New & stepped forward aqua 6 piece health set for water aerobics, pool exercise gadget, aquatic swim belt, resistance gloves, barbells, version:af4730

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  • aquatic health mixture set: six (6) piece set makes water aerobics and pool exercise your fitness center with the clever low-effect exercising.
  • enhance muscle tone and cardio: cloth covered foam flotation swim belt offers “impartial buoyancy” around your torso and is optimized for balance and protection in shallow or deep water.
  • low effect water workout: experience less disturbing pool workout routines assuaging stress in your joints. Notable for rehabilitation remedy, too!
  • foam floatation belt: smooth foam, contoured swim belt designed for much less irritation with adjustable strap and buckle for a custom healthy. One size suits all.
  • progressed dumbells & long lasting materials: chlorine-resistant eva foam, net straps, and plastic buckles; improved dumbells 2020.
  • variable resistance tiers: aqua fitness system creates variable resistance levels within the water as you circulate via complete variety of movement to tone your palms, shoulders and upper body.

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product description

product description

style: deluxe 6-piece health setaqua health is confirmed to be a low-impact with high consequences exercising: ideal for electricity training, cardio persistence, and burning calories. The aqua fitness training device features 6 essential portions: at ease floatation belt, 2 resistance dumbbells, 2 webbed gloves, and 12-workout education guide. All aquatic device is chlorine resistant. Recommended for ages 14 and up. Contoured design, fits securely around torso – one size suits all. Suspends your frame vertically in shallow or deep water suitable for all health ranges; twelve (12) exercise practise guide. Low-stress, high-effects exercising chlorine resistant, eva foam endorsed for a while 14 and upwarning: this isn’t always a existence-saving device. By no means go away children unattended whilst device is in use. Usually visit a medical doctor earlier than starting any exercise program. Care and upkeep: -rinse with clean water after use and dry completely. -do not allow merchandise to be uncovered to direct daylight for lengthy periods of time. -keep in a groovy, dry placemitted to purchaser pride: constrained – your pleasure is our closing goal. That’s why all aqua-amusement products carry our performance . Cloth colors may additionally fade if frequently utilized in excessive chlorine-salt-bromine chemically handled pool water or ocean-water. Extra importantly, industrial swimming pools are much higher in chlorine, salt and bromine stages than your common home residential pool. Product shade and images may vary from the ones pictured. For carrier or extra records, e-mail aqua-enjoyment industries, at customercare@aqualeisure.

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the aqua health excercise set from aqua enjoyment is a great manner to get in shape and to start your aquatic health plan. The belt is engineered in a way so one can hold you upright and vertical even as inside the pool. You’ll have the balance with a view to perform all the excercises the protected manual has to provide. The belt and barbells are durable and bendy sufficient for the toughest of workouts. They’re relaxed enough for mild workout routines and is also perfect for many physical remedy plans. The aqua health excercise set from aqua enjoyment is a flexible, at ease and great of all results in tremendous fitness outcomes.

7 reviews for New & stepped forward aqua 6 piece health set for water aerobics, pool exercise gadget, aquatic swim belt, resistance gloves, barbells, version:af4730

  1. AJ

    Wanting to embark on a new workout regime, I decided to give aquatic aerobics a try.Years ago, I was first introduced to this form of workout when I joined a gym that offered it. And I liked it right away. I am NOT into jogging, aerobic floor routines, or, really, any sort of workout that requires jumping and jostling about. Firstly, I have neck and back issues, so all that hard impact and jumping about aggravates that part of my body. Secondly, I don’t like all the wear and tear on your joints in most forms of workouts. Thirdly, well, let’s just say that the good Lord blessed me with a figure that doesn’t take to all that bouncing around.Aquatic aerobics solves all SORTS of issues for me. I don’t aggravate my spine. I don’t injure my joints. I don’t bounce.The pictures show how it came packaged. The company’s box was inside an Amazon box.I tried the pieces a couple days ago. Well, not the belt at first, just the weights and the gloves. Can I just say “wow” to the weights? Seriously. They were easy to assemble (see my video, for which I apologize in advance because it’s a bit shaky as I was trying to assemble the weights WHILE recording it, and that wasn’t easy. Still, I think you get the drift of how easy these things are to assemble), but that made me think they weren’t going to be any good. Usually, that’s the case. You get stuff that you have to assemble, and the product’s no good or doesn’t last. To be fair, I only JUST used the weights, but so far, so good. They were awesome. I bought a couple books on pool workouts, and one of them required paddleboards. I didn’t think to order those, but these weights worked just as if they were the paddleboards. When you’re learning to swim, you get the board to hold on to while you learn how to kick. Well, I was holding the weights in front of me (straight-armed—no bended elbows) just as if they were the board, and I began kicking. And they worked JUST as the board! It was pretty cool and a great workout. They also function well for their intended use: as weights. I tried to use them and the gloves, but that didn’t work out too well, so I ditched the gloves and just used the weights for curls and such. And I could FEEL the exertion in my muscles though there was NO pain or irritation in my joints the way you’d feel it in a gym. So I definitely recommend the weights.Now, about the gloves. I do recommend them, yes, but, well, let me just say that these gloves make you feel as if you’re an X-Man with webbed fingers. It feels so strange! The gloves fit well. In regular gloves, I wear a medium. I can go small for my hands, but I have longer fingers than a small will accommodate. Mediums ALWAYS fit me perfectly. These gloves fit me well, but I think they’re made a tiny bit big to accommodate those who wear larges because my fingers barely managed to push above the fabric, especially my pinkie. So, if you wear a large or have long fingers, I think you’ll be okay with the gloves. They Velcro around the wrist, so you control how tight you need them to be. And, as I said, they feel weird. Not in a bad way. Just in an “I’m-going-to-have-to-get-used-to-this” way. But they did add to my workout, providing resistance and exertion for my arms and shoulders. You can work biceps by pushing up under the water and triceps by pushing down, and you can do shoulders by pushing out to the sides. When you’re wearing a belt and gloves, you get the buoyancy from the belt to stay up to run, and you get the resistance from the gloves to add arms moves to your running. I had a belt on and the gloves, and I jogged (and I HATE jogging) up and down and all around the pool—and it felt WONDERFUL!So, I definitely recommend this set. Though I’d bought a belt from another company, I tried this one, too. I’d say it works as well as the other one I bought. They both were difficult to size, and they both ride up when I’m in the water no matter how tight I make it or where I position it on my body. Still, even though they both ride up, they both keep me buoyant, which allows me to run, do cross-country, or jumping jacks!Let me just mention the exercise pages you get. As you can see from the pictures, one’s in full color; the other’s in black and white. I thought the full-color page may’ve been laminated so that you could carry it to the pool and refer to it while you were in the water, doing exercises. Actually, I tried that very thing. The paper didn’t get ruined, but it did get wet. So, though I think it’s made of something sturdier than basic printer paper, I don’t think it’s made to be waterproof. Just keep that in mind. If you use it at the pool, try not to do too much splashing on it. It’ll survive a little water but not a lot.Addendum: Be careful with the gloves’ Velcro. For my second day’s use, I accidentally let the Velcro come into contact with the other glove’s fingers area, and the Velcro stuck to the fabric and thread. Removing it pulled on the seams just a bit. I don’t think the gloves are ruined now, though it does look as if the thread may’ve unraveled just a bit. We’ll see. Oh, and I should also mention that, while in the water, the black “knob” for the weights, popped off. Not too big of a deal. I just grabbed it, pushed it back in, and went on with my aerobics. But, for total candor, I wanted you to know that it can and probably will come loose.Still, I recommend this set—just watch that Velcro. It’s serious stuff! And keep an eye on the weights’ end caps. Make sure they’re pushed in before each use. Wouldn’t want one to pop off and hit someone’s eye!And I gave it a four-star rating mainly because of the belt. Despite the Velcro and the popping-off end cap, I liked this product. It’s the belt that causes it to go down a star. Maybe others will be able to get the bloody thing from riding up, but I can’t, and, though it doesn’t seem to hinder my workouts, it does feel odd and get annoying having to tug it down occasionally.Read more

  2. Susanne M. Quirk

    I was skeptical but I bought 2 sets and gave it a try. I bought two because I knew if I didn’t my 11 year old would be using them and I needed them for myself. The problem I had, as I’m sure everyone else did, is the dumbell flying off into the water when you submerge them into the water. I was very disappointed and ready to return them both but so hesitant because I absolutely fell in love with the aqua belt. My husband said he would glue them and even though I didn’t think it would work, I was willing to give it a try. What a pleasant surprise. It worked! I have used them 3 times and used them aggressively submerging them continuously for 5 minutes or more. They have not popped off once! Back to the aqua belt. What a great help for me to start a swimming routine. It has been a huge help in swimming laps. There is no way I could have gone this long swimming laps without them. I’ve tried! Very productive tool for swimming and running in the water. I used to do extensive weight and cardio training. It was rough on my joints. This is a true help in my exercise routine.Read more

  3. S. Chalk

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! Spring for the Aqua Jogger brand, trust me. You get what you pay for. The belts are fine for floatation but they wear and crack easily. They also ride up but most do to some extent.The round weights are awkward as the inside of the device takes the brunt of the ater, forcing the end caps to pop out and weight falls apart. If you are not careful, the pvc pipe cracks on installation! Should you get them on w/o cracking, the water pressure of arm exercises pushes the ends off and that wear and tear will cause breakage as well. The Wqua Jogger triangular weights are one piece and easier to use.Bought two sets for my mom and I and the weights didn’t last two sessions and the belts showed tearing on the outer ends and inside the rubber opening to adjust for yourself. Yes, Aqua Jogger will cost you twice as much but it will save you time and frustration sending this entire unit back. It is crap!Read more

  4. Polly Ell

    I read other reviews and saw that most of the complaints were that the belts ride up and or the end pops off the dumbbells.My friend and I did our usual hour long water aerobic session twice last week and neither of us had a problem with the dumbbells. The belts do ride up but I have used several different belts in the past and they all ride up. I have another more expensive set, $40 for belt/bells and no gloves. I only paid $50.90 for two of these sets and actually prefer them over the higher priced set! Great value for money, we are both happy and would recommend these to friends.Read more


    I’ve wanted this as long as I’ve had a pool ,and could never afford it cause they were priced over $100! this one was under 50 and has everything I wanted! I make myself use it for 20 minutes a day when I go swimming.The second day i used it I could feel the muscles in my arms.The 4th day I could feel the strength in my legs!!! I LOVE THIS well made product!!! Thank you!!!Read more

  6. Berryknoll.

    The belt rides up and the ends of the weights come off overtime they go underwater. I will never order from this company again. I had weights from another company that sells a group of 3 different sizes and they lasted 3 years without ends ever coming off. The box blew in the pool so I am unable to return for a refundRead more

  7. K. Webster

    I think this is a great set to start a pool workout. I got mine from the amazon wearhouse for damaged packaging for a great deal. I worked on the exercises with a pool therapist as I have CP and can now do them on my own. I had the similar problem with the caps coming off the dumbbells, but just used gorilla glue. The water still drains out, but they don’t fall apart. This does however not make them portable. I liked the directions fit on one page and was able to laminate that for use pool side. The belt is stiff and will ride up some, but they all do that. The belt ended up being difficult to fit in my pool locker and i did buy the travel aquajogger for that reason. This is a much bet value though for what you get and would highly recommend.Read more

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