on-the-move roll top tour provider messenger rucksack more than one pockets, pc divider, padded shoulder straps, large ability fits most length mats

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  • yoga mat bag backpack: this strong and stylish travel bag with a multi-purposeful design lets in you to carry and secure your keys, pockets, phone, pc, books, tools, water bottle and more, as well as a front pocket to maintain your rolled yoga mat
  • commuter fashion bag: this light-weight messenger roll top again % works extraordinary for commuting to the gymnasium, yoga, school, work, overnight tour or as a daypack, and particularly whilst cycling or biking – features padded indoors and waterproof outside
  • front pocket holds yoga mat: sincerely slide your rolled yoga mat (suits most size mats) down the front pocket starting to comfortable your mat at the same time as in transit – also closes close while no longer in use for opportunity uses whilst traveling or as a daypack
  • padded shoulder straps: adjustable straps allow for a custom suit to your back and the at ease padding makes it less complicated to put on for longer commutes or whilst adventuring around town
  • dimensions: sixteen. Five” x nine” x nine” / 1. 53lbs.
  • recreation kind: gymnastics

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gaiam on the flow yoga backpack

this light-weight messenger roll top back p. C. Works remarkable for commuting to the fitness center, yoga, college, paintings, overnight journey or as a daypack, and mainly whilst biking or biking. Rucksack capabilities padded interior and water resistant exterior permitting it to resist most environments and extreme weather.

bag can even maintain your yoga mat even as in transit by using truly sliding your rolled yoga mat (suits most length mats) down the front pocket establishing to comfortable your mat while in transit – also closes close while not in use for opportunity uses even as touring or as a daypack. The adjustable shoulder straps allow for a custom healthy for your back and the relaxed padding make it less complicated to put on for longer commutes or while adventuring round town.

dimensions: sixteen. 5″ x nine” x nine” / 1. 53lbs.

on-the-move yoga backpack

a strong and elegant tour bag with a multi-useful layout that permits you to hold and comfortable your keys, pockets, telephone, pc, books, equipment, water bottle and extra, as well as a the front pocket to keep your rolled yoga mat.

this strong and fashionable journey bag with a multi-functional layout allows you to carry and cozy your keys, pockets, telephone, laptop, books, tools, water bottle and greater, as well as a front pocket to maintain your rolled yoga mat.

adjustable straps permit for a custom healthy on your again and the comfy padding makes it simpler to put on for longer commutes or at the same time as adventuring around metropolis.

lightweight messenger roll top lower back % works great for commuting to the fitness center, yoga, college, paintings, overnight tour or as a daypack, and mainly even as biking or biking – capabilities padded indoors and water-resistant outside.

certainly slide your rolled yoga mat (suits maximum size mats) down the front pocket starting to at ease your mat while in transit – also closes shut when now not in use for alternative makes use of even as journeying or as a daypack.

dimensions: 16. 5″ x 9″ x 9″ / 1. 53lbs.

6 reviews for on-the-move roll top tour provider messenger rucksack more than one pockets, pc divider, padded shoulder straps, large ability fits most length mats

  1. A.L

    I’m a yoga teacher and I’ve gone through my fair share of bags looking for the right one for me. I’ve used regular backpacks (not good), handmade mat shoulder slings, etc. I found this to be exactly what I needed! It holds the mat vertically and horizontally (I chose the latter option), has a secret zippered compartment inside that is great for a wallet and keys, a nice base that I can easily fit a few straps, hot yoga towels, personal products and clothes in, a front deep pocket that’s perfect for my mat spray and oils and a front zipper pocket as well. It also has a side water pocket which fits my extra large 48oz. bottle. I really like all of the space and the ease of finding everything in this bag. Not feeling frazzled before class is important to me and this helps me organize so much better! It’s perfect for a student too. It does have some off-gas smell to it just because it’s new and comes in a plastic wrapping, but I’m sure it will fade within the week. I also like that this can be hung up (see photo) but it also did a good job of standing on its own on the floor. I highly recommend!Read more

  2. Math Guru

    I’m the weirdo that does yoga in the park, sometimes with others, and sometimes alone. I like to bike there, though sometimes I walk there. I wanted a pack that would hold a towel, water bottle, my mat, along with a few other essentials. I had been using sling, which honestly didn’t work great.Though I just got this yesterday, I packed everything in there and tried on the pack. I felt very balanced (unlike my sling) and all my goodies felt super secure. I haven’t biked with it yet, but I can tell there won’t be any issues.I am IMPRESSED with the quality. The fabric is nice, the lining is nice, the stitching is nice…. I love the roll top. The compartments are perfect size to fit all the essential things you’ll need. I actually think I’ll also use this as my teacher bag (I’m a high school teacher), too, because of how water proof it is. If I put my laptop in there, and a stack of papers, they will be safe! The straps are nicely padded, and the front buckle between the straps is great for stability on a bike.I’m excited to get some use out of this bag. If any issues arise, I will update this review. In the meantime, happy yoga-ing!Read more

  3. julesinrose

    Beautiful backpack. Sleek, sturdy, and feels like it will hold up really well. Besides it’s intended use for a yoga mat, towel, and whatever else you might bring to your class, for which it seems perfect, it’d make a great simple backpack for shopping trips. It has the shape of an old fashioned brown paper bag, which I really like the aesthetic of, but also makes it perfect for bring-your-own-bag shopping trips. And if you do your laundry outside your home, it’d be an excellent small backpack/laundry bag. Carrying a backpack is much more ergonomically good-for-you than a regular bag. I have serious hip problems and backpacks are the way to go!Why not five stars? Well, I’m only a tad over five feet tall and it’s simply too long to work for me, even with the straps tightened all the way.I’m swimming in it. The bottom of the bag is sitting below my hips. It’s okay for a quick trip from the store to my waiting car, but I won’t be able to use this for much else.One last thing: the chest strap. I love it, but I’m as flat as a board and I have tiny (TINY) shoulders, so I love chest straps. But this one seems like it would be really quite uncomfortable for a lot of women. I could be wrong, but it does seem like it is not in a good place.After writing this I feel I should knock another another star off, but I really think this is a stylish simply bag that dos what it says and probably does it will for tall thing people. That’s not what most people wanna hear these days, but I like to be really honest in my reviews.Thanks for reading. Good luck!Read more

  4. Narut Ujnat

    I previously had tried a few different options for carrying on with buy yoga practice, but I ahdn not fund a truly suitable bag until this came along,Likes?: This bag is sufficient to carry all the gear necessary for yoga practice at a studio. There is the inner pocket which can be used for any number of things including phones, and water bottles and the like. Personally because I use a extra large yoga mat for preference, I uses this bundled up and placed ion the pocket, even though you can use the other pocket space for a yoga mat. I love the overall construction and design. I also love the color, which is a pleasing gray color. Very nice. Gaiam typically makes very high quality items and this is no exception. This really makes things convenient to carry around the items needed for yoga practice.Dislikes? I wish this bag would more easily accommodate the larger yoga mats with the way it was intended, that should be something considered.Overall?: Appropriately priced and well-executed.Read more

  5. Phil Ellison

    It can be hard to men to find a yoga centered gym bag that isnt covered in mandalas / bright colors. This bag is perfect for me because it is understated and does’t scream yoga if Im going to the gym to lift or do cardio. I was a little frustrated at first, this bag does NOT fit a 1/2 inch yoga mat, but i switched back to my 1/8 inch mat since it fit the bag both through the buckle loops and in the front pocket and wound up liking that mat better for my practice any way. I can fit an extra set of clothes, a block and a strap along with my mat in this bag no problem. I have zero complaints about this bag since switching mats and the quality for the price is exceptional.Read more

  6. Becky

    This back pack is big, roomy, and well made. You have a couple options for carrying your yoga mat depending on how much other stuff you end up cramming in the bag. This pack would make a great hiking back pack (no frame) and a thin sleeping bag could be substituted in the yoga mat spot. The material of the bag is slightly stiff which makes it resistant to tearing and the seams appear to be durable. This is a bag you can stuff and take pretty much anywhere. The size of the bag is such that just using it as a glorified gym bag seems almost a waste. The main compartment is cavernous and would be suited for travel or overnight camping trips. This is a bag begging to be used. Highly recommended.Read more

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