Merrithew overall body tone with tubing

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  • ensure this fits by using getting into your model quantity.
  • get greater energy and tone through the lower frame and legs with the assist of electricity tubing
  • place code 0: can be played anywhere inside the international
  • exercising level: superior (degree 5 of 5)
  • variety of exercises: 24 exercises in predominant software, 9 sporting activities in bonus program
  • device required: mat, power tubing: ankle and flex-bands with handles (for bonus application) item consists of dvd most effective, energy tubing and other accessories bought one after the other
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  • what length tubing band do you need for overall frame tone with tubing?
  • i exploit a forty eight” band, now not along with the take care of length. A great alternative is to remember the multi band applications where you have got several specific bands which can clip onto a set of handles both interchangeably or adding additional bands as wished. I like bodylastic bands and black mountain bands, the latter are very low-cost and are regularly offered on amazon as lightening deals. See less


    Lower Body and Core, Upper Body and Core

    8 reviews for Merrithew overall body tone with tubing

    1. Discerning Decider

      Horrible…worst DVD I’ve ever purchased. I have a lot of SPRI bands and used them 3 times a week in a club in Iowa and then later in Chicago. Now that I live in central IL, I wanted some workouts to go through the routines instead of doing the ones that I have in books. This was the only company I found that provided specific DVDs for bands. It is a waste of money. There was about 5 to 7 minutes of advertising in the beginning and the workout was only about 10 minutes. Additionally, they only used one band whether they were doing squats or upper body presses which is ridiculous because you cannot get resistance from the same band when your arms are lowered versus standing upright and pushing hands to the ceiling. I switched my own bands, but they did so few repetitions on any given motion that you would miss the first one or two moves by switching bands. Read more

    2. CrochetNerd

      Was excited to try this one since it uses tubing for Upper Body workout. Instructor was good, but I felt exercises were pretty shoulder intensive. That’s great for the men, but women are usually weaker here. You only do about six reps of any given exercise so I was thankful in some cases. Nice variety of exercises but some can be difficult to do if you don’t have really long or stretchy tubing. I had to pause the DVD while I located something suitable. Gaiam used to sell covered tubing which encased the rubber tube and my green (beginner) one was the only one I had able to stretch far enough for the squat overhead press combo (compound exercises.) Good overall workout. Haven’t tried the core segment yet. Read more

    3. amanda

      One of the worst. Impossible to get to the actual workout menu without several minutes of promotion and advertisements for other products. The exercise menu itself has two components–lower body and then core. They do not play as a sequence so you must either complete the lower body to get to the core sequence or return to the main menu (preceded by all the promotional material). Read more

    4. The Texan Sweet Genius

      Good workout DVD, I just wish it wasn’t too pricey. It left me sweating & wanting more. I paired this w/ my SPRI Lateral Resistor and it’s a perfect combo. Definitely recommend this DVD for sure Read more

    5. J Smith

      Again the DVD’s from this pilates series are good workout DVD’s but the focus is on first developing strong postural muscles and learning proper movement form. This will serve you well down the road vs. just a fat burning workout! Read more

    6. J Smith

      Not your average workout DVD. These Pilates series DVD’s are designed for proper body conditioning to avoid/rehab. injuries and to develop postural muscle strength as a much needed strength foundation as opposed to just for building “mirror muscles.” Read more

    7. Nairi

      Powerful excersise effective workout for the lower body , challenging, recommend for intermediate to advance individuals. Read more

    8. Kindle Customer

      I bought this DVD because I needed other exercise videos to use with my resistance bands. I was tired of my same old workout. This video is pretty decent. It had different exercise moves than the one that came with my resistance band. The Upper Body Workout uses the stretch cord tubing with handles, but the Core Workout uses a Pilates fitness band with handles that I do not own, so really cannot give a review on that part of it. My resistance band with handles can be changed up with different weight resistance, so this workout can be used for a long time as I increase my resistance. Overall, I would recommend this workout video for Upper Body. Read more

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