Marcy compact dumbbell rack free weight stand for domestic health club dbr-56, black, 20. 50 x eight. 50 x 27. 00 inches

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  • unfastened weight organizer – save your weights on a stand where you could access them quickly even as keeping matters prepared in your own home gym! The dbr-fifty six dumbbell rack capabilities a couple of trays that accommodate exclusive sizes of dumbbells.
  • metallic
  • imported
  • heavy-responsibility steelwork – hold all your weights cozy always with the marcy dbr-56 dumbbell rack. Crafted from business-grade metallic, its durable frame can face up to a heavy load while resisting damage from extensive use over the years.
  • durable powder-coated finish – reinforced with a powder coating, this versatile dumbbell holder boasts a strong creation that gained’t without problems get tarnished with heavy tools. Its polished surface effectively resists scratches and minimizes scuffs.
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prepare your full series of dumbbells and switch from one loose weight to some other with the dbr-56 dumbbell rack from marcy. This dumbbell organizer gives an smooth manner to hold your weight lifting system from piling up all over your fitness center. Attain the advantages of fats-burning and muscle-building training in the comfy environment of your house by handling your device so that you don’t have to fear approximately cleanup after every exercise. This dumbbell rack stand makes weight business enterprise smooth, permitting you to attention at the heavy lifting and not the clean up! Constructed from heavy-responsibility, 14-gauge metallic, this gym organizer has a robust structure that won’t disintegrate under heavy hundreds. Its powder-coated end efficiently resists sweat and moisture to help prevent rust buildup over the years, making sure that this device is dependable and long-lasting. This weight workout gadget offers a couple of storage areas around its twin-framed shape, permitting you to shop dumbbells of varying sizes and patterns. Store your metallic and solid iron dumbbells on the trays so that you don’t have to spend time picking up your unfastened weights from one-of-a-kind corners of your gym. The compact and low-profile layout allows you to effectively area it in any part of your health are without taking on an excessive amount of area. The assembled dimension is 27l x eight. 5w x 21h. Maximize your purchase and get the appropriate funding for your private home health club with this package that comes with a two-12 months producer’s guarantee. The marcy dbr-fifty six compact dumbbell rack enables you manipulate area. Spend money on this gadget rack and enjoy the consolation of running out in a muddle-unfastened home gym. Marcy compact dumbbell rack free weight stand for domestic gymnasium dbr-56


20.50 x 8.50 x 27.00"

5 reviews for Marcy compact dumbbell rack free weight stand for domestic health club dbr-56, black, 20. 50 x eight. 50 x 27. 00 inches

  1. liebendk

    I have a very small room and found myself inheriting 2 ea of the CAP Hex Cast Iron set of dumbbells from 40lbs to 30lbs and from there, down to 5lbs in 5lb increments, with the exclusion of 10lb, when I bought this product. I have since acquired the 10lbs weights and they all fit nicely on this rack. I needed to organize these in a small space to keep from tripping over them as I worked out. I have a 50 bag hanging from a stand to it’s right in the corner of the room, and a set of BowFlex dial weights on their stand to the left, with a bench on the other side of the Bow flex, in a 12’x13′ room, and this was the perfect solution. I am doing the T25 work out in the middle of the room and have progressed to the upper level where weights are a primary part of the routine, I am 6’1″ tall and there are times when I have to lay down to do the exercises, so I need to be able to lay down with my arms over my head. Hopefully you get the picture of my need for efficient use of the space. I am not using the heavier weights at this point, so I started with the 40s on the outside of the bottom center rack, 30s next to those on the outside racks, and then stacked the 25 on top of the 30s because there is not enough space in between the two, and 20 does have space above the 25 on the outside rack to fit, with a smaller increment on the top outside, in this case the 5lbs. Along the top inside rack I have my most frequently used dumbells, for when I work out. Since they are Hex the 30 and 25lbs dumbells are too big to hang independently however, since they are Hex they stack nicely, if you don’t have Hex, this will likely be a factor, on the bottom two outside racks for heavier weights, and the 40s had to go on the inside to make this work, but as you can see from the picture I am posting it absolutely work with room to spare on the bottom. It is incredibly sturdy, I put wood pieces under it because I have put in a padded floor and I wanted to protect it from this much weight concentrated on the 4 base “feet” of the rack. The only thing I would look out for is when you are replacing the weights on the inside top rack, do so carefully, because if you have big hands, the gap is small enough in the middle of the two horizontal pieces, that you could pinch a finger putting the 10 or 15 pound weights back down. I identified this early and have never pinched my fingers, so it has not been an issue, nor would this prompt me to downgrade my rating/opinion. This is an exceptional buy for the price if you compare it with other free standing racks. Read more

  2. iloveamazon

    I was really looking forward to getting this and organizing all my free weights. Once set up it is crooked and cant be straightened out. Sure it holds my weights but it looks a bit ridiculous like the leaning tower of weights. My box was already thrown out so its not worth my while to dig it out of the trash and try to send this back as Id probably have to pay shipping. Anyhow it would have been nice if I got a straight one but I didn’t so I’m really disappointed and feel like it was a waste of money. 1 star since it does what its supposed to do. Ok so I unassembled it in hopes of returning and then reassembled and I got it to stand straight. Yea…it holds all my weights 2 through 20, and a couple kettle bells. It did clean up the mess I had going on with all my stuff all over the floor so I’m glad I got it. If you get this just watch when you assemble it so you get it straight and don’t have to fuss with it like I did. Read more

  3. Cintinative

    I purchased this rack to get my dumbbells up off the floor. I have all neoprene dumbbells. I have a set of 3’s, 5’s, 8’s, 10’s, 12’s and 15’s. The 3’s and 5’s do not fit in the side slots because the middle rod portion of the dumbbell is too short. Also the 3’s don’t really sit on the flat portion of the rack correctly. They are not long enough. The other weights all fit in the side slots and on the racks. Of all of my dumbbells, only the 8’s and 10’s are hex weights–the rest have one flat edge or so but are mostly rounded. Since I don’t intend to buy a whole lot more dumbbells down the road, this rack seems to be perfect. I have room for maybe two more sets of dumbbells on the straight racks and another two on the sides. Since I literally just assembled it and put the weights on, I can’t say anything about long term stability yet. I am happy with the small footprint of this item. It fits well in the space where my weights were formerly sitting on the floor. I hope this helps someone make a decision about this rack. Read more

  4. Kristin E Raven

    Love it. Quite sturdy, does not wobble when taking pieces on and off, and the middle section is great for organizing other gym equipment if you don’t have a ton of dumbbells. quite happy with the purchase! Read more

  5. drew1718

    I barely ever write negative reviews, and based on the current reviews, I was very disappointed having to send this back. It was exactly what I was looking for (A smaller reasonably priced stand for those who don’t have a ton of dumbbells). That said, the manufacturing quality was pretty poor for the one I received. The primary issue being the racks in the middle, which by all means should sit flush and fit within/connected to the outside stand. On the one I received, random sides of the middle racks had what I’ll call “extra ends” on one side not allowing the part to sit flush when bolts were in. One of the racks didn’t even fit between the columns on one of the side. Lastly (maybe due to this) the stand itself wasn’t balanced and had a significant side to side wobble. While the material appeared very good quality, not exactly the type of thing I’m willing to trust putting hundreds of pounds on. Sadly, I had to send this back and will look for another. Read more

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