Power structures apple vinyl dumbbell

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  • comfortable ergonomic cope with
  • weight printed on ends for smooth identification
  • solid iron dumbbell encased in black vinyl
  • indentations on top and bottom assist preserve dumbbell from rolling away
  • sold in my view in 12 one-of-a-kind weight options, from 1 to 15 kilos
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power structures apple vinyl dumbbells

with it’s particular shape and vinyl-encased solid iron production, this dumbbell will come up with the potential to do a extensive range of physical games without rolling or giving into put on without difficulty.


3-Pounds, 9-Pounds

5 reviews for Power structures apple vinyl dumbbell

  1. Scarlett O’Hara

    These dumbbells are great: not only they are vinyl, but they don’t roll around! Very easy to handle. They are not the first we buy and I highly recommend. I would give the product 5 stars. That said, the issue is you never know if you will get 1 or 2!!! I first bought 2 of 2 pounds, and ended up with 4 weights. I returned a pair, and then I bought 1 of 1 pound, expecting to receive a pair. Instead I received just 1 weight!!! What is it? I personally won’t buy any more of these until they clarify the number of weights in the description. I could sort it out with Amazon’s customer service, so if you don’t mind the hassle of the return, try your luck! Read more

  2. Bronx Brenda NYC

    Nice design. The notches allow for stacking, but there’s no way I’d buy this brand again. They are WAY too expensive. It does state “1”, but I wrongly figured that this meant one set of two dumbbells. These are way too expensive for a single dumbbell. Read more

  3. Thomas Weed

    These are 3 pound vinyl coated weights. I bought two of them to make a pair. Seems Amazon was out of pairs at the time. Who would know the Corona Virus would turn my living room into a gym. Read more

  4. D3C

    Just like anticipated. Reasonable price, too. Read more

  5. NTFM

    Just what I was looking for at a great price! Read more

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