Prosourcefit foldable & adjustable multi – cause weight bench for home and health club full – body electricity schooling workouts, health exercises and weight schooling, black/purple

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  • make sure this suits via coming into your model variety.
  • adjustable bench – with up to 8 incline versions to pick from, the foldable weight bench is the appropriate health gadget fo r all of your exercising desires. Paintings your abs, higher and decrease frame with the multipurpose workout application bench!
  • a hundred% folding design – open the bench to full length when you feel like weight education or really fold it up into a compact length for smooth storage within the storage or closet! Whilst folded, the workout bench is transportable and can be stored.
  • multi – reason exercises – without difficulty perform stomach curls and incline bench presses to glute bridges or seated calf increases. The flexible layout of the workout bench makes focused sporting events and attaining your health dreams simpler!
  • durable production – made from a high gra de metallic basis, the workout utility bench can face up to frequent use and may keep up to 500 lb
  • easy assembly – hate complicated manuals or instructions? This exercise bench comes almost completely assembled! All you want to do is gather the front/rear aid tube and insert the 2 lock pins to comfy the burden bench

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from the manufacturer

prosourcefit makes high exceptional products for energy and resistance schooling,overall performance, muscle recovery, yoga and pilates. Our fitness gadget is made with business fitness center nice at expenses that also makes them perfect for domestic exercises. We exist to encourage active, healthful existence with products that make fitness manageable and enjoyable for absolutely everyone. Our large line of device is perfect for home exercises and applications like p90x, private running shoes, yoga studios, and gymnasiums of all sorts

introducing a area-saving adjustable and foldable workout bench! Get a full-body exercise with focused sporting activities with7inclines to select from for a whole schooling program. In contrast to standard workout benches that take in space when unused, this easy to gather folding weight bench can be completely folded into a compact size that makes garage and portability clean. Product of excessive-grade steel, this bench will face up to frequent use and up to 500lb

  • comfort excessive density foam padding covers the bench seat and backrest
  • covered in pu leather-based for non – slip grip and supportive cushion
  • ideal for targeted physical games to reinforce and educate top body, legs, glues and abs
  • can maintain as much as 500 lb
  • perfect for personal running shoes to use with customers offsite
  • pick out from 7 backrest incline/decline positions to create the exercise for you. Without difficulty make modifications to the backrest to teach your legs, fingers, shoulders, back and abs. It’s far like having 10 portions of gadget in 1. For introduced protection, the lowest tube has an amplify drubber cowl for added grip on the floor, so even whilst you flow, the exercising bench remains put

    product of high grade metallic, the backrest and seat has excessive density cotton foam padding protected in pu leather, providing the premier amount of cushion for sit bones, returned, elbows and knees. It is also put on resistant with a non-slip grip, so you can live placed in the course of even the most excessive classes! The leg brace is also included in foam for extra comfort at some stage in ab exercises or sensitive ankles

    open up flat for 45″l x 12″w x 19″h or fold completely to 35″l x 17″w x 9. 25″h. The specific folding layout makes allows for whole portability or storage in compact spaces like closets. Ideal for fitness fanatics seeking out space saving equipment or folks who want to exercise session on the pass

    product description

    w ant to weight teach at domestic however don’t have all the equipment for full – body schooling or looking for a compact flat bench for your gymnasium ? The prosourcefit adjustable weight bench comes with 8 inclines to select from, making targeted sporting events for the chest, hands/shoulders, abs, thighs and glutes feasible with out more device. The a hundred% adjustable and foldable layout permits for convenience area saving weight lifting, power schooling or gen eral health. Made of durable metal, this exercising bench will remaining through common use and might maintain as much as 500 lb. No longer most effective is the adjustable weight bench constructed with first-class, it’s also at ease. Cushioned with high density foam it truly is covered in tear resistant pu leather-based, it affords the suitable quantity of assist at the same time as being clean to clean and maintain!

    8 reviews for Prosourcefit foldable & adjustable multi – cause weight bench for home and health club full – body electricity schooling workouts, health exercises and weight schooling, black/purple

    1. Trey

      I was looking for a sturdy, foldable incline bench for my apartment. I wanted something solid with good reviews and ideally under $100. I did a lot of research, checked out a lot of different brands, models and prices. I actually purchased one on eBay that was a little more expensive and of course there were no reviews so I was dubious of it until I stumbled across this bench. Had everything I needed, had good reviews and videos attached so I made the dive and I’m glad I did, this was exactly what I was looking for in a folding incline bench. I would and have already recommended it to others Read more

    2. DHLB

      It’s a good bench for the price. I would like it better if the bench seat was a little wider, but it’s not a big deal. Padding could be a little thicker, but again not a big deal. It was easy to assemble; however, I couldn’t put in one of three screws in one of the legs, it still works fine without that one screw. I did reach out to the seller for a replacement piece and they told me to just return the whole thing back to Amazon for another one since they didn’t have replacement parts. Needless to say, putting something back into the box after you already assembled it, isn’t easy, so I just kept it. Read more

    3. Drun

      Your browser does not support HTML5 video. The bench was super easy to assemble. It takes 10 minutes at the most because it come almost pre-assembled. The bench is sturdy and looks good for a home gym. Good value for money. I highly recommend this bench. Read more

    4. ims

      BLUF: Not worth your time and money For the price I wasn’t expecting much and was still left disappointed. The feet came so bent that they barely made it in the hole and when I was finally able to get them in the screw holes didn’t align (again because of the bent metal in the feet.) If you decide to roll the dice on this product, your best case is you get a very cheaply made/cheap feeling bench. Worst case, you get a defective product, have to return it, and realize that you’re going to have to shell out some extra cash for a reputable product that you can trust to hold your body weight plus weights. Read more

    5. Feep

      Bought this to fill in the space in time before getting a rogue adjustable via backorder. For the money and ease of assembly, this bench is worth it. Took 5 minutes to set up. I would think for most applications this is fine. But its not a high quality bench like you would have at a commercial gym. It moves around when throwing back dumbbells, the ass part of the bench is really long so its like a freefall when going back if in incline position. Also its around 21″ off the ground which is pretty high for a bench. For 80 bucks its worth it but if you are a weightlifter and have nice equipment this wont be to your standards… with gym equipment the adage really is true… “buy nice or buy twice…” Read more

    6. Not Amazon Representative

      First notch has a major flaw in design. Make sure it sits properly befors you sit back down. But sometimes you lift and you don’t have time for this shenanigans. One mistake and your back will never be the same Read more

    7. Lorie Lau

      Bench was a breeze to build, it was well protected and the pads and seat are comfortable to use. I am 5’7″ and 214lbs and it holds my weight with 40lb dumbbell weights stable when doing inverted, inclined and flat presses. Would not recommend standing on it. One thing that they should improve is hardware, the pull pins spring should be stronger and the washers should be much wider to handle the torque of bolts and not potentially deforming the frame. Read more

    8. Horace

      This is an excellent bench for the money. One thing buyers should know is that the bench is not for large, tall individuals . I am 5’9″ tall and it works fine. Something to consider if you are taller than that. Oh, another thing–the different positions of the bench (incline, decline, etc.) permits one to have a thorough workout. I should have bought this bench long ago. Read more

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