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product description

product description

designed to add variety to any workout, the pilates aspect permits you to alternate the attitude of exercising, dramatically growing programming alternatives. The dense foam triangle’s increasing top helps add strength and balance to the torso, legs and arms. Use alone or in mixture with different add-ons together with toning balls or the flex-band exerciser for extra resistance and accelerated intensity.

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deliver a new level of depth to your pilates floor paintings with the pilates edge device. Designed to add range and new challenges to any pilates workout, this unit functions sturdy wooden construction with dense foam padding, and–at 21-through-14. Five-with the aid of-39-inches (w x h x d) and 17 pounds–shops without difficulty when not in use. The triangular ramp enables add strength and stability to the torso, hands, and legs. The pilates facet can be used alone or in combination with different accessories which include firming balls or flex bands, effortlessly affixed to integrated hooks, for additional resistance and improved intensity. Consists of a 90 day fabric warranty.

6 reviews for Merrithew pilates part

  1. marecat

    I saw the “Edge” a few years ago and thought it was hype. I work in a rehabilitation setting with patients & clients who cannot lie supine because of spinal issues and decided to buy it. I am very happy with it. It’s worth the price and the space it takes up! It works best on the floor with a mat but I have also used it on the Cadillac if a patient cannot get down on the floor. It’s a great tool to teach clients how to engage the core. Thoracic Spinal Extension is easier and safer because the whole trunk is supported and patients can learn about neutral and supported pelvis along with correct cervical alignment. The Essential Edge DVD has been useful for learning the basics. But you can also use any mat exercise. One Note: I have had to put a “sticky Pad” on the Edge because it is slippery when wearing workout clothes. Without the sticky pad, I have found clients grip their glutes to stay on the Edge!Read more

  2. WantFit

    I ordered this after my daughter coach recommendation to get a similar wedge for her core training. I searched the web before. I don’t like those cheap $20 – $50 something. They were made with cheap plastic material. Our coach bought several of them. They kept broke down after a few months using. This time, I did the search. This is the only one came out with the right size for core training. It was in back order. I still placed my order. But it came quickly. I got it yesterday. The quality blew me away. Very nice leather like surface. Sturdy and nice workmanship. It is solid, not like cheap model that were inflated by air. Very happy with the product and highly recommended.Read more

  3. J. Sims

    this might be the best prop for rehab with Pilates… many exercises adapt easily especially for those with lumbo-pelvic imbalances… can also make exercises more challenging… easy to stand up against wall or in corner for storage… Stott qualityRead more

  4. Catherine Teasdale

    As described, great quality.Read more

  5. Not real account

    Amazon offers free shipping. This was great, as I saved about $40 purchasing from, vs Stott online. I love her product. Works well with my clients that have trouble sitting, or lying down. A very good challenge for my athletes. Very happy with this product.Read more

  6. PHG

    seems like a lot of money, but it is well made. Daughter is using to help back problem after surgery.Read more

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