Marcy foldable upright exercising motorbike with adjustable resistance for aerobic workout & energy schooling – multiple colour available

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  • make sure this fits via coming into your model range.
  • splendid aerobic exercising – the fats-blasting cardio provided through this exercise tool is giant, as each pedal targets the quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Now not most effective does it burn fat, but it additionally strengthens the leg’s muscles, providing you with nicely-toned legs
  • adjustable resistance – this bicycle has a manually adjustable resistance that offers diverse ranges of sporting events. With 8 preset degrees of magnetic resistance manage, you can set to simulate various sorts of workouts depending at the resistance.
  • foldable – the workout software is designed to fold compactly with its superior frame design that permits for simpler storage and portability because it folds up, granting you more space at domestic. It additionally has rubberized foot based totally to save you scratching and harm
  • clean screen interface –this unit comes with a lcd panel that shows one of a kind variables related to your workout – pace, distance, time, and energy burned. The interface is user-friendly, particularly making plans exercising exercises and tracking your development
  • heavy obligation production – made of 14 gauge, remarkable frame which boasts durability and surface resiliency, this bike has counterweighted pedals with adjustable foot straps and an adjustable foam padded seat for hassle-free biking
  • advocated consumer height 5’1 to six’three / most weight capability: 250 lbs.
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marcy ns-652 foldable and transportable workout motorbike

seeking out a motorcycle that offers a entire cardio exercising however confined through the amount of residing area? Even as keeping the same functions supplied by using cardio bikes determined in nowadays’s gyms, the marcy foldable motorbike is the best area-saving cardio gadget. The flexible seat permits quick height changes to suit numerous users. Entire manipulate with the gripped pedals and basket cage in an effort to prevent feet from slipping throughout utilization and adjustable resistance may be used to simulate specific terrains. Keep tempo with the covered monitor that tracks your development and by no means leave out any other stride. This strong built cycle with 14 gauge metal makes it a dependable and lasting exercising motorcycle. After you’re performed along with your every day aerobic exercise simply fold the bike and shop away trouble-unfastened.

the marcy foldable upright workout bike folds when not in use for smooth transportation and convenient garage.

keep music of your development using the easy to examine liquid crystal display laptop show. The laptop displays time, speed, distance, energy, and total distance (odometer.) use the test mode to peer each metric for 4 seconds at a time.

increase and reduce the intensity of your workout with eight preset resistance stages. In reality turn the resistance knob to the preferred resistance degree and start biking!

even with the capability to fold, the marcy foldable upright exercising bike has a 14-gauge metal frame, giving the workout motorbike a durable construction.

regulate the seat height the usage of the adjustment knob positioned under the excessive density foam padded seat. The seat adjusts to offer an inseam top 28” – 33” (distance from the seat to the pedal.)

the huge pedals on the foldable motorbike have textured grip to secure your feet during your exercise. Similarly, safety straps assist make sure your toes do no longer fall off the pedal.



8 reviews for Marcy foldable upright exercising motorbike with adjustable resistance for aerobic workout & energy schooling – multiple colour available

  1. FullmoonCat

    After assembling the one I received, I tried it out only to find that it was pretty difficult to pedal and the resistance setting made no noticeable difference. Since I bought this for my elderly mother, I was pretty disappointed. However, rather than taking it apart and returning it, I decided to open it up and see if I could fix it. I found that the tension adjustment cable had become unseated from the lever that controls the setting. It was a very easy fix. So if your tension/resistance doesn’t work, just remove the screws on the gray plastic case between the pedals. The lever is right up front. Set the knob to 8, and then pop the little button into the slot. Reassemble, and it will be good to go. Read more

  2. DC

    This is PERFECT!!! Exactly what I was looking for in an exercise bike — and it was surprisingly simple to assemble, believe it or not, and my husband is over 70, I’m over 60. So there ya go. Nonetheless, they DO offer information on how to get assistance with putting it together — but we – proudly, LOL — didn’t need it. LOVE the way it works — you set your own resistance and other items — and how easy it is to move if needed I keep it set up, as we use it all the time, and there’s only the 2 of us and occasional company. But it is TOTALLY light-weight enough, and easy to fold up, move and even store if/when needed. We purchased this June 27th, and between a diet and this, I have already lost 12 pounds (current date August 29th). Wheeeeee! And it is keeping my body in good shape for my long walks, etc. Really happy we purchased this item. Highly recommend it. (if you found this helpful, please click where noted below, and thanks!) Read more

  3. Kindle Customer

    I was pleasantly surprised with this bike. I was looking for something to keep in shape over the winter, when it’s too cold to ride outside where I live, in Philly. On my road bike I usually ride 5 or 10 miles a couple times a week. Once in a blue moon a 20 or 25 mile ride. When I bought this bike I hadn’t been riding much and was a little out of shape. Still, for this price I was afraid the bike would not offer enough resistance to challenge me. Surprisingly, I get a pretty good workout on this bike. I have been using it fairly regularly for a bout three months. I do about 30 or 40 minutes, get the odometer up to about 9 or 10 miles, and get my pulse rate up enough to work up a sweat. I do get the resistance up to level 8 but only for a maybe 5 minutes, I can’t maintain that level for very long. This bike is not for avid cyclist, the resistance would not be enough for someone in real bike shape. For those of us just looking for a way to get a half hour cardio workout two or three times a week this bike will do the job. The ride is smooth and quiet. The seat was a bit uncomfortable, so I bought a gel seat cover and can do 40 minutes on the bike comfortably enough. Read more

  4. Martha

    This is perfect. I’m a short woman (according to my husband), about 5’4″ and I live in a small condo on the top floor. When I put the seat all the way down, this fits me perfectly. It’s very quiet so I can get up early and peddle for a 1/2 hour without waking anybody up in the condo below me. The quality seems to be very good. Read more

  5. Classicalmusiclover

    I had to return the exercise bike because the seat, even, in its lowest position, was too high. I am 5’7”. It’s a shame that the manufacturer didn’t offer a lower seat post for shorter folks or for older adults who have lost some flexibility in their legs. Read more

  6. Bomber Smithe

    I so much want to love this bike but I just can’t. I’m 5’3″ and the seat is WAY too high. The seat is horribly uncomfortable and in order to replace it, it will cost as much as just buying a better bike. Returning and buying a different bike. Read more

  7. Martha

    I just got the bike yesterday and set it up. Took about a half hour, all the parts were included except 2 AAA batteries. It was not difficult to put together, similar to putting together an Ikea piece. I’m happy with the size and look. I added a seat cover, which barely fit and I’m not sure if it’s making it much more comfortable, so I’ll look around for a different one. I found a sturdy rubber band is all you need to attach a phone for watching tv. I used it for about 45 minutes yesterday and the resistance works. Level 3 seems a good warm up/cool down, go over level 5 for more of a challenge. I don’t think you can safely pedal off the seat, it’s not sturdy enough, but while sitting it’s very sturdy and quiet. I will update later on, but for now I think this bike is good for a simple folding bike. FYI There is a lot of packaging to get rid of. Read more

  8. Nikki Dew

    It’s great! We’ve only had it two days now but it’s a really convenient little bike. The assembly was fairly easy for me to manage on my own within a half hour. I’m 5’4″ and my husband is 6’3″. For me, the lowest seat setting is a tiny bit of a stretch but I can still use it without issue. If you’re under 5’4″ though this isn’t the bike for you. My husband can use it perfectly with his height. There isn’t a ton of resistance difference between Level 1 and Level 8, but you really do feel the burn after even just a few minutes of use if you’ve not conditioned the muscles used frequently in biking. My husband uses it as a warm up before soccer games, and I use it when I don’t want to peel myself away from Netflix but also want to burn off that 2nd glass of wine. 😉 It’s no treadmill or replacement for actual outdoor biking, but it will for sure get your muscles moving. It’s easy to use without hands (just sitting up), with your hands resting on the bars, or leaning entirely on the bars to give your bum some relief – the seat is very hard. We’re hoping it’ll break in and get softer 🙂 THE BEST PART ABOUT THIS BIKE? It folds up so easily and so compact to store in probably the tiniest closet in our house. It takes up about as much room as a larger upright vacuum. It’s only about 40ish pounds and I have very little upper body strength, so moving it around without issue between the closet and the living room has been great. This is an excellent purchase. Read more

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