Oxyvan inflatable punching bag for kids sixty three inch punching bag with stand freestanding punching bag heavy obligation for boxing practising karate schooling for young people & person indoor & outside, black

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  • ideal design & awesome a laugh – oxyvan punching bag have the same precept because the tumbler. It is swung up again as soon as it is hit. And it may always maintain a weighted base upright after hitting, best for kids over 5 years old. It’s miles wonderful desire for kids to have amusing, keep active, and assist them discover remedy for strain or anger in an athletic and secure manner
  • the excellent christmas and birthday gift for children – ideal boxing system for kids or teens with no risk of damage. Little boxing beginners may have amusing with the light-weight punching bag with stand. It not best complements their physical health, however additionally cultivates their pastimes, helps them develop confidence, and reduces the time they spend on cellular/pc video games
  • excessive great-the youngsters punching bag is fabricated from excessive first-class thickened % cloth, leak-proof(we did a leak check of the product before delivery), portable and sturdy. Dimensions: approx. 63in tall x 25. 9in base, extra thickness,greater target, more weight. Oxyvan punching bag may be used in house and outside, which is easy to keep and reuse after gambling
  • the way to use – the boxing punch bag inflatable sandbag have 3 booths, the bottom element is for water or sand to increase the load to hold it stand solid at the ground (advocated injection quantity is more than 15l), after which inflate the top component with air. Air pump included makes it smooth to inflate and deflate
  • why pick out us – purchase oxyvan freestanding punching bag, you’ll get a lovely container packing, a better first-class inflatable cylinder, a pleasant one punching bag, a patch, and a detailed preparation. The patch permit you to after the inflatable cylinder is cut by using a pointy device. In case you want to offer the satisfactory christmas and birthday gives, select us

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oxyvan inflatable punching luggage for children

sixty three inch punching bag for children / adult

inflatable top: 63 inch / a hundred and sixty cm chassis diameter: 25. 9 inch / 65 cm

  • made from great p. C, abrasion and effect resistance, no longer easy to rip
  • thick design, excellent elasticity, not hurting fingers, comfortable hitting and no longer clean to deform
  • the lowest may be packed with sand, water or other heavy items to maintain stability
  • simple to use, no set up required, no harm to the ground
  • easy to exercising everywhere, appropriate for home, courtyard, fitness center, and so on
  • have you ever or your children encountered those problems?

  • smooth to get unwell?immunity is not correct
  • weight problems?not fitness
  • paintings/study stress?affect intellectual health
  • not assured?impact on performance
  • weak body?grow to be lazy
  • watch television for long time?have an effect on vision
  • addicted to the game??affect imaginative and prescient
  • why choose us ?

  • 1:keep screen time to a minimal help active youngsters live far from the display screen. Exhaust kid’s extra power, lessen mobile cellphone laptop games mobile telephones, protect eyesight, and increase workout to enhance physical fitness.
  • 2:getting healthier ” surely fill the base with water or sand and fill the pinnacle with air. Whilst not in use, it could be emptied and folded down equipped to play over again. It could be used everywhere to boom kid’s workout and grow to be healthier
  • 3:release the pressure “the youngsters punching bag will help your infant increase a addiction of loving sports and release strain and become confident
  • 8 reviews for Oxyvan inflatable punching bag for kids sixty three inch punching bag with stand freestanding punching bag heavy obligation for boxing practising karate schooling for young people & person indoor & outside, black

    1. The Notorious A.G.A.

      This is a great punching bag for about 24 hours. After that it slumps in one direction and loses air.We returned one and were promptly sent another which did the same thing. Since we fill the base with water, my husband refused to send the 2nd back because it was a gigantic pain to pull it outride and carry into the house with all of the water in the base.Read more

    2. Ford

      The day I received the punching bag for my son I immediately blew it up and filled it with play sand. It only stood up straight for an hour. I looked, and listened, for a slow leek, but found nothing. I tried duct tape still the sturdiness of my son new punching bag was non existence. It was too close to Xmas to return so I gave it to him anyway , he doesn’t understand why it will not stand up straight and prefers the older punching bag, it has worked properly since the day I opened it.Read more

    3. Michael Janetis

      I bought this punching bag for my grandsons who are 8 and 10. They loved it! It was very easy to assemble. I put the garden hose in the base and filled it with water. Then I put the pump in the top part and inflated it. It’s surprisingly sturdy and can take a punch!Read more

    4. Performance Coach

      Extremely hard to inflate or fill with water or sand. Took hours. Second, after the kids used it for a couple hours, it deflated and would no longer stay inflated. It’s a good product however, to try out to see if you want to learn how to box.Read more

    5. SmartShopper

      It was too difficult to inflate the thing we returned it after trying for a while.Read more

    6. King Kenyate Son Of Anubis Whooper

      The bottom of it had a hole in it I did not know until I filled it up with water now water is all in my living room floorRead more

    7. Cathleen De La Torre

      We tried everything to get this to work. The middle piece deflated so easily. Unable to return now stuck with this.Read more

    8. Alex

      Bought it for my kids, they had a blast until the bottom broke and started to lick water and it became punching fountain.Read more

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