Prosourcefit multi-grip lite pull up/chin up bar, heavy responsibility doorway top body exercise bar for home gyms 24”-32” (ps-1240-cu-fundamental), black

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  • secure grip – 6 non-slip grip positions to readily perform extensive, slim and impartial-grip physical activities
  • multi-characteristic – goal more than one higher body & middle muscular tissues with pull-ups, push-ups, dips, and putting crunches
  • easy to use – portable design without problems fits on any preferred doorway 24″ to 32″, and is easy to collect and set up
  • heavy obligation production – manufactured from excessive grade metallic that’s built to final, and holds as much as 300 pound
  • handy strength training – exercising your lower back, chest, palms & abs with one piece of gadget in the comfort of domestic

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  • does this meeting require screwing some thing into the door body?
  • this hooks on metal tabs that you slide behind the door frame. It have to be first-rate with any timber door frame on a wood or plasterboard wall. And you could pull the tabs out while you’re carried out, leaving little proof some thing became there. So if you’re in an apartment and involved approximately rent terms this must be pleasant. However there wishes to be a touch supply between the door body and wall. A metallic door frame on a concrete block wall (contemplating my vintage college dormitory here) might not work, as an example. As for screwing some thing in: no screws. See less

  • do you believe you studied this will paintings to hang an 80lb punching bag? Lease, can not make any holes in wall. Have 80lb punching bag
  • i know this is a little past due, but i container and feature my very own punching bag so i might want to offer enter. Please don’t try this. It’s going to fall as quickly as that bag starts swinging. Additionally a doorway is not a completely secure or effective location to exercise. I have made bag sticks out of reasonably-priced 2×4’s for the reason that my rental won’t allow me hang a punching bag both. See much less

  • what size are the screws?
  • what size are the screws?

  • each person knows what the pass bar is made from? Plastic or metal? The component that is going onto the door body?
  • anybody knows what the pass bar is fabricated from? Plastic or metallic? The part that goes onto the door body?

    8 reviews for Prosourcefit multi-grip lite pull up/chin up bar, heavy responsibility doorway top body exercise bar for home gyms 24”-32” (ps-1240-cu-fundamental), black

    1. Nik

      This product has one of the most useless Assembly instructions I’ve encountered ever. Please see attached pictures. The bolts are too short to fit thru to attach the pieces in, the listed parts does not correspond to the content included in the box. I’m really starting to question by the overwhelmingly positive Amazon reviews when purchasing products again. I would not buy this product NOR do I recommend it to anybody.Read more

    2. Wanderglut

      I ain’t gonna lie, I expected more out of this product.Installation was not hard, but not easy either.Parts did not fit flush as the holes for the screws were not punched well enough (at least for the product I bought).Also, that metal bracket thing–the one that attaches to one’s door to prevent the bar from sliding–literally snapped when I tried to push it into the door frame. I was 1) surprised that I can snap metal with my bare hands and 2) nearly made my dog go blind due to the ricochet.Yet, I’ve used it for the last few months and it still stayed on (despite not having the metal bracket) and I haven’t broken the rest of it.Would give it 3 1/2 stars.Read more

    3. dan m.

      As you can see it doesn’t fit quite right on my door jamb I’m hoping it won’t break the trim offRead more

    4. David Kim

      The installation process was difficult because the parts did not fit as it should and overall build does not feel solid compared to other brands I have used before. As of now, the bar works fine but because of poor finish on this, I’m pretty sure this bar won’t last long. If I had to buy another one, I would definitely consider other brands for sure and this would be the very last one to reconsider.Read more

    5. Chris

      The included bolts leave you with about 1cm of thread sticking out for you to screw the nut onto. This led to the product becoming completely useless when 2/4 carriage bolts stripped out while trying to assemble. Replacing all the hardware will cost you a trip to the hardware store and about $5. My advice, go with another brand. Even if you do get it assembled I wouldn’t trust the bolts not to sheer off while using.Read more

    6. Anthony Clark

      What’s up guys. I am an 18 year old guy who both works and go to school. I didnt really wanna spend money on a gym membership because I don’t really have time to go to the gym. So ive been looking at calisthenics and I really like the idea of body weight exercises. One of the first pieces of equipment that I was looking for is a pull up bar. This pull up bar is definitely worth the price. As a matter of fact, in my honest opinion I think that it should cost like $10-$15 dollars more than what it is! My package came on time and it had no flaws whatsoever. This pull up bar is the perfect thing for me to have when I need to get myself a good workout in. So guys and girls I really recommend this pull up bar to you. Thanks Amazon for the PERFECT packaging and thanks ProSource for such a great product. I’ll will DEFINITELY be ordering from you Gus again!!!!!Read more

    7. peterthegreat

      Very comfortable hand grips. Once assembled, the pull-up bar is sturdy and fits the door frame well. If something breaks under the user’s weight, it will be the wood door casing, not the bar. Some people don’t like the movement where the two halves of the bar snap together. I wrapped enough electrical tape around the inner tube to just barely fit into the outer tube, and that took care of any movement and/or noise.I take 1 start off for the hard plastic ends that rest on the door casing and can leave marks. I wrapped them with black duct tape over 1/4 inch of dense foam. It’s nearly invisible and does the job.Read more

    8. Gary Richardson

      I was hesitant to spend too much on a pull-up bar because I wasn’t sure I would actually use it. I got this for under $20 with free Prime shipping. You could pay more but I can’t imagine it being much better for an over-the-door design like this. No screws, drilling, etc required.The only thing I don’t like is that you must remove it to be able to close the door. But its easy to remove. There are doorway bars that DO allow you to close the door. Some requires screws, others work by tensioning the bar within the door frame (scary.) But those don’t have vertical bars added like this one.Read more

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