Mcdavid waist trimmer belt neoprene fats burning sauna waist teacher – promotes wholesome sweat, weight loss, lower again posture (consists of 1 belt) , black

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  • hook and loop closure
  • makes your weight reduction greater green – start seeing drastic adjustments in your entire middle, healing warmth tech removes excess water weight and increases muscle productivity
  • improve posture even as you workout – posture corrector gives help the decrease lower back and abdominal muscular tissues, constructing a sturdy middle that offers better stability and posture
  • breathable & lightweight – a hundred% high pleasant latex-unfastened neoprene for thermal therapy & gentle tissue aid with non-slip internal layer to prevent slipping at some point of workout
  • prevents and relieves – cushions, compresses, and therapeutically heats sore muscles to increase muscle balance and speedy recuperation, best for exercise or ordinary help
  • adjustable – our waist trimmer suits you at some point of your weight loss and exercise session journey; adjustable velcro strap suits as much as 40 inches; one size fits maximum

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might also beautify weight reduction efforts and/or help relieve minor lower back pain via therapeutic warmness.

lighter, longer-lasting support through excessive overall performance neoprene, a nonpetroleum-primarily based, neoprene with superior stretch and greater warmth insulation.

enhanced positioning with non-slip neoprene inner layer.

number one help

satisfactory for: minor pain and sprains – arthritis, bursitis and tendonitis.

product description

whether you are looking to relieve some minor ache or enhance your weight loss efforts, the mcdavid waist trimmer is a super choice. The waist trimmer cushions, compresses, and supports your lower again and stomach muscle mass at the same time as retaining healing warmth. As a result, you’ll no longer handiest trim your love handles, but additionally relieve sore muscular tissues and arthritis. The waist trimmer is product of thermal one hundred-percent latex-loose neoprene, with a nylon facing on the outer side and a contoured layout for comfort. The completely adjustable velcro closure, in the meantime, guarantees an most efficient fit on waists up to forty inches.

observe: mcdavid recommends keeping off the waist trimmer is you’re at risk of dermatitis or have an allergic reaction to neoprene.

8 reviews for Mcdavid waist trimmer belt neoprene fats burning sauna waist teacher – promotes wholesome sweat, weight loss, lower again posture (consists of 1 belt) , black

  1. Bmac

    It’s rubber around your fat gut. You’re going to sweat. So it works there- but for out of shape people trying to get back into exercise its great because it helps with your posture while you learn how to exercise all over again. Does not work in combination with papa johns or Cheetos. Read more

  2. SoSoFresh

    I was unaware of this product’s material as I couldn’t have imagine being allergic to such an item. Wore this waist trimmer for about an hour and took it off immediately after I discovered painful and itchy skin. As I took off the waist trimmer, I notice welts and rashes across my front stomach, sides, and lower back. I wish there was a Product Description in the very front of the page warning users “Beware of possible allergic reaction.” Hoping others could avoid this in advance by finding out if you are allergic to neoprene to begin with. Read more

  3. Shay

    I purchased it cause I saw some great reviews on this. But, i was not happy at all with the product. During the first day I worked out wearing this ( for two straight hours), the inside material came off and stuck in my belly. Same happened during the second workout. Did not like the smell of the material too. Within day two, I figured it’s not for me and threw it away! I wish I returned it so I could atleast get the refund or posted the review sooner. Read more

  4. Charlie

    This is from heaven! I can’t believe how well this thing works! I’m female 5’4 140lbs…I’m supposed to be 125lbs but I’ve let it go I’ll admit, I enjoy my Chardonnay, husbands a chef who cooks incredible food, I sit at a desk 5 Days a week, 9 hour days, so my weekends are precious. I don’t want to run on a treadmill and not see results. Well that’s over now since this belt. I had a tumor cut out of my lower spine so running is difficult. It’s not with this belt. It provided so much suppprt I’m shocked, I did a 30 min run on my treadmill 10 min at 5.5 spurts with a one minute rest in between. I never run like that it hurts my hips and my back too much. I felt great like I was 20 again! I’m 46… I was sweating bullets, that band was drenched just like other reviewers said…and no pain! It provided all the necessary support for my core. I’m so glad I bought this thing and my husband wants to try it too that’s why I got this one both male and female can use it. You godda get it you will see what I’m talking g about. Read more

  5. Christina

    The stitching pulled loose and now Velcro coming off. This item is not eligible for return through Amazon. Must deal with manufacturer. I need a product that works properly. I will be vigilant to ensure products purchased can be returned to Amazon next time. Very disappointed customer. Read more

  6. Alyssa Lauren

    I was very skeptical about this, but I decided to give it a shot and I’m so glad I did. So many people asked about size, so let me start by saying that this would fit just about anyone. It couldn’t be too big on an adult because of how it wraps, and I would guess that at least 90% of adults could get this all the way around their waist. I put it on about twice a week before I go for a walk or run. When I take it off, my stomach is DRENCHED. I’ve always carried a disproportionate amount of weight in my stomach, and this trimmer has slimmed my tummy down a ton. It’s definitely not a stand-alone product for effortless weight loss. Use it as part of a healthy exercise routine. As they say, abs are made in the kitchen! This just gives them a little extra push in the right direction. Read more

  7. MLW 324

    I have been using this belt for about 2 weeks now & it is exactly as advertised. The Velcro closure is extremely good & the belt stays in place. When done with my 40 minute work out on the elliptical, I am drenched. I am currently on a diet so I cant really tell if the belt is helping me lose weight but it is not hurting. Very well make belt at an excellent price. Read more

  8. Tiffany

    I bought this belt a couple of months ago and so glad that I did it. When I received it, I used it immediately and wore it everyday just about all day. I lost 3 inches off my waist within 2 weeks. I started exercising and more fatty fat came off of my waist. This belt really makes you sweat and looks great under my clothes. I am a size 14/16 and used to have a chunky waist until I started wearing this belt and sweating the fat away. 10 stars Read more

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