Perform better contour rubber cable manage (2 p. C.), black

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  • make certain this fits by entering your version number.
  • perform better contour rubber cable handles function a grip manage that measures four 3/four inch
  • from ring to handle, hangs 10. Five inch lengthy
  • connect with any system, rope, or chain the use of a carabiner or comparable device
  • consists of 2 handles

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“perform better contour rubber cable handles function a grip take care of that measures four 3/four. From ring to handle, hangs 10. 5 lengthy. Hook up with any system, rope, or chain using a carabiner or similar device. This product may incorporate chemical substances recognized to the nation of california to motive cancer, delivery defects, or different reproductive damage. . P65warnings. Ca. Govlas asas de cable de goma para mejor contorno cuentan con un mango de agarre que mide four three/four”. Desde el anillo hasta el mango, cuelga 10. 5″ de largo. Conéctese a cualquier máquina, cuerda o cadena usando un mosquetón o dispositivo similarte producto puede contener productos químicos conocidos por el estado de california para causar cáncer, defectos de nacimiento u otro daño reproductivo. . P65warnings. Ca. Govperform higher contour gummikabelgriffe verfügen über einen griff, der eleven,four cm misst. Von ring zu griff, hängt 26,7 cm lang. Verbinden sie es mit jeder maschine, einem seil oder einer kette mit einem karabiner oder einem ähnlichen gerät. Dieses produkt kann chemikalien enthalten, die dem staat kalifornien bekannt sind, um krebs, geburtsfehler oder andere reproduktive schäden zu verursachen. . P65warnings. Ca. Govידיות כבל גומי perform higher contour כוללות ידית אחיזה בגודל eleven. Nine ס”מ. מטבעת לידית, נתלה באורך 26. 6 ס”מ. התחברו לכל מכונה, חבל או שרשרת באמצעות קרבינר או מכשיר דומה. מוצר זה עשוי להכיל כימיקלים הידועים למדינת קליפורניה כגורמים לסרטן, מומים מולדים או נזק אחר למערכת הרבייה. . P65warnings. Ca. Govتتميز مقابض الكابلات المطاطية بيرفورم بيتر بمقبض مقبض يبلغ مقاسه 4 3/four بوصة. من الحلقة إلى المقبض، ويبلغ طولها 26. 67 سم. يمكن توصيله بأي آلة أو حبل أو سلسلة باستخدام حلقة تثبيت أو جهاز مشابه. قد يحتوي هذا المنتج على مواد كيميائية معروفة لولاية كاليفورنيا بأنها تسبب السرطان أو عيوب خلقية أو غيرها من الأضرار التناسلية. . P65warnings. Ca. Govos cabos de borracha carry out better apresentam uma alça de aderência que mede 12 cm. Do anel à alça, pendure 26,6 cm de comprimento. Conecte a qualquer máquina, corda ou corrente usando um mosqueto ou dispositivo similar. Este produto pode conter produtos químicos conhecidos no estado da califórnia por causarem cncer, defeitos congênitos ou outros danos reprodutivos. . P65warnings. Ca. Govperform better 轮廓橡胶电缆手柄具有一个尺寸为 four 3/4 英寸(约 11. Four 厘米) 从环到手柄,挂起来长度为 26. 67 厘米 使用登山扣或类似设备连接到任何机器、绳索或链子本产品可能含有加利福尼亚州已知的化学品,会引起癌症、出生缺陷或其他生殖危害 . P65warnings. Ca. Gov性能更好的橡膠線手柄配有一個手柄,尺寸為 four three/four 英吋(約 10. 6 公分) 從環到手柄,懸掛長度為 10. 5 英吋(約 26. 6 公分)使用登山扣或類似裝置連接任何機器、繩索或鏈條本產品可能含有加州已知可導致癌症、出生缺陷或其他生殖傷害的化學物質 . P65warnings. Ca. Gov더 나은 윤곽 고무 케이블 핸들은 eleven. 4cm(4 3/4인치) 크기의 그립 핸들이 특징입니다. 링에서 손잡이까지, 길이 26. 7cm(10. 5인치). 카라비너 또는 유사한 장치를 사용하여 기계, 로프 또는 체인에 연결하십시오. 이 제품에는 캘리포니아 주에서 암, 출생 결함 또는 기타 생식기 질환을 일으키는 것으로 알려진 화학 물질이 포함되어 있습니다. . P65warnings. Ca. Gov”

8 reviews for Perform better contour rubber cable manage (2 p. C.), black

  1. RB211

    Great Fit and Feel in the hand; most comfortable to use. Thoughtfully engineered for fit and form and durable materials are used. This is the smaller / shorter of the two made from the manufacturer for Lifefitness cable machine equipment. Read more

  2. KAY

    Light weight ,good durable materials,grip handles nice grip Read more

  3. Richard

    Love them: gym quality. Durable and easy to grip. Also saves me from having to find a set at the gym! Read more

  4. Michael Whelan JR

    decent quality but had marks all over it. was not new at all Read more

  5. BLY

    As expected exactly as expected perfect Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    Fantastic, been using them now for a few months. These can handle the heavier cable weights. Not like the cheap ones where the band cuts into the handle. Read more

  7. phlip

    Quality materials. It would be five stars if the handle did not slide out of position on the strap so easily. Read more

  8. Laura

    I was looking for a longer handle. Thought by the described length the handles would be longer Read more

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