Marcy interlocking water-resistant flooring mat for workout equipment & accessories mat-20

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  • foam floors –this ground mat is built to precision with top class-quality materials. Proposing a light-weight and waterproof floor that is effortless to clean, the non-slip, anti-fatigue ½ thick foam is convenient, durable, and ideal for domestic use
  • quality uncompromised – every piece of mat is manufactured for lengthy-lasting sturdiness. In contrast to different ground mats, marcy ground mat does no longer compromise on first-rate or performance
  • interlocking insurance mats – this high-appearing health club accessory is available in units of 2 x 2 ft with interlocking edges for easy meeting. It could cover up to 24 rectangular ft of floor space – making it the best exercise and education accessory
  • ideal and handy – ideal for home gyms, workshops, garages, and playrooms, this multi-reason ground mat provides a blanketed surface. Every piece of mat is especially synthetic to guarantee secure and sure protection from tough and difficult surfaces.
  • excessive-impact – this anti-fatigue foam floors offers most area, consolation, and safety. Its long lasting non-slip foam padding will protect and provide comfort to any floor, which include your athletic system.

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product description

product description

enliven and entire your property gym setup to achieve maximum strength, strength, and stability with the marcy high-impact non-slip foam floor mat! The marcy excessive-impact floor mat is built to precision with premium-best materials for a lightweight, non-slip, water-resistant floor that is easy to smooth. It is an appropriate accent for working out without leaving the consolation of your own home. The non-slip and anti-fatigue homes of the froth make it secure and highly durable. This high-performance gym accessory is available in gadgets of 2 x 2 toes with interlocking edges for smooth meeting and storage. It is able to cowl as much as 24 square toes, providing you masses of area and floor coverage. This athletic equipment is designed to offer the quality overall performance inside the handiest manner. It is good for home gyms, workshops, garages, mudrooms, renovations, and playrooms. The marcy excessive-effect floor mat is designed to present safe and secure safety in opposition to hard and hard surfaces. Not like different floor mats, the marcy excessive-impact floor mat doesn’t compromise exceptional or performance. Working out turned into in no way as relaxed as this! You can now attain optimal power and boom your fitness, all inside the comfort of your house with the marcy excessive-impact non-slip foam floor mat.

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8 reviews for Marcy interlocking water-resistant flooring mat for workout equipment & accessories mat-20

  1. William

    This was my second purchase of this item. After deciding I needed more floor coverage and hopefully prevent sliding on hardwood flooring I purchased an additional unit. I bought a non-skid rug tape and applied it to the bottom, but this was not a good solution. This item is not designed alone for high impact workout as a pad without equipment, because it separates on impact especially on hardwood floors. It’s basically a floor mat to keep heavy stationary equipment In place. In addition I found it necessary to air it out for a time in the sun to eliminate the strong odor in the foam.Read more

  2. Jen G.

    These are exactly what I needed for my home gym. They’re large, good quality, and fit together easily. As other reviewers have noted, they have an odor, but I keep a window cracked while working out and the smell is dissipating. It wasn’t overpowering and didn’t stop me from buying a second set of these.Update: These are still working really well in my home gym. I unintentionally left my barbell with Olympic plates attached (about 100 lbs total) on the mats for 3 weeks and was concerned that the deep divots from the weight plates would be permanent, but they popped back out within 48 hours. I also have a rowing machine on top of the mats and they do a great job of keeping it in place. I’ve also dropped heavy weights on the mat and while I won’t do that on purpose, I was pleased at how well they protected the floor beneath them. You’d never know that anything had been dropped.Read more

  3. endershadow

    I have been using this mat for about 4 months underneath my Gold’s gym 420 Treadmill. I also have carpet underneath.Pros: It is pretty thick and has good cushion. I imagine jumping on this mat would help ease the impact.Cons: Every week or two, I notice a slight separation between one or two of the squares. I assume if I don’t adjust them, they could come apart. I have to move my treadmill to push the pieces back together. Also, wearing shoes, I occasionally kick the thin edge pieces.Other reviewers do not seem to have this issue. Maybe changing my treadmill’s incline is exerting some force on the mat. Perhaps having carpet underneath doesn’t help. I’ll probably replace it. I’ll be going with a single piece mat to avoid this issue.Read more

  4. Armywife

    Fantastic purchase! I absolutely love these! I recently purchased a pretty heavy treadmill and its a large commercial size and these were the perfect fit. They keep the treadmill steady on the wood floors, no slipping or sliding and best part is no damage to the wood floors. Also helps to keep the noise down from running, soft cushion to also use for workouts as I had these roughly a week before my treadmill my husband put them to good use for push ups and sit ups and jumping exercises. great buy, you wont be disappointed. box is fairly large but not heavy.Read more

  5. Christi Bruce

    I bought this treadmill b/c I get bored easy and need multiple options to workout. Plus with Covid I’m working out at home. I like the built in workouts available and the ease of use. As I’m taller I have to be very conscious of my stride. In the beginning I found myself almost stepping off the back. I’ve become more familiar and it’s a bit more natural to me know but I wish the running board was a bit longer. Although there is a decent range of speeds available I was hoping to be able to do an easy jog but unfortunately I can’t get enough speed to do more than a very fast walk. Overall I do get a good sweat going and a workout!!!Read more

  6. Netmask

    At best this is 3/8 thickness. I have had it on the floor for a few days now, and it has not expanded to 1/2. That little bit of additional thickness can make a huge difference. If you are looking for at least 1/2 inch thickness, you should look elsewhere.Read more

  7. Chanele

    I ordered these for the purpose of having them underneath my treadmill. They definitely serve their purpose for that, but I will say that these would definitely be too lightweight and slide around if you were going to use them as a mat to exercise on. The weight of my treadmill keeps them in place and they keep my treadmill from sliding around on my concrete floor. As previous customers have stated, they are inconsistent in their coloring, but that is not an issue for me as my treadmill covers most of them anyway. Also as other reviewers have stated, these do come with a strong rubbery smell, so they’ll definitely need a few days to air out. Easy and fast to assemble. I would purchase again and would recommend.Read more

  8. SierraS

    I have owned these for about 90 days now and I am not pleased. I purchased these floor mats to put directly on top of my concrete flooring in my basement to encompass a workout area. I purchased multiple packs to cover about 1200 square feet of which I have a large open area for floor exercise as well as some exercise equipment.At first everything was fine, they snap together well and looked adequate. The only initial complaint I had is that you can not make a decent corner like other mats I have purchased in the past. There is always going to be a 2” x 2” pocket in the corner even with the edge guards in place.While I had no intention of buying a super thick or highly cushy floor mat I also wasn’t looking for one that would get all deformed after I did a few sit-ups and or push ups.The rubber seemed to expand greatly after just a few uses in the higher traffic area and now it bubbles up in the high traffic areas as if there were pools of water under the pad. Only I have checked and there is no moisture anywhere.I am not sure if this product has a warranty however I am looking for a replacement after roughly 3 months of use.Read more

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