT comfortable and it has hindered my yoga practice. I tried many times on it at various intervals but it never did work. It’s one of the expensive yoga mats in the market and it IS NOT following up on its promise. 1. It has an irregular surface which is very hard to do “rock the baby” asana. 2. Whenever I do downward dog the hand slips until I bring my legs closer, which some instructors say not to change. On a cheaper yoga mat I had no issue with either of these asanas. I read that manduka lasts longer but what’s the purpose if I can’t do all my yogic poses on it? THINK BEFORE YOU BUY IT. Read more

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