Portzon resistance loop exercising bands

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  • resistance bands include: crafted from a hundred% natural latex. Is available in three extraordinary resistance energy ranges: x-light, medium and x-heavy. They are suitable for beginner or a pro exercising sportsman.
  • green exercise: loop resistance bands increase the effectiveness of your physical activities. Used for a number of workout routines, from glute and hip activation, electricity strategies to integrate seamlessly with each exercise program along with yoga, pilates,etc
  • more than one makes use of: these resistance bands are regularly used for sports and health, bodily therapists love those physical remedy bands to help them rehabilitate their sufferers. Our stretch bands work for human beings stricken by leg, knee and returned injuries.
  • smooth bring: the exercise bands take in little area so that you can use them at domestic or keep on the way, consisting of in workplace, on a holiday, even can squats at the same time as watching television at home.
  • what you get: three exercising loop bands with shade-coded resistance ranges, portable deliver bag and commands guide.
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8 reviews for Portzon resistance loop exercising bands

  1. Mitch

    I just bought these and felt that there wasn’t a lot of difference between each band, so I decided to measure them. I took two measurements, one at a 4 foot stretch (I decided this was a decent distance), and the 2nd measurement is at the distance required to hit the pounds listed on the band. Here is what I found:Band rating, 4 Foot, distance to hit rating30lb, 6.25lbs, 14’9″25lb, 4.55lbs, 15’3″20lb, 4.33lbs, 14’0″15lb, 3.59lbs, 14’0″10lb, 2.98lbs, 12’5″These are all shown in the photos I took.So overall, I’m not impressed with how these perform whatsoever. I can’t think of a better way of measuring these. Having to stretch them over 12 feet in order to achieve their rating is absurd.If you are a casual user and don’t care about the resistance, these are ok. But why wouldn’t you care?Read more

  2. Jerry Berube

    I’m giving a 3 star because with 2 handles youd thing youd get 2 of each band right. Negative. But this product isnt that bad. I’m happy with it. And I would recommend to others.Read more

  3. JV

    Used it for simple strengthening exercises. being able to attach the handle and ankle strap is convenient. I usually wrap the ankle strap around a stall bar, and then use the other handle, when doing rotator cuff work. Door mount is good too! Only downside is that the bands don’t offer much resistance. The heaviest band doesn’t provide as much resistance, so it’s the one that I always use, and I’m under 150 pounds! Real reason that I bought them: so I could vary between the resistance. Single bands that I already owned, provide more resistance than the heaviest one. Only reason why I didn’t give the product five stars.Read more

  4. Michael G

    They work how they should. A great deal compared to department store prices. I did have one band actually break within a week of purchasing this product wich was very disappointing. The rest have held up for about a month now just fine.Read more

  5. Krystal Bobeck

    I love that I can use these bands in the comfort in my home and get a great workout like i would at the gym. Also I can take them anywhere or store them neatly with the bag.Read more

  6. The Guy from Illinois

    Since my gym closed due to Covid-19 I purchased these to use in the interim. I like the weight resistance listed on the bands and the ability to stack them to increase the resistance. They attach easily to the handles. I rated it a little lower because the handles are a little small making it necessary to wear gloves so they don’t rub against my hands during a workout.Read more

  7. Robert Myers

    I love the ease of using them virtually anywhere, especially outdoors. I use them for outdoor work outs or low intensity work outs when my joints are hurting. Excellent value, and everything fits into a small bag that you can easily keep in a backpack. I will be taking them with me when I travel.Read more

  8. Matt

    Fantastic option for not being able to go to the gym. Have never worked out with bands before but now I will make them a regular part of my routine. If you’re creative you can do pretty much any exercise witn them.Read more

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