Mir heavy duty weighted energy speed schooling sled with shoulder harness

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  • push bars positioned on the back of the sled to simulate game eventualities/also designed for crew training
  • maximum weight ability of 200lbs
  • designed to be used on most surfaces

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the mir energy pace sled turns your difficult paintings at some stage in practice to real time effects on the field. It is the 1st desire for schooling for explosive and in depth speed required in a diffusion of sports activities. To apply 45lbs plates, you may want to stack smaller weights until the plate can clean the handle bar. Generally putting 2 10lbs plates will give enough room so that you can stack the 45lbs without it hitting the cope with bar. Push it or pull it, the sled is the right training device for growing effective leg drive and enhancing average acceleration and speed. Using the sled, it will target all of your decrease frame muscular tissues inclusive of the calves, thigh, and quad muscle or goal stride period the use of the belt/harness. By way of surely add weights to the sled, you may be additionally strengthening your middle while appearing quick bust education, chest/shoulder press, twists or mimic any sports in every sports. All no longer only supplying you with the potential to grow to be extra explosive in the course of the game, but also teach your full body to exert greater pressure than is needed and therefore making your typical pace and acceleration quicker extra time. Cargo of the sled may be made most effective in the contiguous 48 states.

8 reviews for Mir heavy duty weighted energy speed schooling sled with shoulder harness

  1. Bruce Alan Mcknight

    Ok… after reading some of the other reviews I will admit I had some reservations. BUT… I received it yesterday and it actually exceeded my expectations. The most common negatives I read were “no instructions” and “Olympic plates don’t fit”. The first one is true. Mine did not come with instructions. However, it took about 45 seconds to figure it out and put it all together. No tools required for assembly. The only thing I had to do was screw the standing pipe into the base. It actually looks just like the picture. The second complaint I saw is not true. I had no trouble getting 45# Olympic plates to fit. I will mention that the center pipe is too small to fill the standard 2″ hole and that the plates clank around if you use jerky movements. But I found the audible feedback very helpful in smoothing out my gait. Once I got my stride in synch, the plates stopped clanking and my run was actually quite smooth. HANDYMAN HACK: If the clanking bothers you, you can pad the gap with hot water pipe insulation or just stuff a wash cloth in the holes. Both worked well. However, I like the audible feedback. It reminded me to keep my chest up and drive more smoothly with my glutes instead of trudging. One reviewer mentioned that 1″ plates like you get in smaller weight sets do not fit. This is absolutely true! The center pipe is just barely too big for 1″ plates. (Mine have a little slop in the center hole and got stuck on the pipe.) I don’t recall if a reviewer already mentioned it or not but pushing on the raised bar where the vest attachment ring is does not work, especially in grass or dirt. The rear end of the skids WILL dig in and could cause you to face plant on the center pipe if you lose your grip. Almost happened to me. I put a dead tennis ball on it for some protection and to increase visibility on the end of the black pipe. You may want to wrap it with warning tape to make it more visible. HERE’S A HACK FOR THAT: Anyone who has an Evil Overlord for a trainer has probably done modified bear crawls where you push a 45# plate across the indoor turf. You can do the same thing with the sled. Put a 45# plate on it and push it from the back. The curved front end won’t dig in and you can sail across the yard. Just be careful you don’t trip or otherwise lose your grip. That standing pipe WILL get you in the face if you give it a chance. Again, padding it with a dead tennis ball works well. Another complaint I noticed was how difficult it was to figure out the harness. It goes on just like any other weight vest. The MIR company logo goes in front. You might want to connect the tow strap to the ring on the back of the vest before you put it on. The ring in front works equally well for facing the sled and pulling it backwards. I’m not sure what the upper rings are for but they made a great place to hang my car keys and my stop watch. 🙂 Lastly, I noticed someone comment that ‘it only holds 200 pounds”. Yeah…right. I put 2 45s and 2 25s on it and did 25-yard grass sprints. By the fourth sprint, I was gassed. Outdoor grass has A LOT more friction than indoor gym turf. If 200# isn’t enough, do a few more laps in a grassy field. Or, find a nice long hill with a 15% grade and go for it. Get creative and you won’t need more than 200#. 🙂 So… overall I am very pleased with the purchase. The sled is welded construction feels pretty sturdy. It’s small and compact so it’s easy to carry around and easy to store. The vest is well made and the tow strap appears to be durable. I don’t know how long the attachment ring on the handle will last but if it breaks I plan to just girth hitch a nylon loop strap around it and get on with life. (You can get them for $4 or $5 from a local sporting goods store or Amazon.) Last night I saw some videos about hooking up a TRX and doing pulling/pushing exercises. Can’t wait to try them tonight. Read more

  2. Filipe Filimoeatu

    I got this for myself and for my kids to train with. It’s simple to tow around. I leave in the trunk of my car and just load weights that we want to use. We use metal plates but still works great. We haven’t loaded more than 35-50lbs on it at a time but has worked awesome. I do wish that the straps were buckles rather than belt cinched but for the money it’s been a great value. I got this last December and couldn’t wait for the weather to clear up so we could get outside. Worth every penny. Read more

  3. Cedric K. Siler II

    I just received this so I am not sure how durable it is, but im not getting my hopes up because of how it arrived. Looks like it has some bad welding or really thin metal on the flat plate part, the paint job is bad and missing in some places so I’m sure it will rust quickly, the rubber feet on both sides look like they are already coming out, and this is a lot smaller than I expected. There is no way a 45lb weight will fit on this without some modification. This is more of something that might be ok short term for a kid, but it comes with an adult sized vest and no directions on how to use this so you will be guessing which side is front and back. This is really not what i expected but I guess you get what you pay for. My suggestion, spend the extra cash for something better. Read more

  4. Prime User

    I was excited to receive this product until it arrived. First, the Rod DOES NOT screw in all the way, so it’s not stable, even after I applied WD-40 to all the joints (see attached pic). Second, aside from the fact that there are NO INSTRUCTIONS, so it took me time to figure out how the chest harness works (the harness came kind of snarled), the RING that connects to the rope on the chest harness was put in BACKWARDS (faulty manufacturing)… in other words, I need to INVERT the chest harness and mess with it to try and get it to work, but it makes it very uncomfortable to use (see attached pic). I was looking forward to using this product over the weekend to train my kid, but now I will need to look for another product. Sadly disappointed, and I DO NOT recommend this product. Read more

  5. Pacific Beach Training

    the plate loader is too small for a 45lb plate. Also, the vest is not properly fitted with the hook. The hook is facing inward, making it twisted when you try to attach the sled to the vest. Read more

  6. dlitz

    10 seconds to assemble…no instructions necessary. Comfortable harness – good value, can get a great workout with this. Read more

  7. Melba Burke

    I was really excited to use this sled. However it will not fit my standard plates. I should have listened to the other reviews. You can only use Olympic plates for this sled. Looks and feels solid so if you do have Olympic then this may be the sled for you. Good Luck! Read more

  8. Ram Benavides

    Great little sled. Ordered for my son, chest rig didn’t fit, so I was able to just wrap around his waist and rig it to work. Tried it out and it’s fantastic. I have Ivanko Olympic plates so fitment of weights is not an issue. Should hold up, time will tell. Read more

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