Marcy weightlifting accessory spring clip collars for weight bar and dumbbell handles, bought in pair

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  • make certain this suits by using entering your model variety.
  • first-rate steel production – this domestic fitness center is made with premium excellent-metal production designed to deliver a strong and tight preserve to your weight bars. It functions a easy, chromed metal layout that makes for high capability and sturdiness.
  • fits 2” weight bars – this bar spring clips are structured to fit your 2” olympic weight barbells, providing you with a clean go with the flow of exercise that allows you cope with your weights with firmness and balance and lessens the threat of injuries for the duration of weightlifting.
  • secure and cozy grip –the grip of those olympic weight bar spring collars is robust enough to preserve heavier weights for a greater efficient exercise routine. Just cautiously open the wire through squeezing the handles and the collars will smoothly slide onto the bar
  • stable in pairs – the marcy obc-three clip collars are offered in pairs so you won’t have to fear about buying two for a unmarried weight barbell. This duo might be a tremendous addition for your exercise gear.
  • high-quality for domestic gyms – with its stable and compact shape, these barbell weight collars will healthy perfectly with the relaxation of your gym equipment. They allow for fast weight plate adjustments and are sponsored by way of a 2 year constrained warranty from the producer.
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Olympic Bar, Standard Bar

8 reviews for Marcy weightlifting accessory spring clip collars for weight bar and dumbbell handles, bought in pair

  1. Sun Runner

    I got a new pair of Olympic / 2″ / adjustable dumbbells and my old plastic quick release clips didn’t hold – lesson learned, don’t leave clips on your bars or they’ll stretch out and stop working. Got these because I wanted a stronger hold than plastic clips typically provide, and these do just that. On my dumbbells, these can hold 25 pounds vertically through pretty vigorous shaking, so I’m not worried about them dropping weights on my head until I’m lifting significantly heavier than I am now – and at that point, if you’re doing tricep lifts with over 50 pounds, you should probably be using fixed dumbbells anyway. These can also be operated with one hand, which is a significant step up from plastic clips that require holding with one hand and unclipping with the other. The handles on these are long enough that even after a very intense workout, you have plenty of leverage to easily undo them with one hand. Also makes switching weights a lot faster. One side effect of that is that the handles stick out further than typical 5 and 10 pound weight plates, so if you’re using very light weights, you may end up balancing the dumbbells on the ends of the handles (like table legs) instead of the weights unless you spin them out of the way. Not a big deal but just so you know what to expect. I’ve had these for a few weeks and haven’t had the issue other reviewers complained of with the chrome plating flaking off or the rubber coming off of the handles. Time will tell though, and if it changes I’ll update my review. I paid $12 for a pair of these and that’s well worth the cost. These are faster than “quick release” plastic clips, hold stronger, and costs less too. Read more

  2. Clay

    I have several workouts where I need to change plates on my easy bar quickly, and my smaller spring clips where a pain & one of them was too snug and took 2 hands to get on. These are large, easy to get on and off with one hand, hold the plates tight, Love them & would recommend them. The only issue is that they are long (tall?) which is part of what makes them so easy to use, but sometimes when using small plates, the clips extend further than the plates and the bar ends up sitting on the ends of the clip instead of the plate, but that’s not a big deal, just kind of a weird side effect. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    Received the Sprint Collars from Amazon but is not the same as the ones in the picture. The ones received I could have purchase for less money. Reason for purchasing the one is in the picture was because they seem better quality. Read more

  4. flyinggritwa

    Inexpensive and strong clamps. These worked nicely but as other reviews commented, my floor has shiny flakes from the chrome coating coming off after first use. After two weeks of use, my floor is covered in flakes and gets on my hands every time I use them. They still work as I need them to and am satisfied with my purchase. Read more

  5. Faith H.

    I have been in a lot of gyms and never used spring collars this comfortable. Some collars are so difficult to put on, but these work well right out of the box. The handles are comfortable, and at first inspection it doesn’t appear that the rubber on the handles would come off easily. I will definitely buy these again if I need more spring collars in the future. Read more

  6. Steve K./ NN, VA

    If you’re trying to hold any more weight than 5 pounds on a side, you are at risk for one of these flying off and the weights behind it. This happened to me while the dumbbell was transiting over my face in an exercise, causing 15 pounds of weights to come crashing down right on my face. Read more

  7. Cian F

    There’s barely any “spring” in these collars, they are very easy to squeeze and put on the bar, which means they offer little resistance when holding up weight. Couldn’t even hold a single 25lb plate without immediately sliding down the bar. The cheapest plastic round clamps I have work better then that! Don’t waste you money, at least not on the standard sized one. Read more

  8. Buyer

    The collars do what they are supposed to do, which is great. But they come with a chrome plating. As you use them (in the first dozen times using them), the chrome starts breaking off the spring part of the collar. They will eventually just be steel springs, which is OK, but I have had to clean up flakes/pieces of chrome plating every time I work out. Not the greatest. I should have ordered simpler versions without any chrome plating. Read more

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