Prosource fit top class heavy duty double dipped latex stackable resistance band with door anchor and exercise chart

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  • make certain this suits
  • through coming into your version wide variety.
  • general body exercising – designed to target all your muscle mass thru a full range of motion for improved strength and toning, without any machines or unique system.
  • long lasting construction – made with a double-dipping manner to ensure heavy obligation, excessive overall performance latex that holds up to stretching and heavy use.
  • customizable – 5 shade-coded, forty eight-inch bands with attached extra-massive secure foam handles offer various power levels and exercises in one set: yellow (2-5 lb), inexperienced (five-8 lb), red (8-12 lb), blue (12-16 lb), black (sixteen-20 lb).
  • on-the-cross convenience: is available in a wearing case with a handy door anchor so you can match in a exercising wherever you move. Includes an exercising guide with training, strengthening guidelines, and workout thoughts.
  • flexible: resistance bands are extraordinarily flexible, extremely good for rehabilitation, firming and strengthening muscle tissue, pilates exercises, p90x, outdoor exercises, and tour.
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prosourcefit makes excessive satisfactory merchandise for electricity and resistance training, performance, muscle recuperation, yoga and pilates. Our fitness gadget is made with business gym fine at prices that also makes them perfect for domestic workouts. We exist to encourage active, wholesome lifestyles with products that make fitness viable and fun for every person. Our widespread line of system is perfect for domestic workout routines, private running shoes, crossfit boxes, yoga studios, and gymnasiums of all kinds.

resistance bands are ideal for customers who don’t like going to a health club or don’t have get entry to. The set of 5 with various resistance ranges includes a door anchor to without problems mimic gymnasium machines. Exceptional for chest presses, lower back rows, hamstring curls, shoulder presses and lots greater. Gentle resistance enables you construct energy slowly and progress effortlessly for a extra toned, in shape frame. Attached handles are best for home exercising programs like p90x. The sporting case and compact length are ideal for travel.

  • durable double-dipped latex tubes for heavy responsibility use
  • extra-massive, comfort foam handles
  • includes five 48-inch lengthy bands
  • shade-coded resistance tiers variety from 2 to twenty pounds
  • connected handles for quick switching with out unclipping
  • capabilities

    prosourcefit bands are precise from all other manufacturers because of their more-big handles with cushioned foam grips. Best for men, who often locate normal resistance bands uncomfortably small, these are exceptional for all users. Arms live comfy and protected via multiple repetitions and ordinary use.

    a door anchor makes all the distinction in the variety and quantity of physical games you may perform with fitness bands. Simply slip the in between the door and doorframe, close securely, and the band stays in region for a variety of sporting activities. Anchor up excessive for chest presses/flys, lat pull-downs, triceps extensions; anchor low for lower back rows, leg extensions, hamstring curls and greater. Exercise your full frame everywhere there’s a door!

    every tube band is forty eight-inches long and comes with connected handles to allow for a unbroken exercising. Transfer fast and easily between numerous physical games and muscle groups agencies while not having to clip and unclip each band – ideal for circuit schooling and excessive-depth exercising exercises. The colours suggest innovative resistance levels, ranging from to 20 kilos, making them an super tool for any level of fitness.


    whether or not an expert inside the fitness center, a newbie to working out, or rehabilitating after an damage, tube resistance bands project your muscular tissues in new ways even as enhancing stability and coordination. They let you work from unique angles to involve extra muscle companies, with a greater variety of movement than with traditional weight gadget sporting events. Moreover, they can be used to gently assist in stretching or warming up pre-exercising.

    crafted from first-rate double-dipped latex rubber, they’re colored the use of the dipping method to guard against breaking or snapping with everyday use, for exercising bands that will last. The elastic cloth is simple on joints, the use of your frame weight and gravity to construct muscle mass and energy.

    not positive the way to use exercising bands? The set consists of an workout manual, however the opportunities are limitless! Use standing on the band for full frame sports like squat-to-press, lunges with bicep curls, lower back rows, and shoulder presses. Or use at the ground and insert your foot in one end for core strengthening like hen puppies and glute kickbacks. You could literally hit all of your principal muscles businesses with simply one band for an incredibly low-priced and effective workout!


    Attached Handle Set, Xtreme Set

    8 reviews for Prosource fit top class heavy duty double dipped latex stackable resistance band with door anchor and exercise chart

    1. NickyD

      The first review that I’ve ever written.Prior to COVID-19, I’d be in the gym 5 or 6 days per week using weights. Now I work out of my basement. I’ve had one of these bands down there for years. I never picked it up until now. It’s awesome and is taking my workout to new levels. Anyway, I ordered a couple new sets since the old one had dry rot and was compromised. The fist 2 sets that I bought (NOT Prosouce Fit) were complete junk. I used one once and it stretched out 4 inches. I Returned it that day. When I finally got my set of Prosource Fit, it was like the one sitting in my basement for 15 years. Quality material that expands and contracts, like it should. Not to mention, every cable has it’s own handles. The others were more expensive and didn’t work for weight training….better for streching body parts. Prosource Fit is legit. Don’t waist your money on that same brand that’s listed 100 times on Amazon. I have no affiliation with this company, I’m in the wine business. Good luckRead more

    2. mia Wilson

      Arrived not assembled and broken called company and voicemail fullNot hapoyRead more

    3. nipa farzana

      The over the door attachment was a bit tricky at first since there were no clear instructions on how to use not wrap the door attachment over your doorknob. This will break your doorknob and could cause serious injury. You are to place it over the top of the door with the anchor on the opposite side of the door than you. Close the door tightly with the door pinching the fabric between it and the door frame. The plastic ball will prevent it from sliding through the door.Read more

    4. Wahinealii

      These seem pretty good. I have been using them for about 6 months now. My primary disappointment with the product was the lack of labeling. Nothing with the product or on the product that I could find to tell me the various resistances. Since I am rehabbing from a broken arm, I wanted to progress in order of resistance from least to most. I asked my PT trainer, but he said the colors mean different amounts on different brands. I finally figured it out by researching all the questions and answers on their website. Labeling would be a plus.Read more

    5. alli

      This is a great deal for these. My Beach Body Program calls for these and I couldn’t bring myself to pay their price for them. These are pretty much the same thing and the cost is way less. The shipping from Amazon was a lot faster also. Love that they have a bag to put them all back into since my workout room is also my kids playroom and I have to hide all the workout stuff whenever the neices come over.Read more

    6. Wendy

      As someone who has worked out with weights for over thirty years and has weightlifting equipment at home these are a nice change. I wanted handles on these and after doing a full body workout the other day with just these it was nice to feel the sore ness and knowing these work. Not something I would use all the time but sometimes pounding the weights gets old and these were a fresh change. Will incorporate some exercises into my routine with these. The durability I am hoping will last, the range of motion is sufficient. The different exercises I can do with these are endless only because of experience with working out for so many years.Read more

    7. SStanley

      I bought these for at home rehab after shoulder surgery… I had just started using bands at my physical therapist’s office, using a very light yellow band. In this set, the yellow band is listed as 2-5 pounds so I thought that would be light enough for me – similar to what I use in PT. But this yellow strap is heavier than as described, so that’s why I’m giving it a 3 star. If you’re using them for toning / strengthening, I’m sure they’re fine. But they are described as being good for therapy, and in my opinion, they’re too heavy.Read more

    8. Tim Walker

      I’ve owned several of this specific set over the past 5 years, having tried a few others to see if there was something better, but I keep coming back to these. This is one of the very few options that provides enough resistance (aka weight) for a genuinely strong male workout. The handles and connections are simple, comfortable and they provide the best range of motion. A lot of the competition will bind or pinch your body when doing certain exercises. These dont. Like all bands, these will eventually give out; typically within a year to a year and a half. I think that’s pretty good and on par with the competition. My only wish is that the tubing was a few inches longer for doing things like overhead presses. In the end, this is my go-to choice for resistance bands, and I owe it to these for helping me get body that is better at middle age than it was when I was 25.Read more

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