Manduka x yoga mat – premium 5mm thick yoga and health mat, ultimate density for cushion, help and stability, superior dry grip to prevent slipping

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  • yoga and health: the manduka x yoga mat is designed for athletes prepared to feature a professional satisfactory mat to their arsenal of exercise tools. Best for multi-motive use.
  • conveniently transportable: lightweight and clean to hold to and from the gymnasium, area, studio, and domestic.
  • quite simply thick: with a superior density of 5mm, the thick cushioning presents each joint protection and luxury.
  • slip-resistance: hygienic closed cellular construction. Advanced dry grip to prevent slipping and harm.
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for more than two decades, manduka has constructed a popularity as the arena’s most respected yoga brand. Known for its mythical pro mat, manduka creates high performance yoga mats, yoga towels, luggage, props, and men’s and girls’s fitness clothing.

designed with the aid of yogis and depended on through instructors worldwide, cautiously selected and sustainable substances are paired with considerate layout to create modern products that permit a network of four,000+ yoga studios, seven-hundred+ yoga ambassadors and over 2 million customers throughout the globe to deepen their practice.

manduka x mat

the manduka x yoga mat is designed for athletes equipped to feature a expert quality mat to their arsenal of workout equipment. Perfect for multi-motive use, it’s portable enough to carry to and from the fitness center, subject, studio and home. Advanced density and cushioning provide each joint safety and luxury.

  • excessive-density cushion
  • lightweight
  • advanced dry grip
  • sustainable manufacturing
  • closed-cell construction
  • benefits

    designed to easily drift between yoga and floor workout, the manduka x is built with the go-education athlete in thoughts.

    transportable without sacrificing durability, density and dry grip.

    built to prevent sweat, dirt and bacteria from absorbing into the mat’s floor and middle, making cleansing a breeze.

    free of chemical solvents, made with recyclable materials and manufactured in an power-green facility.

    product description

    the manduka x yoga mat is designed for athletes equipped to feature a professional exceptional mat to their arsenal of workout equipment. Best for multi-motive use, it’s portable sufficient to hold to and from the health club, area, studio and domestic. Advanced density and cushioning provide both joint safety and comfort. With a thickness of 5mm this ultra dense mat gives superior comfort and cushioning on your knees, elbows, spine, and any point of contact to difficult floors. Non-poisonous, green manufacturing, a hundred% latex unfastened. Free of chemical solvents and synthetic in an energy-efficient facility. For more than twenty years, manduka has constructed a reputation as the arena’s most respected yoga logo. Known for its mythical pro mat, manduka creates excessive performance yoga mats, yoga towels, baggage, props, and guys’s and ladies’s health clothing. Designed by using yogis and trusted by teachers worldwide, our merchandise and apparel are used-and fiercely cherished-by means of 900+ yoga ambassadors, over two million customers, and four,000+ yoga studios worldwide. The pleasant and overall performance of manduka mats and yoga add-ons are still unequalled inside the marketplace. They may be still crafted using easy, enduring, natural, and each time viable, renewable substances and a exceptional attention to detail. Manduka is a employer constructed by means of and for yoga instructors and their students. We are nevertheless evolving, nonetheless introducing new products, and nonetheless celebrating the spirit and know-how of yoga teachers and their college students. From the road much less traveled, something superb and significant has arrived. Thank you for being a part of our network. Practice on.


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    5 reviews for Manduka x yoga mat – premium 5mm thick yoga and health mat, ultimate density for cushion, help and stability, superior dry grip to prevent slipping

    1. Douglas M. Zak

      I read the reviews and saw that some customers thought the mat was slippery, while others thought it was just fine. I figured the ones that thought it was slippery were just picky or that this was due moisture on the mat. That was a bad conclusion on my part. This mat IS QUITE slippery. It didn’t get any better after several uses. Hands and feet slide slowly in warrior or down dog with mat perfectly dry. The mat surface texture is rougher than other mats (its a raised dimple type pattern) and is reasonably dense. That all seemed good initially. You’d think this mat would have plenty of grip, but it seems the surface of the material coupled with the texture reduces grip rather than enhancing it. The manufacturer has to know this and I can’t see how these mats made it through product development and are being sold to people as yoga mats. I contacted Manduka regarding this problem to inquire about returning the mat. I got a “canned” response telling me not to salt it or to use a towel if I sweat all over it. That response was just silly if they had actually read my email. Customer service’s first step is send out the automatic canned response and maybe you’ll go away. I sent a reply again asking for some help on the matter. The next reply was sorry, you’ll have to take it up with Amazon since you bought it there. Retailers and manufacturers seem to like telling you why they can’t help you and it’s someone else’s problem. They did not responds to further emails asking whether they could step up and handle this vs Amazon ( I did not expect this mat to be a problem and did not save the packaging). Manduka did offer 25% off of another mat. I decided to cut my losses and not spend more good money after bad. I had to buy another mat from a different manufacturer. I’ll write a review on that one once I give it a couple of trials. As for the Manduka mat it may come in handy for changing the oil on my car but it’s not suitable for a yoga practice. Read more

    2. Marqroberts

      I bought this mat to take with me on a trip, and it served that function perfectly. It’s lightweight, rolls up compactly, lays flat after being rolled, and is great for traditional (non- mega sweaty) yoga, bodyweight exercise, and recovery work. It’s obviously not as protective as the Manduka Pro, which I also own, but is quite good and almost a third of the weight. It has a textured surface, which provides an excellent dry grip. You do feel the texture when laying on the mat (and I do prefer the Pro in that respect), but it’s not bothersome, and makes the mat effective for plyometric work and calisthenics. I workout in bare feet, so I can’t speak to performance in shoes, but would expect it to perform fine with them. Also, you can use either side of the mat. I continue to use the mat at home, and when visiting friends. I imagine it would be great to take to the gym or studio if you’re into that sort of thing. I can’t speak to it’s longevity at this point, but is feels quite durable. The only downside is that “out-of-the-box” it smells very strongly of some kind of volatile stuff. If I didn’t trust the Manduka brand, I probably would’ve returned it because it smelled so bad. I’m kinda sensitive to fragrances and VOCs in general, so this was nothing I wanted to be close to at all. However, after about 3 days it finally dissipated completely. I really don’t understand why Manduka would ship the mat in that state. It sure seems like they could air it out or cleanse it on their end before packaging. That said, I’m very happy with my purchase, and would’ve rated 5-stars if not for the smell. Read more

    3. Shan M.

      I bought both the X and PROLite together and if it came down to a choice, I like the PROLite slightly better. It is the mat I use at physical therapy office and I prefer just a tiny bit better the “rubber” feel of the PROLite material over the X (however both are comparable.) I am keeping the X to use at home & outdoors. They are very similar in weight, the X is fractions of mm thicker, few inches shorter and few oz lighter than the PROLite, but honestly not a noticeable difference (unless your height is close to come into play – but the PROLite has a extra long version, too.) Both will last forever. Depending upon which color you want, the price here is best/better over the manufacturer’s site or others and, of course, Prime service here. Link to the PROLite mat for comparison: Read more

    4. Justin Yasutake

      An interesting concept that I’ve been patiently waiting to find. The material is quality and sticky, I haven’t had any problems with sweat slipping at all. The material however is not quite as bombproof as I expected it to be. I pictured it being more of a fiber-woven material, and it is pretty much just a more firm and sturdy rubber material than an ordinary yoga mat. I do a lot of plyometric/calisthenic based workouts with parallette bars, kettle bells, and free weights, so there is some jumping and landing on the mat involved. I’ve noticed a little wear and tear on the locations where my feet land (barefoot), and that is only after a couple months. If you’re not going for an all-out workout on the mat, recommend it. If you’re doing solely yoga, I’d go for a mat that was meant solely for yoga. And if you want something that will withstand a workout, it will suit you if you’re not jumping all over for the majority of your workout. Read more

    5. Laura S.

      Mat arrived dirty upon opening. After cleaning it with my mat spray it still was filthy and caught/showed every hair, shoe mark, and piece of lint. The texture is tacky, almost sticky to help hold your grip, but feels gross and scratchy. I was planning on using this for the crunches, mountain climbers, burpees, and plank work I do at the end of my step classes, but this way too abrasive and even pulls my hair while laying on my back. I can’t imagine using this for yoga. Despite the grippy texture, my hands were slipping just doing a push-up. I would rather use a cheap, generic foam mat than this. It is lightweight, that is the only positive. I returned this mat and ended up getting the manduka mdx fit mat, as it has a much more comfortable smooth texture, more cushion, and doesn’t show the dirt all while still being closed cell. Read more

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