Marcy olympic weight bench for complete-body exercising md-857, grey/black

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  • metal, foam, vinyl
  • imported
  • top rate steel construction – constructed from rugged, foam, and vinyl to provide sturdy exercising tools for long utilization, the surge bench is safe and at ease. The construction is compact and stabilized to offer gold standard guide for day by day workout routines!
  • assembled dimensions: 80″l x forty seven. 5″w x 60″h
  • max potential: most weight capacity – 600lb (encompass consumer maximum consumer most user weights – 300lb most on bar capture – 300lb
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metallic, foam, vinylimportedpremium metallic production – produced from rugged, foam, and vinyl to offer robust exercise equipment for lengthy utilization, the surge bench is safe and comfortable. The construction is compact and stabilized to provide most fulfilling guide for daily exercises! Assembled dimensions: 80″l x 47. 5″w x 60″hmax capacity: maximum weight ability – 600lb (include consumer most person most user maximum on bar capture – 300lbdual-characteristic leg developer – twin-functions include a pivot factor that aligns with the knee joints and a locking mechanism for stomach exercise, this unit enables proper frame posture and permits for optimum effect on the focused muscle groups. Seat sliding music – this workout system boasts an adjustable seat and returned pad with a slide track to conform to right lifting positions. It allows you to reap the enhanced benefits of an intense exercising achieved with unique body alignment. Marcy olympic weight bench for full-body exercising md-857





5 reviews for Marcy olympic weight bench for complete-body exercising md-857, grey/black

  1. Joshua J Stark

    Easy to put together, great to look at, but after one chest day, the seat is bent. The seat and back portions of the bench are constructed of a weak plywood. Throughout my first workout I could here it cracking and feel it bending under my glutes. Everything else about the bench is perfect, but the seat is already wasted so the bench is no good to me. $260 gone. Read more

  2. Mike D (Oregon)

    After reading the reviews i was a bit skeptical about whether or not I should purchase this set. I was looking for something where i could do curls, situps, bench presses, and squats all from one good low cost weight bench and this was really the only one that was decently priced and did all these things with one bench. If I didnt go with Marcy, i’d have had to spend another $150+ to buy other equipment, so I decided to give it a shot, here’s my thoughts. Upon opening the box, there were lots of scratches and chipped paint on many of the pieces. Personally, it doesnt matter to me, in a month its going to be 10x worse anyway! On the feet (that holds the bar), the front and back have these plastic covers, one is broken. I kinda wish it wasn’t, but it doesn’t interfere with the usability. In using the equipment, it works well but it does feel a bit flimsy. I placed a 45lb bar on the squat side with a 35lb weight on each side, thats 115lb’s total. When i set down the bar after squats, which i felt i did very carefully, i thought i saw the posts that hold it up move a little, so i tugged on it a bit, shook it, and tried to see how loose it was and yes, things did move a bit, but i dont consider things cheap yet at this point, considering i have this thing on 1″ MMA mats, i would expect a small amount of weight to not really hold it down super well. My thoughts of flimsiness came from bench presses and when i was putting the bench together. First off, assembly. It was pretty easy but the manual didnt define which piece was what number, only the small parts (screws and whatnot). So when it said to use a certain part number and that part number looked like 5 other pieces, it took a minute for me to figure out which one was the right one, but ultimately, there’s a production issue. ALL of the stickers and logos are either not adhering to the metal properly, or they are damaged from packing or shipping. Even the metal backing on the bars for bench presses, they are coming off and feel like pressed aluminum rather than metal. When placing the bar with no weights on it on the supports, the entire post on the left side moved at least an inch. I wasnt looking at the right side so i can only speak for the left. Overall, it works, its holding everything, i added lots of weights to the bar for the squats and the bench press as well as the foot side and moved things around to simulate workouts. Things move, but nothing seems to be coming anywhere near breaking so for the price, its good but could be better. I like it, and i’m happy with my purchase, i just wish it wasnt so flimsy, the pastic cap wasnt broken, the instructions were better, and it wasnt scratched up. If i was able to find alternatives to this equipment for the same price with all of the same capabilities, i may have rated this differently. Because its the only one like it i can find, the cost and usability vs its downfalls, 3 out of 5 stars is sufficient. I do wish i could add half a star, 3.5 stars would be more accurate. Read more

  3. gari

    Make sure you clamp the barbell supports or you could get hurt! If you try to roll the bar forward the supports will come lose and the bar will hit your head and hurt you really bad !! The bicep machine doesn’t extend all do way down. Don’t squad or bench press with more than 225 or this thing shakes like a mother. Lol Ok for a starter but not for somebody that lifts for real. Pretty disappointed, returning tomorrow. Read more

  4. Jannie

    Bought the bench February 20th 2017. Received it a few days later, well packaged. Less than 2 hours to assemble. Looks nice set-up in our basement. Its made of quality materials, designed extremely well, and performs beyond my expectations! In the 90’s I was powerlifting but got injured, had surgery and retired from lifting. I’m 55 now, 6′ 2″ at 200 lbs., and have wanted to get my body strength back up to a more acceptable level as I enter these later years. THIS BENCH IS AWESOME! I love the width of the catches (plenty of space for wide grips) and the flexibility of positioning them as needed. The built in squat rack is perfect for me! Everything is solid and safe, and easy to position for different exercises.. I was skeptical about the curl bar at first so I left it off a couple weeks then thought I’d at least try it. Even that is well designed! I’m a busy man, don’t have time to read or write product reviews, but Marcy, you guys knocked it out of the park with this bench! THANK YOU! Read more

  5. Perry S

    wow, for the price ($199 on sale) this is solid and functional. Obviously not a profession piece of equipment for a gym but for a home gym probably more than most people could use. Yes, as others said, seat wiggles a bit but don’t see this as an issue for me. I think if your 6′ 4” 250lbs and you bench press 350 pounds, this might not be the equipment for you. If your average size lifting 200 pounds is not a problem on this bench. It is large and takes up space so measure your location to ensure you have space around. For the price, it looks good, works good, and solid. Assembly was easy just took some time. Bolts, nuts all wrapped and clearly marked… not extras or shortages. then again, I’m fairly handy. Would give this 5 starts but Instructions illustrations could be larger and packaging could be much better as box was damaged and stuff got some marks on it. The company could look to Ikea packaging for some improvements. Read more

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