Prosource premium half-inch extra thick seventy one-inch lengthy excessive density exercise yoga mat with consolation foam and sporting straps, cyan, wellknown packaging

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  • make sure this suits
  • by means of getting into your model range.
  • seventy one” long 24″ extensive ensures consolation for humans of all styles and sizes
  • half of” ultra thick mat with prosource consolation foam technology gives splendid effect absorbtion and luxury
  • in the end a less expensive, excessive performance, smooth care, top rate yoga mat that meets a extensive sort of wishes
  • non-slip surface grips the floor to save you injuries
  • moisture-resistant skin is simple to easy and extraordinarily durable

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looking for a completely unique yoga mat? Prosource yoga and exercise mats are a number of the thickest mats available on the market. The mats come in a selection of colours which might be sturdy and vivacious, but no longer overpowering in their brightness. This properly-made workout mat will upload consolation in your workouts. And because of its excessive high-quality, this deluxe mat will remaining longer than maximum wellknown foam mats. When purchasing round for a yoga mat, notice that what many different corporations name a 1/4” mat is truly four. 5 – five. 2 mm in thickness — substantially thinner than this mat. Those ”knock-off” mats are shorter and weigh much less, indicative in their inferior exceptional. A thicker non-slip mat is right for all varieties of yoga, especially for restorative poses. Reward yourself and your body with an additional prosource exercise mat, and spot why that is the most popular sticky mat determined in yoga studios, colleges, health clubs, and at home! Train like pro, teach with prosource

8 reviews for Prosource premium half-inch extra thick seventy one-inch lengthy excessive density exercise yoga mat with consolation foam and sporting straps, cyan, wellknown packaging

  1. Goth Gone Grey

    For your viewing pleasure are pictures of a five year old, should be used more often yoga mat.I went on a workout kick when I got it and used it daily for a few months, then I remembered that I don’t like to exercise and couldn’t convince myself otherwise, so I’d pull it out every few months and use it for a while. Now I’m going back and reviewing any exercise gear to shame myself into using it on a more regular basis. (Might work, right?)The mat came with a carry strap that looped around it in two spots, with a handle in between. Since I always store it rolled up in the closet and don’t use the carry strap to take it anywhere, it wasn’t often used so I can’t say how well it’s held up. Or where it is, for that matter…The mat itself has some minor discolorations from being against a bare wood floor and picking up some residual dust. I haven’t tried washing it off, in interest of full disclosure. The surface is ridged for texture, but soft enough to let your foot sink into it to hold a pose without any wobbliness. (Unless you’re already wobbly, in which case the mat won’t help.) There are some minor tears to the surface, but overall the padding, shape, and grippiness have held up very well for the cost. There was a slight odor when it was first opened, but it dissapated quickly and nothing lingered. It’s a great value that I really should be using more often.Read more

  2. A Lil Vampy

    I love the thickness of this mat. It provides the extra cushion that I was looking for. The only 4 downfalls I have found are that the added thickness makes my wrists a bit sore since I sink into the mat further than the thin ones, any little speck of gravel or something rough on the floor scratches the mat because it’s so thick, I already have several scratches & small chunks taken out of it, it’s so thick that even rolled up tightly, it won’t fit in a case & finally the last little thing is that the strap doesn’t work well & stretches out easily. Now, all that being said, I still give this purchase 4 stars because even with the few little complaints, the added thickness in the mat makes yoga so much easier on my knees. I can overlook the minor details simply for the comfort of a thick mat.Read more

  3. Sara J Dutton

    This is my second one. I bought my first one July 2012. Used it consistently in my many exercise classes and at home. I’ve recently used it for camping. Very thick and comfortable for aged bones. I’m 71. My husband started using and recently requested I order him his own. This new one looks the same and I hope to have it for just as many years. They stay clean. It comes with a carry strap. The new one came with two, which is good, because that’s the only thing that failed. The first strap lost its elasticity.Read more

  4. Christine A. Hammerle

    When I read the description, 1/2 inch thickness didn’t sound too different from what I previously used, or what other people use for yoga. When it arrived, however, the difference was very noticeable; it’s much thicker than a typical yoga mat. This mat is unbelievably comfortable. It’s soft enough to sleep on, but it isn’t so squishy that it causes difficulty balancing. It has a good “grip” to it, and made huge difference in my comfort level for moderate/advanced yoga. A statement on the package made me think it might be marketed to a “larger” individual, but I’m not overweight and I think it’s great.The one downside is that it’s a little bulky to carry around; you can’t just stick this in a backpack. And you might look a little bit like a hobo carrying around a sleeping bag (it’s pretty large, even when rolled up), but to just carry it to your car, to the gym, and back, it’s fine.Read more

  5. Kristina

    I was very thankful for a cushy yoga mat to support and cushion my knees, but the cushioning came at a price. I use mine for Jazzercise, which means that I do use it while wearing sneakers. The thick foam tears very easily because of this; it has seven or eight small tears in it and I’ve only been using it for two weeks. As another poster also mentioned, it squeaks quite a bit, making it awkward and disruptive for a true yoga class. I also noticed during yoga that when doing any positions where your face is close to the mat, it has a nauseating chemical smell. Granted, I only noticed this with my face pressed up against it, but it made me dizzy during yoga and seeing as it is a yoga mat…I will be looking for another mat to try instead, although I will continue to use this one until it completely wears out!Read more

  6. D’Lisa H

    I’ve found that while the mat is definitely cushy enough for my poor knees, it’s too stretchy and slippery for some positions. Positions like downward dog are tricky on this mat, Especially now that I’m expecting. I’ll need something more stable for prenatal yoga.Read more

  7. Keith

    The Prosource Premium 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High Density Exercise mat is thick and dense enough to protect my knees. One normal mat is unbearable on my knees. This mat (with a towel on it) works better than three normal mats on top of each other to protect my knees. I use it in Bikram (Hot) Yoga with a towel on it. I don’t slip, though I do have to pull the towel straight now and then. I am 6′ 2″ tall in this mat is just the right height for me. It does hold the curl from being rolled up, but if I put the curl facing the ground, and roll it the opposite way each time and not too tight, the curl is okay.Read more

  8. Raul + Amanda

    English: This is the perfect mat for yogis who have problems with their wrists and need a little more cushion and support. It is also great for your knees, you will never need an extra towel for support. You can wear shoes if you are doing other types of exercises, it doesn’t flake off like some yoga mats will do. It is bigger than a normal mat so storage or commuting can be slightly more difficult, but not a big deal if you have it for home use only.Spanish: Esta es la alfombra perfecta para los yoguis que tienen problemas con sus muñecas y necesitan un poco más de amortiguación y apoyo. También es ideal para las rodillas, nunca necesitarás una toalla adicional para apoyo. Tambien puedes usar tenis si estás haciendo otro tipo de ejercicios, no se le despega la pintura como otras alformbras de yoga. Es más grande que una alfombra normal asi que para guardarla o moverla de un lugar a otro puede ser un poco más difícil, pero no es un problema si solo la usas para la casa.Read more

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