Prosource premium half-inch more thick 71-inch long high density exercising yoga mat with comfort foam and sporting straps, blue, general packaging

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  • make certain this suits
  • with the aid of entering your version range.
  • 71″ lengthy 24″ extensive ensures consolation for people of all shapes and sizes
  • half of” extremely thick mat with prosource consolation foam generation provides wonderful effect absorbtion and comfort
  • in the end a inexpensive, excessive performance, smooth care, top class yoga mat that meets a wide form of needs
  • non-slip surface grips the floor to prevent injuries
  • moisture-resistant skin is straightforward to clean and extraordinarily durable

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this properly-made workout mat will upload comfort in your yoga workouts. And because of its excessive satisfactory, this deluxe mat will ultimate longer than maximum standard foam mats. While purchasing around for a yoga mat, notice that what many other groups name a 1/4” mat is certainly four. 5 – five. 2 mm in thickness — notably thinner than this mat. These ”knock-off” mats are shorter and weigh less, indicative of their inferior exceptional. A thicker non-slip mat is right for all varieties of yoga, in particular for restorative poses. Reward yourself and your body with an extra thick deluxe yoga mat, and spot why that is the most famous sticky mat found in yoga studios, faculties, fitness clubs, and at domestic!

8 reviews for Prosource premium half-inch more thick 71-inch long high density exercising yoga mat with comfort foam and sporting straps, blue, general packaging

  1. gorilladigi

    I use this at home and have owned it for at least 5 years. I work out fairly often and have had no issues with the foam compressing. In fact, it still looks nearly new. Liquid resistant, it hasn’t absorbed sweat or water spills and is easy to clean. I think it might be a little awkward to carry to studios or gyms simply because of it’s bulk, but I’ve never tried. I workout at home with it on a hard floor and find it to be very comfortable and durable while still providing the support I need to complete the exercises. I would buy again if I ever needed a new one.Read more

  2. richard andrew day

    I’m not a huge fan of this mat. On the plus side, for positions on the floor (child’s pose, for example, but anything with knees or back on the ground), the extra padding is awesome. I have a pretty messed up back, and rolling around in happy baby’s pose on this mat is a lot easier and more comfortable than it is on a thinner mat.However, the thickness gets in the way with a lot of other poses, particularly poses requiring a lot of balance like tree, warrior 3, or handstand. I found myself adjusting, sliding around, and putting hands or feet down on the ground to catch myself way more often on this mat than on others.Most importantly, this mat lost its tensile strength very quickly. I do a lot of fairly advanced yoga, so I’m not particularly gentle with my mats, but I certainly don’t expect a mat to stretch when I’m in down-dog, especially after only about 30 hours of use.I would recommend this mat if you’re doing fairly gentle yoga, especially if you need extra support on your knees or back. For more advanced yogis, this mat is not for you.Read more

  3. D. D. Tharp

    it has it’s own carrying hand and ability to roll it up and keep it rolled up til needed.but if you do that then it wants to curl up on the ends. so we opted to let the mat stay out flat.It is nice and firm but yet gives for exercises where your spine is pushing down towards the floor.The smell disappeared in the first few days. not quite new car smell but wasn’t the smell of rubber.I expected this to be more resistant to scuffs and scrapes. It is very unforgiving to harder rubber shoes as it easily scuffed it and left marks on the mat. Additionally our dog walked across it and her small nails left a few marks surprising now we make sure we roll up or put it on top of the bowflex revolution to avoid any chance it could get tears.Read more

  4. Tom

    My wife is the yoga master in the house (but I beat her on many of the poses in wii fit, which annoys her to no end) and she wanted a thick poofy mat for some of the stuff she’s doing. She likes this one as its about the thickest you can buy at nearly double the normal mat. You’ll need a bag that can take an 8 or 9″ roll, fortunately this one fits nicely: an everyday mat for most people, but nice to keep around for those moves where you’re putting a lot of weight on one body part on the mat and dont want to sink through to the floor.The “carrying case” is a strap with two loops. Boo!Otherwise nice mat. Not much smell, I let it air out for 2 days and didnt really notice the odor.Read more

  5. Amin

    I actually sleep on it at night after exercising. It’s comfortable both when sleeping on your back and side! It folds easily and is light to carry. I’ve combined these for my exercising:Stamina 1690 Power Tower ,Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove (Black) ,(Single) Solid Cast Iron Kettbell from 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, or 50 lbs – Great quality at LOWEST Promotinal Price ,You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises andProSource Premium 1/2-Inch Extra Thick 71-Inch Long High Density Exercise Yoga Mat with Comfort Foam and Carrying Case .Read more

  6. NotAMillenial

    I am new to yoga, never owned any mat or blocks, so bear that in mind: I like the mat. Its soft, make my knees feel like they’re floating on clouds, and it rolls nice. Doesn’t slip either on the floor – that being said, when you get sweaty, if you’re barefoot, be prepared to maybe slide a little. Did this mat make me better at yoga? No. But it does feel nice when doing yoga on it (ignoring the whole I can’t stretch my body during most yoga poses pain)AND it can double as sleep pad for guests (I’m assuming. It’s about the same thickness as my camping pad for when I’m doing recreational camping. No clue what the long term effects of laying on it would be).Read more

  7. Elizabeth Something

    I am so beyond happy that I purchased this mat. I have severe lower back issues which were making my Pilates and muscle toning classes very difficult. Before I purchased this mat I was using the gym’s mat and I was placing a towel underneath my lower back and knees during the floor exercises. Since I started using this mat (I lay it over the gym’s mat), I haven’t had to use a folded towel for extra support.As regards to the “smell” that some people mentioned… It does have an awkward chemical smell upon removing the plastic wrap. I laid it out in my back room for a few days before use and that took care of the smell.Read more

  8. JG123

    I’m a pretty big guy, so it is important that the mat keeps my pressure points off the ground (Which it does). The Mat rolls up into a nice little carrier, that you can take off.Pros:Non slipComfortableNeutral:The mat is thick, which makes it comfortable, however, the fact that the mat is thick, also makes it hard for me to balance on (This may just be that I need to improve my balance, however, if I stand on the floor I dont have the same issue).Con:Does not look durable (This is just my perception. The mat has not come apart, or flaked, but the mat does not look durable).Read more

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