North american health + wellness hometrack leg exerciser, black, 1 be counted

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  • low impact exerciser for improved mobility
  • facilitates with leg electricity
  • loosening joints and versatility;smooth gliding movement
  • slip-resistant foot pedals;transportable layout
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product description

“exercise. While sitting at homenow you can workout in a seated function, in the comfort of your own home. Leg exerciser with tri-directional foot pedals is ideal for ankle and knee workout routines. Helps you loosen joints, gain power, flexibility and mobility? At the same time as effortlessly sitting. Readily keeps your legs movingthis guide seated pedaler is ideal for all people, specifically people with balance problems. Its tri-directional foot pedals provide ankle, knee and decrease body exercises with extremely low exertion, even as you live seated. The hometrack leg exerciser will assist you hold muscle tone with out pressure on weight-bearing joints. There? S no pointless stress, no leaping or pivoting. And because it? S the sort of relaxed workout? Performed each time you? D like, at some stage in some thing time you’ve got unfastened? You? Ll maximum in all likelihood use it more, workout greater, hold your health extra! Metallic/plastic. Wipe with damp fabric. Imported. 22. Eighty three”x x 15″x x 19. 49? X.”


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8 reviews for North american health + wellness hometrack leg exerciser, black, 1 be counted

  1. PA Hill Lady

    I have used this several times since I got it and it works really well as long as you do as the instructions say and stay seated. It’s light weight enough you can easily pick it up and move it out of the way which also means it’s too light weight for you to stand and use. It has given me a fairly good work out but its’s not going to be like an aerobics work out. It will help keep strength in your arms and legs If your unable to do regular exercise or go for walks. I have arthritis knees and can’t walk far or do leg exercises and this has been a good way to exercise my legs and arms. Read more

  2. Bigmama

    This 3 in 1 exercise bike is what I needed. It’s hard for me to stand on my own so sitting and being able to strengthen my arms is fantastic, the pulleys for strength is kind of hard for me but I manage. Now the pedals are hard for me only because my legs really doesn’t have the strength to swing back and forth. I’m still satisfied with this because I’m able to do something. It’s better than doing nothing at all. Read more

  3. tieland

    I am handicapped, required to use a walker. I have stability issues which greatly limits my ability to do most exercises. Since I am required to do exercises from a sitting position this product meets my requirements well. Although you are limited to just a few exercises on this machine I have found they hit all the right muscles. The machine was easy to assemble, takes up just a small space and is easy to move as necessary. I am grateful that I finally found something that meets my special exercise requirements and at a reasonable price. Read more

  4. Linda M.

    I am enjoying this! I put it in my family room. It doesn’t require a lot of space, and is quiet. Read more

  5. P Grub

    The advertising was very accurate. And it is a good tool for those that can’t stand for long periods of time. Read more

  6. Bob Aliano

    I expected the usual Chinese product but received a well designed, easy to assemble, no parts missing exerciser. This machine is very easy to assemble and, while not really needed, the instructions are well written. I got it as a low stress exerciser to help with mobility, it is perfect for that. It is not a strength or stamina building exerciser. Read more

  7. Pam

    Pretty easy to put together. The top part wobbles slightly. Read more

  8. Leslie Zitzelberger

    I have neuropathy in my legs and feet so I am not able to walk. this leg exerciser has been a life saver for me as it let’s me get some exercise. I use it daily for 2 hours at a time while watching TV and also working on the computer. Read more

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