Marcy domestic health club cage gadget exercising station for weightlifting, bodybuilding and power training mwm-7041

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  • make certain this suits by using entering your version wide variety.
  • solid metal construction – this domestic fitness center system boasts a incredibly durable steel frame strengthened with a powder coating, ing its potential to resist excessive use. It generates a 1: 1 ratio of resistance from weights loaded on the sliding submit.
  • high and coffee pulley – this is ready with a high and occasional pulley at the side of a lat and triceps bar. Use the higher pulley for sporting activities inclusive of ab crunch, lat pushdown and pull-down, meanwhile carry out hip abduction, squat and row using the decrease pulley.
  • open cage design – featuring a spacious exercise station, this high-appearing gadget consists of a kettlebell and dumbbell rack plus weight plate garage to will let you prepare your loose-weights at the machine within easy reach.
  • all-in-one station – this whole exercising gadget features an modern structure that mixes arm and leg station, making it awesome for strengthening different muscle groups and executing comprehensive overall frame workout routines.
  • 2-yr producer’s limited – this exercise gadget comes with a -year confined to let you get the maximum out of your investment. This dependable tools is to be an high-quality addition to your property fitness center.

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rack up a stronger and bulkier body with the cage home gym device from marcy! Have interaction in extreme training without having to leave the comforts of your house or pay membership membership costs with this multifunctional home gym gadget! This fitness tools is product of heavy-obligation steel. Completed with a powder coating, the steelwork correctly resists damage from excessive use, making it an investment that s built to last! The cage s spacious open place permits you to carry out quick and big movements, letting you revel in maximized mobility as you exercising. You can also pair it up with a weight bench or software bench to increase its functionality. This workout system is equipped with a excessive pulley that s high-quality for executing upper frame sporting activities consisting of overhead triceps extensions and overhead cable curls. Meanwhile the lateral bar is perfect for acting pulldown sports, which broaden each the chest and the returned while building shoulder power. For committed bicep exercises using dumbbells or weights, you may shop olympic barbells and bumper plates on the free-weight rack and easily perform energy schooling while not having to go to a extraordinary workout station. You won t have any excuse for lacking out on leg day, as this system additionally permits you to perform leg sports and upload muscle on your decrease body. The gadget additionally offers an olympic plate-loaded trolley and adjustable dip handles that you could use for various physical games. With the collection of device protected in this innovative domestic fitness center, you can without difficulty carry out a toning, weight lifting or body building software and efficiently target the improvement of precise muscle companies. Educate like a seasoned and get your dream frame without breaking you bank with the marcy deluxe multifunctional all-in-one cage system.

6 reviews for Marcy domestic health club cage gadget exercising station for weightlifting, bodybuilding and power training mwm-7041

  1. Ana84

    When i’ve got the boxes i felt so overwhelmed, i was by myself to assemble it, and i thought it was gonna take forever, but it only took me 6 hours and i was so happy with the result. Just a huge advice, get the right tool. Don’t waste your time with a regular wrench, get the one i show in the picture or something similar, it will make the job so much easier for you. Follow the steps and don’t forget to use the pieces number 23 (two black rectangles with square holes to assemble the bottom part of the side standing bars (they don’t mention them on the step for it in the manual) and that will make your assembling feel like an impossible job! The result is a great cable machine, perfect for what I want it, the cables work good, the cage is sturdy having in mind that i train every day and i use it a lot, it holds my 7feet 45lb Olympic bar perfectly and it makes my home gym look so pro!! I’m happy with it! Read more

  2. phil1014

    The product met all my current expectations in my fitness routine, would recommend a 5/8 wrench and maybe a extra helping hand when assembling the back of the frame to the sides together, I was able to assembly the entire product alone in bout 3 hours, unboxing it took a good 45 minutes just 2 get every thing laid out, I have only 2 minor complaints, first one if I had to change on thing it would be the j hooks, the lip when racking and unracking is little short , still not a big deal really compared to the price, complaint number the instructions manual really pay close attention to the details its easy to get turned around , all together I’m loving this product, it has made me feel safe with bench pressing, squats, overhead press and most compound lift with the safety rails you can step up your weights if work out alone with the safety rails, my advice find your height and use empty barbell, I using a 6 foot standard size bar, it does fit, 7 foot even better, I would mark off with a piece of electric tape or marker on which height settings you gonna use if doing bench pressing, incline press, squats, or any compound lifts, it helps with time when your ready to do different exercises, that way your not forgetting which setting you need each time you do your workouts, the dip bars are adjustable and can be used almost any way you can think, even for inverted rows if you use them on the front point towards one another like my picture, the pull up bar is legit and is good for chin ups and pull ups and hanging Ab exercise, the high pulley and low pulley are awesome as well if you like resistance training, so if your wanting something to get you going especially if your following any programs or just like doing your own thing this product is way to go for the price and its size. Read more

  3. Alexander Regets

    The product itself is a great concept. However, my rating is based off on how it was delivered and the condition of it. Considering I paid over $300 for it, I would expect it to be in excellent conditions. Part of my item was dented all throughout causing problems with the cable guide rail. Aside from the dents, I was also missing two main pieces and was unable to finish assembling it. I also had to google the instructions on how to assemble it because my box did not come with a manual. Read more

  4. Rick Suk

    For the price this is a great product. It’s not a full cage, but it has just about everything that I could want (except the bench, and weights). It is heavy duty enough for all of my exercises. I confess I only weigh 170, but that doesn’t mean that this will let you down if you are larger. (it is rated for lots more). I love the plate storage racks – their only downfall is that they don’t hold plates smaller than 5 lbs very well. The squats, dips, chin-ups, rows, curls, lat pulls etc. all work well and the whole thing takes a minimal of space for what it offers. I do the dips inside the cage, though the instructions indicate doing them outside. Set up did take a couple of hours, the instructions did leave something to be desired, the 2 boxes that it came in were heavy and required being home for delivery.. A crescent wrench was needed for assembly. There isn’t enough storage for a full set of dumbbells,but lots of space for additional plates.. Read more

  5. rescue5150

    Incredible rack for the price. I’m not a power lifter by any means, but the rack is sturdy and allows me to do just about every lift/excercise I would do at the gym. Assembly is a little tricky, but I managed to put it together by myself in a couple hours. Some of the parts had holes that were scored but not pressed out. I used a center punch and rubber mallet to knock out the slugs (pieces of metal where the holes should have been). This was a minor problem that I don’t believe should reduce any stars. The pulley system is smooth provided both sides are equally weighted. The portion the weights attach to are sleeved in plastic as well as the square portion that surrounds the riser. I expect the plastic to fail eventually after a couple years use, but I’m not sure how that will effect the overall functionality of the cable pully system. Even with these minor flaws, comparable racks I found are $100 or more and potentially suffer the same problems. I highly recommend this rack to anyone starting up their home gym. With this, an Olympic bar, and some weights, you will be well on your way to getting those gainz! You will not be dissapointed. Read more

  6. tom

    It’s been assembled for a couple months now. I do not regret purchasing it. Sure there are some heavier gauge cages out there and are the better route if you have the budget for it. But for the money this unit was a good purchase for me. Allows the basic core exercises and the rigidity and the strength of the structure, once everything is tightened down, is good. Having pull-up bars built into unit is a bonus and once tightened quite thoroughly is very stable. Instructions were decent enough (follow them to the letter) and all the parts were there and packaged well. One thing I would recommend however is to replace the stock carabiner rings with higher quality US made versions because that seems to be a weak spot to me under heavy loads and could get someone hurt. Read more

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