Proform patience 920 e elliptical

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  • front drive layout, soft grips top body exercise hands, 0 to twenty diploma adjustable power ramp, over sized adjustable cushioned pedals
  • 25 lb, powerful inertia improved flywheel, 24 resistance tiers, coolaire workout fan, incorporated pill holder; built with dual 2 inch speakers, you’ll be able to listen your tune or motion pictures with much less hassle
  • ifit geared up, 7 inch complete coloration touchscreen show, 32 exercising apps, ekg bluetooth well suited coronary heart rate reveal, business gauge solid metal production
  • ipod like minded audio, front-installed transport wheels, over sized adjustable leveling feet, water bottle holder; integrated sound gadget works along with your ipod or mp3 participant
  • 325 lb weight capacity; lifetime frame assurance, three year elements, and 1 year labor guarantee

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  • i’ve a 7’ 2” ceiling in my basement. Would i have enough clearance at five’7”? How high does the pedals come off the ground?
  • i’ve a 7’ 2” ceiling in my basement. Could i’ve sufficient clearance at 5’7”? How high does the pedals come off the floor?

  • does it pedal backwards and is the incline manual or electric powered?
  • does it pedal backwards and is the incline guide or electric?

  • does this machine have incline?
  • does this machine have incline?

  • incorrect console? The console that i obtained isn’t like the image. Anyone obtain the one pictured?
  • wrong console? The console that i received isn’t the same as the photograph. Anybody obtain the only pictured?

    4 reviews for Proform patience 920 e elliptical

    1. Andrew

      I did a lot of research of different brands in the $800 to $1000 range, including Nautilus, Nordictrack and Sole. Must have features for me was power adjustable incline and sufficient resistance for a good workout.My background: 5’7″ and 180pds. 47 years old. 21% body fat according to my bathroom scale. I’ve been primarily a runner for cardio for a long time (I’m in the Army), at one point running 50 miles a week. However, due to increasing back pain I’ve scaled down to 15 miles a week and started using the elliptical more frequently to avoid aggravating the back.Delivery: I ordered this on amazon and got the free delivery. Not sure why,. but got stuck paying $30 for the assembly (sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s discounted on amazon). Delivery was a good experience. I ordered on a Friday and had it delivery the following Wednesday between 6am and 9am window. Delivery guys came at 8am after calling 30 minutes prior. The box this comes in is not super big (approx. 6ft by 1.5 feet by 2 feet) but it’s incredibly heavy. It’s definitely a 2 person lift (200 pds), and ideally you would have a hand cart.Assembly: Assembly guy came Wednesday evening. He was very good, and assembled it in about 45 minutes.Positives:Basic elliptical experience: Overall very good. This machine provides plenty of resistance. On a manual setting at 5% incline and 4 resistance, I was able to get my heart rate up to about 120. One the Precor I use at the gym, usually I have to do a 10/14 setting to get my heart rate to 120. However, the gym elliptical are probably a bit worn out. Stride is very smooth, and the arm motion is smooth as well. The adjustable incline is awesome. Overall build quality is solid.Screen: I like it. From what I can tell, it’s the best screen on any home elliptical at this price. It’s also a touch screen. Touch screen is responsive and works well. Only ding is that it’s a little low on the machine, so I have to look down at it.Video programs: You can set a manual workout or there’s some video workouts you can do where a nice lady leads you on some trails in various places and exhorts you to work out. As terrain changes, the elliptical automatically adjusts the incline which is an awesome feature. Keeps things interesting. I found the videos made the workout more engaging and less of a slog.Speakers: Speakers are ok. Decent sound with the fitness videos. Gets the job done.Negatives:Biggest gripe is the ifit program is $180 a year which includes an ifit fitness wrist band. I already have a Garmin 935 that I use for heart rate monitoring etc. so I would vastly prefer to pay $120 a year ($10 a month seems fair to me) and skip the ifit band. I would also prefer to pay month to month even if I had to pay a little more. Also, as far as I can tell, you can not import your data to Garmin Connect or Myfitness Pal. As of right now, I have not paid for this service.Bluetooth is limited. From what I can tell, this is only for the heart rate monitor. To use the speakers with your tablet, you need to use a 35mm male to male cord.Wobble: There is a slight wobble but I didn’t find it overly annoying. The amount of wobble probably depends on how well you assembled the machine, how much you weigh, and how much side to side motion you use. Most gym ellipticals are both heavier and rear-drive and so have a longer wheel base which would reduce wobble. With the short wheel base front drive ellipticals have, I think they are generally just going to be more prone to wobble.Overall: When you rate anything, it has to be in comparison to the price point. Delivery and assembly though amazon was excellent. For under $1000 you get a great work-out and overall build is excellent. Sure, a 10 inch screen would be nice, but that would be another $300 – $400 bucks on the price. The ifit is the main ding. Would prefer a more open ecosystem that I could use with Garmin Connect and Myfitness pal. Still, this elliptical had more features then similarly priced ellipticals from Sole, Nautilus and Nordictrack.UPDATE: So, if you go directly to the ifit website, you can pay by the month ($15 a month). The proform link only links to the yearly.Read more

    2. Will P.

      First, let me say I’m glad I have it. It serves it’s purpose in my fitness journey. I am able to get a passable work out with it. That said, I have some real issues with this product. The build quality is extremely poor. There were several plastic housing pieces that were broken when it arrived. The display is a decade old cheap android tablet. There is no blue tooth. The speakers are poor, and the 3.5mm jack doesn’t function the way it is supposed to. The iFit service is terrible. First, I subscribed following the instructions on the front of the machine, and in spite of getting an email confirmation for my order, never got an activation code. When I called customer service, they couldn’t help me. Using the free trial, the Google Maps integration is slow to update and not really useful, and the music selection is horrible. The iFit site itself is of extremely poor quality with poor graphics with jaggy edges. Honestly, high school kids could have written a better application. There is no video integration in the 7″ display.Read more

    3. Siroun

      So my old elliptical finally broke down after 15 years of use. I was happy with the ProForm quality and so wanted to purchase another from this manufacturer. I did my research and settled on the Endurance 920E. I am not used to a front wheel drive elliptical, but decided to give it a go. I shopped around and Amazon had the best deal with delivery (only 29 bucks to have it placed in my office on the second story of my home) and free expert assembly, plus the option for an additional 3 year warranty. Firstly, It arrived four days after placing my order and the shipping company was on time and professional. The assembly technician was set to arrive the day after delivery and all that went smoothly (took an hour to assemble). I have only gotten one use out of the machine thus far since it was just assembled today, so I will have to write an updated review in a couple of months.Being used to a rear wheel drive elliptical, I can attest to the fact that the front wheel design has a bit more of a stair master feeling. You can definitely feel your quads, calf muscles and glutes being worked on way more (which I actually like). Even still, it will take a bit of getting used to. The machine offers far more resistance levels with the additional ability to incline up to 20 degrees. I had to start out at a lower level of resistance even though I am an avid elliptical user. This machine offers pre programmed workouts that are of varying degrees of difficulty and I like that each one has a trainer coaching you along. Amazon also offered one years worth of iFit for free, which I activated. iFit has tons of different workouts. I can see myself getting terrific workouts on this baby. The fluidity of motion is very nice and the machine makes no noise, which was a great improvement on my previous noisy elliptical.Interestingly, when standing on the machine, one finds that they are quite high. Being a 5’8” female with standard 8′ ceilings I found the head clearance to be just right. I don’t think someone much taller could get away with the height issue unless you have vaulted ceilings. Just something to consider. Overall I’m very happy and am excited to have this machine kick my butt in workouts. Time will tell regarding how well this unit will hold hope. Hopefully it’s as good as my last Proform.Read more

    4. Say

      Awesome machine! Completely silent, except for the fan. It has some great, scenic workouts, that don’t require a subscription to iFit; however, it is annoying to have to bypass “login to iFit“ to access them. I like how I can turn down the music to the work out and/or the instructor, separately, and hear my iPad through the machine. I’m happy with this purchase, which is actually just a less expensive version of the NordicTrack ellipticals. Same manufacture.Read more

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