Ordinary necessities olympic extremely good curl barbell curl bar, 48 inch (350 lb weight capability), silver (cb4s)

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  • ensure this suits with the aid of coming into your model quantity.
  • 350-pound capacity
  • 2″ bar give up diameter
  • knurling positions for protection
  • game kind: bodybuilding

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normal essentials stable 2-inch curl olympic bar


chrome: 4 ft long (forty eight-inch), 2″ bar cease diameter, chrome plated, bar weight: 25 pounds;

weight capability: 350-pound.

bars most effective. Plates and collars aren’t protected.

  • 350-pound ability
  • 2″ bar give up diameter
  • knurling positions for protection
  • designed with more than one knurling positions for protection, better managing and convenience.

    chrome plated. With bearing presents clean and easier workout.

    2-inch bar give up diameter will match any widespread weight plates with 2-inch center hole.

    product description

    normal essentials solid 2-inch olympic incredible curl bar barbell weight lifting bar, 350-pound ability, 48-inch evaluate: barbell sporting activities are a form of resistance schooling. Resistance schooling is the usage of your muscle groups to move resistance, typically weights. Examples of barbell resistance schooling are squats, bench press, barbell row, shoulder press, deadlifts and curls to call a few. Barbells permit you to pass greater weight than you could with a dumbbell due to the fact you’ve got palms on a set item. This makes it more secure to research new sporting events. Dimensions: chrome, forty eight-inch, 2″ bar quit diameter, chrome plated, bar weight: 25 kilos; weight potential: 350-pound. At a look: – 350-pound capacity – 2″ bar give up diameter – knurling positions for safety.

    8 reviews for Ordinary necessities olympic extremely good curl barbell curl bar, 48 inch (350 lb weight capability), silver (cb4s)

    1. karam angulo

      When I ordered this bar in May, it said it would arrive by mid-June. It was delayed by over a month but I tried to be understanding given the circumstances this year. The first time I went to use it, it seemed lighter than the advertised 25 lbs and, sure enough, when I weighed it, it’s just over 18 lbs. This was frustrating because I chose this one over others that were less expensive but said they weighed less. I tried to contact the company by emailing the address included in the packaging to ask about a replacement or partial refund but they did not respond. Fortunately, I was able to resolve the issue with an Amazon representative. Read more

    2. John

      The description said it was a 25 lb curl bar, but I received an 18 lb curl bar. Returned. Read more

    3. Seth Stidham

      This product arrived a month late, does not weigh 25lbs like it describes and has a crack on one of the ends, I would not buy again and thankfully I received my money back Read more

    4. ProFlex

      Ordered: Nov 4, 2020 – Shipped: Nov 5, 2020 – Delivered: Nov 6, 2020 This Olympic EZ Curl Bar by Everyday Essentials (aka: BalanceFrom – Exercise & Fitness-MFP CNNTG) is exactly like the curl bars at any good gym. First impressions: Bar was perfect and just what anyone would want in a new training product. Box arrived in good condition with no damage to the cardboard tube. I trained Tri’s and Bi’s the day this curl bar was delivered and I’m happy to say it has perfect chrome bar angels for Tricep Extensions (Skull Crushers) and wide/close grip Bicep Curls. > This 18 pound Bar total length is in fact: 47 1/2″ > This is an “Olympic” barbell, meaning that you can only load 2″ diameter hole Olympic weight plates. > Bar Knurling is perfect and is located where it needs to be. > The bar collar sleeves are also chrome and spin nicely with their bearings with NO lateral play wiggle room. > My bar did have some very very light oil on the whole bar, but just wipe it down with a wet towel and then dry it with a paper towel, absolutely no problem and expected with a product with spinning bearings. > Everyday Essentials 2″ Curl Bar 2 year Warranty included as per “Warranty Card” include in shipment. > Also stated on “Warranty Card”: Free Clamp Collars if you are satisfied with your order and share your opinion by writing a product review, then email: support@balancefrom.com with your Amazon.com order number and url link to your review to receive your clamp collars. (the picture on the Warranty Card show that these collars look similar to Lock-Jaw Pro 2 barbell collars – black in color). We’ll see what happens . . . Any dork that complains that this bar is only 18 pounds and not 25 pounds shouldn’t be working-out in the first place if that’s the only complaint they have on this perfect curl bar. Maybe they should take-up bowling or something. FYI: The Amazon Fulfillment Services cardboard shipment tube sticker shows: 20 LBS. The quality of this Everyday Essentials curl bar is so good that if I owned a gym, I would supply it will these curl bars. You Want This Curl Bar -> 10 stars ********** Read more

    5. Arielle M

      After consulting with a few likeminded individuals, I decided to go ahead and buy one of these for myself. It does not disappoint. I consider myself still pretty much a beginner as far as weight lifting goes. I had no idea this would make curling so much easier. I will say that the description definitely needs an update, as my bar is not 25lbs. It’s closer to 18lbs, like many others have reviewed. It’s not a deal breaker, nor a really serious issue to me at all. I would recommend giving this brand a try! Read more

    6. Benjamin Stafford

      My wife and I decided that we wanted to be in better shape. During the pandemic, we decided to hire a personal trainer and buy quality equipment so that we could get in better shape. We are close to being 60 and what better time than now to make the change. We purchased a lot of equipment but we needed a great curl bar. It took a long time to get to me but that’s because of the pandemic. Once we received the item, we went to work and this product is made out of the best materials and is a steal for the price. Once my kids saw their parents working out, now it has become a family workout three days a week and this product is a big part of the workout. Read more

    7. D. Temple

      This bar is equivalent to the ez curl bar I would typically use at my gym. It is built sturdy and has bearings that allow the bar to spin when moving it, allowing for a fluid motion. We will see how it holds up over time, but it does come with a 2 year warranty. Read more

    8. Kiki

      Since creating my garage gym, I had been making due with straight bars for curls, reverse curls, skull crushers, overhead extensions, chin-ups/pull downs, etc. This will likely put you on the fast path to golfer’s elbow, as it did me. I needed an EZ curl bent bar. I had originally ordered a less expensive ez curl bar. However, I quickly realized they couldn’t deliver anywhere close to the expected delivery date…none at that price could. It was well worth paying a more and getting it in a few days. This bar is a great tool for anyone looking to create a home gym. If you are terribly limited on space and don’t have room for an Olympic straight bar, you can try using this in it’s place, as it’s smaller, lighter and easier to store out of sight. Read more

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