Marcy trampoline cardio trainer with handle asg-forty, black

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  • compact and transportable – the marcy aerobic trampoline trainer is both compact and portable. Itis designed to healthy small spaces inside the gymnasium or at domestic, and its convenient size helps you to convey it from one spot to every other with none trouble.
  • safe and a laugh – trampoline exercises are ideal for women and men alike. In case you want to begin getting match or in case you’ve been operating out for some time now and just want a new ordinary, you ought to strive trampoline training!
  • increases stability and coordination – trampolines training session a huge variety of muscle organizations, consisting of the cardiac and skeletal muscles. They help build muscle mass and give a boost to the shoulder, hip, and leg muscles.
  • enhances heart charge and burns energy – one gain of this trampoline teacher is that it boosts cardiovascular fitness. It will increase the heartrate and minimizes the chance of cardiac sickness.
  • precise and durable –a spread of physical activities and depth tiers can be added to growth your electricity schooling periods and get the most blessings out of your exercise recurring. This trampoline has a durable construction and may assist up to 250 kilos.
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marcy cardio trampoline trainer asg-forty

intensify your exercise at home as you’ve got a laugh with the marcy aerobic trampoline instructor. This system allows you to perform a complete range of physical activities that bring about extended bone and muscle density, and weight reduction. It simultaneously defines your muscle tissues because it elevates your heart charge. The marcy cardio trampoline trainer has long lasting assisting legs ensuring a safe and efficient exercising.


the marcy cardio trampoline trainer comes with a take care of bar. The stabilizing bar lets in for extended balance, flexibility, and coordination.

its six supporting legs and non-stop rebound bands are all well-constructed and can face up to rigorous physical activities. Its durable construction can resist up to 250 kilos.

the marcy aerobic trampoline instructor is compact and portable. You can without difficulty hold the trainer in small areas both in the gymnasium or at domestic. Its specific design permits you to hold it around anywhere. Handy and transportable, what more are you able to ask for?



8 reviews for Marcy trampoline cardio trainer with handle asg-forty, black

  1. TWD

    The assembly was not as easy as I thought it would be , but the product is quiet and seems to work ok . *** Here is my warning , use extreme caution when folding it up , it SNAPS closed hard once it passes its tension point .. it snapped closed on my arm and I was lucky it didn’t break my arm , was at the emergency room last night after it happened ( see photo) Dr said it was worst tissue damage he’d ever seen without a break to go with it … please be careful with this one ! Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I ordered 16 of these for classes at our gym. Only 4(!) classes later (that means not even 4 hours of use!) and all 16 have rips in them. The handle bars shake and rattle, no matter how tight you screw them in. Rarely was someone heavier than 175 lbs on them. Most of the women using them for that short period were anywhere from 115-150 lbs. Not only are they tearing— they have folded up and collapsed on three people! I called it the human venus fly trap. Not safe at all. Returning all 16 for safety reasons. I’ve attached pictures of only three examples. Read more

  3. Lmgme

    Don’t buy this trampoline. Poor quality control on this product. As noted from other reviewers, the trampoline comes folded, and is very challenging to fully open (my wife could not do it on her own). After screwing on all the legs, one of them was leaning inward (see photo and look at the level). Switching the legs around didn’t help, leading me to conclude it was the way the leg bolt was welded to the frame. I would not trust this leg to support the trampoline. There are brackets (that are made up of two parallel tubes welded together) that slide over two legs and secure in place with screws. The larger tube of the bracket holds the base of the handle. However, one of the brackets was not welded correctly and the tubes did not run parallel (see photo). I put a level on the good and the bad bracket so you could see what I mean. The angle between the tubes made it impossible to line the handle up with the bracket. The weld between the tubes is two inches long Clearly it came this way from the manufacturer (I could not have bent it). I sent mine back to Amazon for a refund (gotta love Amazon’s return policy). Read more

  4. Sharon

    Wonderful rebounder! The safety bar is my salvation, or else I wouldn’t use one. It arrives folded in half, and under spring tension. I opened it easily by standing on one side and lifting and pushing the other side up and over until it popped open. I am 75, and not very strong. I use it every day. Read more

  5. DonkeyKong777

    I’ve had this for ~4 months and it is falling apart. I weigh about 200 lbs and I have used it almost everyday. Half of the straps have torn and it is totally unusable now. I am going to purchase one that is better… Buyer beware you get what you pay for! Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    trampoline was fine for first couple of months then began to collapse during workout. attempted a variety of fixes but to no avail. tried to return but return was refused due to time i had the item. if merchant wants to reach out and help me with a return or replacement i would be grateful. otherwise i am stuck with an item that i deem unsafe. Read more

  7. Annie

    After reading a lot of reviews for this and other trampolines in this size and price range, I’m glad I took the plunge with this model. My very strong husband said it was difficult to open, but he was able to do it without help. He had it assembled in around ten minutes, and our 3yo will be the primary user for now. I like the bungee straps as opposed to the springs for the safety of my toddler and his little brother, who won’t lose a finger to a spring once he’s crawling around. I debated leaving the handle attached to but it’s holding up to the gymnastics so far. There was no industrial smell either, which was apparently a problem in other brands. Read more

  8. Natalie Smith

    I received my, what I call, “rebounder” on Sunday afternoon. Set up was a breeze. The actual trampoline part comes in a folded half and you just open it up. In my case, I used my feet to help me OPEN the trampoline part. That spring is TAUT, let me tell you. All I did was follow the directions…screw in the legs into the threaded part of the underside of the trampoline. I bought my rebounder after doing research on the health benefits for the great lymphatic system. All of my knowledge, education, and interest for the natural way of healing the body is credited to Dr. Robert Morse. You can search his name, and any ailment you may have on YouTube. Press play & soak up the knowledge. I am working on regenerative detoxification every single day by moving my lymph system, strengthening my adrenals, and getting my kidneys to filter. I rebound every morning before work and every evening when I get home from work. Also, I’ve got to take a picture of my animals…they think it is a new bed. Especially the youngest cat, and my female pitbull. OH! I weigh about 115 pounds, for your reference. Read more

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