Portzon set of 2 neoprene dumbbell hand weights, anti-slip, anti-roll

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  • ensure this suits by using getting into your version range.
  • attractive muscle tissues–best to be used in any exercising or software to tone and sculpt your arms, shoulders and returned, including cardio for higher depth.
  • non slip-grip layout–premium fabric coating make it gentle and grippe on fingers and affords protection towards calluses.
  • perfect for exercising – the precise hex form prevents rolling and is easy for stacking. Mainly for at-domestic exercising programs.
  • stable cast iron – fabricated from high exceptional cast iron core to reinforce durability, longevity and balance. Company creation will not ruin or bend after repeated use.
  • easy to garage – the dumbbell occupy little or no space and may be positioned everywhere with out worrying approximately rolling because of their hex form.
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Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Gray, Green, Pink, Purple, Random, Red


1-Pound, Pair, 10-Pound, Pair, 2-Pound, Pair, 3-Pound, Pair, 5-Pound, Pair, 6-Pound, Pair, 8-Pound, Pair, 4-Pound, Pair

8 reviews for Portzon set of 2 neoprene dumbbell hand weights, anti-slip, anti-roll

  1. Spike

    I purchased the Portzon Set of 2x 4 lbs Neoprene Dumbbells in blue to replace a pair I lent to my niece at the beginning of the pandemic. At this point, I decided to just buy these for me to use so she could keep the others. I primarily use these after my warmup, throwing punches, light swings & flys, to get my shoulders & back ready for strength training. The dumbbells arrived on time & w/out issue. There were no noticeable defects or damage to the neoprene coating. The coating does have a comfortable nonslip texture. The quality seems to be right on par w/the other varies manufactured lightweight neoprene coated dumbbells I own. These would be fine for all sizes of hands. If you have smaller hands, you will be able to grip & hold on to the dumbbells securely & comfortably. Thank you for taking the time to read my review, I hope you found it helpful. Read more

  2. eluthy

    Bought for my wife to use. I’m a coach…have trained two world champions and 1 Olympic Trials Finalist. These little things are very good for home fitness. The grip feels amazingly comfortable. Color is nice. Balance is perfect. Read more

  3. Kshops1

    The weights I ordered say they come in a set. Only received one. So disappointing. Read more

  4. Aurora

    Super love Very good texture feeling when you holding Read more

  5. Pam M

    I was so glad to get my new 8 pounds dumbbell hand weights. Imagine my surprise to open the package and not see pristine new weights. Instead I saw used or heavily abused weights. We have 3 pairs of Neoprene hand weights that we’ve had for years, and they still look like new; not anywhere near as old and beat up these weights. I’ve attached pictures. Is this the products that Amazon represents and sells? Read more

  6. Chloe Lauffenburger

    These are no frills dumbbells that weigh what they say they do (I weighed them on my scale at home). They are very comfortable to hold, but I have very small hands. The grip is much shorter when compared to other brand dumbbells I have. If it was any shorter, it’d be too small for me, and I am female 5’2″. They definitely don’t look as sleek/cool as my other name-brand dumbbells, but since workout gear is difficult to find in general right now and especially 4lb weights are not as common, they’ll definitely do the trick and I’ll be keeping them. Read more

  7. Kenneth M. Hutchins

    I needed weights for my Peloton arms workouts. But I didn’t want the options offered by peloton. They only offer between 1 and 3 lbs. Plus I love the color red lol. These red hand weights workout perfectly. Plus they go up to like 10lbs. I was lucky the weights weren’t damaged or dented like the others who’s posted. So I am even more happy. Read more

  8. Kindle Customer

    I attend a strength and bone density class for seniors. I wanted to move up in weight. This one works quite nicely. Nice grip. Read more

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