Marcy multi-position workout application bench for domestic gymnasium weightlifting and strength schooling sb-10115, black

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  • make certain this suits by using coming into your version range.
  • heavy-responsibility construction – with a long lasting, powder-lined steel frame, this bench’s structure is built for stability and sturdiness. Its stabilized layout, contoured foam roller pads, excessive-density foam, and upholstery provide most advantageous guide and luxury!
  • 6-function seat and returned pad – you could set the adjustable seat and backrest up in one-of-a-kind positions to accommodate incline, decline, flat, or army sporting activities. The backrest acts as a smooth cushion that helps your again to assist limit fatigue.
  • at ease leg rollers – this health gear has soft foam roller pads that enables cushion your legs even as acting ab physical activities. It features excessive-density upholstery that facilitates a secure workout!
  • compact design – this deluxe bench has an ergonomic shape to enhance your workout enjoy and its area saving layout allow it to match inside your house with out taking over too much area.
  • complete-frame exercise station – designed for full-body workouts at home, this software bench can be used to goal multiple businesses which includes the abdominals, hamstrings, triceps, biceps, and quads. Pair it with a health cage or use it with free weights.
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marcy multi-role software exercise bench

burn calories, lose weight, and construct muscle proper inside the comforts of your house with the multi-role utility bench from marcy! Burn fat and score a fitter frame through investing on this excessive-acting equipment designed for more green bodybuilding! Crafted from strong powder-lined steel and reinforced with high-density upholstery, this bench successfully resists scratches and chipping, making sure that it’ll remaining a long term! This versatile equipment helps you to execute a selection of sports to target the development of unique muscle companies inside a compact space. You can carry dumbbells and barbells whilst mendacity down or do crunches and curls. It’s also beneficial for switching among numerous sporting activities, including device-unfastened units. With its compact structure, you can with ease place this space-saving equipment in even the smallest domestic gymnasium. Attain the benefits of an severe exercise in a high-give up health club while not having to depart your own home with the marcy software workout bench!

the marcy multi-role application weight bench sb-10115 is ideal for decline, flat, and willing exercises. Alter the bench to the following ranges: -30, 0, 20, 37, 54, and 81.

the thick padding used to make up the seat pad and again pad make sure your consolation at the same time as you exercising.

while not in use, the marcy multi-position utility weight bench sb-10115 folds to put flat for storage. While folded and laying flat, the unit is simplest 11. 5” tall!

the willing position helps goal different parts of your muscle mass. As an instance, inclined dumbbell presses goal your upper chest muscle groups whereas normal presses goal the center of your chest muscle mass.

use the declined function to feature greater intensity in your sit-ups.

with a couple of positions on the marcy application weight bench, the number of physical games you could do are clearly infinite. Use the flat role for one-arm dumbbell rows that concentrate on your back, shoulder, and arm muscles



8 reviews for Marcy multi-position workout application bench for domestic gymnasium weightlifting and strength schooling sb-10115, black

  1. The Satch

    God blessed humanity with this revolutionary product. Now i am less of a fat slob… Read more

  2. KP

    This is a great little weight bench that didn’t break the bank. Assembly was easy using basic hand tools, but do yourself a favor and grab something ratcheting (box wrench or a socket wrench) to make the task easier. The bench seat is comfortable and as you can see from the pictures very versatile. I haven’t tried it for declines yet, but it’s good to know this bench is there for me when I’m ready. Contrary to what other reviewers have stated, I find this bench to be very, very stable. I’m 5′ 8″, 225 and I can sit on this bench with weights in hand, shake side to side, and not move the bench at all. It’s planted that firmly. One final rave is this benches ability to fold (not flat, but flatish?) for storage. It fits nicely in the dead space between the treadmill and the wall as you can see in the picture. Read more

  3. Shanexxl

    Nice weight bench but not practical. I’m 6ft 3in and a pretty solid guy at 250lbs. Really wanted to start to buff up more and start lifting weights again but this bench has a limit of 300 lbs! I literally can’t lift more than 25lbs in each hand while laying on this bench or I’m risking injury/death from it breaking. This is pointless. Do your research and save your money. Wish I had paid attention. There are much better benches available for around the same price with 800lb limits. This bench looks nice but 300lbs tops is garbage! Read more

  4. Maveric09

    My review is based on my experience using this product. I purchased it in March 2020. The locking mechanism is a metal tab that slips into a hole. The tab itself is about 1/2 inch. That is what you depend on to hold your weight. Two weeks ago, while I was bench pressing dumbbells, the tab slipped out and the bench declined as I was lowering the weights. the combined weight was well under the max limit. Today, I’m laying on the floor using a cervical pillow because my neck is in excruciating pain. I start physical therapy tomorrow. Please spend the extra money and buy something with a better locking mechanism. This bench isn’t worth the risk. Read more

  5. kookybunny

    I ordered this bench because it seemed like a noce setup for a reasonable price. I feel many others did as well. I am totally happy with its performance. Took arpund 30 min to get together (a little easier with 2 people). Pieces were labeled and easy to find. I am around 207 and use anywhere from 25-75 pounds worth of weights. Ive never felt like it would dump me. Leg pads are thick and comfortable. Easy to fold up and put away. Nice product. If i had to complain about something, the gap between the top and bottom seat when flat is a little wide (for me). Im sure its the design of it being adjustable. Recommemded if you are on a budget. Read more

  6. xStealth

    I went into this purchase not expecting the best, but something substantial enough to get me by until I could afford something more expensive. Well, those worries were completed unfounded, because this is a very nice bench! Easy to assemble, super sturdy, and fairly comfortable. If I had to come up with a gripe, it would be that the back adjustment uses a metal rod that slips into slots to adjust the incline/decline. While this is absolutely fine in 99% of situations, it is a pain when you go to move the bench and forget that if you lift up on the back rest it will unhinge from the slot and fold upwards, so make sure to either slide the bench around by the seat area, or place your hand under the frame if you need to lift the entire thing. Read more

  7. GM

    It’s comfortable and does what I wanted it to do. It’s not too heavy but feels sturdy. The “tool bag” with all the parts in it is a piece of cardboard with parts shrink wrapped to it with this extremely hard plastic each screw type and washer and bolt is individually shrink wrapped. It took me about 5 times as long to get the parts out of the packaging as it did to actually assemble it. And I cut one finger on the plastic and the rest of my fingers are red and raw. I would’ve preferred a ziplock bag. I wish it didn’t have the ugly logo so it could second as a regular bench while not in use. Luckily it folds up and stores away nicely. Read more

  8. Elton D.

    I purchased this bench for the same reason as many others which is to do some dumbbell workouts at home since gyms are closed during COVID. Between the dumbbells, the mat and the bench, the costs of an at-home gym start to add up so I was looking for something that was decent value. The Marcy bench at $120 is slightly more affordable than some other alternatives out there but you get what you pay for. The quality of the bench is decent although some of the stitching on the pads looked iffy. As for stability, I would say it does the job but probably could be better if the leg bars were a bit wider. I have never felt nervous about using the bench because of stability but the commercial grade benches at a gym are more stable. Another thing I’ve mentioned a lot in reviews is the max weight capacity which is 300lbs combined. That is on the lower end when you consider that there are other benches with 800lbs+ capacity. That said, I weigh 170 and my heaviest dumbbells are 50lbs each so I am not worried about it. This is a temporary solution for me and I don’t anticipate gaining 20 pounds or getting heavier dumbbells. Overall, this is a decent bench for the price but if you find another for about $120 with a higher weight capacity, I’d go with that. Read more

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