Prosourcefit puzzle exercising mat ½”, eva foam interlocking tiles shielding flooring for fitness center gadget and cushion for exercises

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  • with the aid of coming into your version quantity.
  • shielding exercising flooring – long lasting, non-skid textured tiles shield flooring at the same time as growing a cozy exercising space
  • easy meeting – lightweight puzzle pieces join quick and without problems, and can be disassembled just as truly for short garage
  • versatile – the water resistant and noise-lowering design is easy-to-clean, terrific for use in garages, gyms, domestic health rooms, or even children’s play regions
  • covers 24 sq. Toes. – every tile measures 24” x 24” x ½”- thick from the very best factor of the feel; consists of 6 tiles and 12 give up borders for a polished look
  • excessive nice foam – high-density eva foam gives tremendous help and cushion; carries no toxic phthalates
  • care – follow a aggregate of heat water and family or dish cleaning soap with a gentle fabric or towel, and rub lightly to scrub. For more difficult stains, use a moderate laundry detergent answer. Air dry or wipe with a dry cloth.
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from the manufacturer

prosourcefit makes high great products for energy and resistance training, overall performance, muscle recuperation, yoga and pilates. Our fitness gadget is made with commercial gym satisfactory at charges that also makes them perfect for domestic workouts. We exist to encourage energetic, wholesome existence with products that make health attainable and enjoyable for all people. Our great line of gadget is perfect for home workouts, non-public running shoes, crossfit containers, yoga studios, and gyms of every kind.

convert any area right into a safe and convenient exercising area with the prosource exercising puzzle mat. The interlocking portions are brief and smooth to collect so you can set it up and take it apart without problems. Terrific for garages and basements and even at the carpet to shield flooring, reduce noise, and make ground sporting events extra relaxed. The dense, textured foam gives the best base for weight lifting benches, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other workout equipment. Train like a seasoned, teach with prosource!

  • consists of six 24-inch square tiles and 12 give up border pieces
  • eva foam is ½” thick from the highest point of the feel
  • presents a non-skid, protective workout floor
  • easy to assemble & waterproof
  • first rate for gyms and at-home exercises
  • functions

    the dense foam offers greater room and cushion than yoga mats or folding exercise mats, allowing you to spread out with weights or a bench or carry out a variety of exercises. It’s far tremendous for floor physical games like push-ups, sit down-ups, setting a bench on for bench presses or foam rolling and stretching and may also be used for yoga or pilates. The ½-inch thick floors also protects flooring from desk bound bikes, weights, device, and sweat.

    excessive-density water-proof foam provides a comfortablecushion for knees, again, wrists, and elbows at the same time as being smooth to clean and hold. Designed with the person in thoughts, it’s constructed to final for long-term, reliable use. The textured, non-skid surface improves grip and stops slipping at some point of exercises for and a safer workout.

    the 6 rectangular tiles cowl a complete of 24 square feet and encompass 12 borders for a sophisticated, completed appearance. Use fewer if wanted, or purchase more to cover a more surface region. The interlocking tiles are smooth to collect and may be eliminated just as easily when needed so that you can hold a versatile area. They may be very smooth to cut for customized projects.

    convenient exercise floors

    the exercise puzzle mat is perfect for running out in regions with hard floors, which include garages, basements, and crossfit bins. If you want a safe and at ease region to workout, but don’t want to completely remodel or install flooring at domestic or in your health studio, that is a first rate alternative. The dense foam affords more room and cushion than yoga mats or folding exercising mats, allowing you to spread out with weights or a bench and carry out a variety of workouts.

    product description

    every tile is ½” thick from the best point of the texture. The interlocking foam mats are made from dense eva foam which absorbs effect and noise for the duration of workouts and affords a smooth floor for sporting activities like push-usaand crunches. Clean-to-bring together interlocking foam ground pads covers 24, 48 or a hundred and forty four rectangular ft with end borders for a smooth, completed look. Tender foam puzzle mat carries no phthalates.


    Black, Blue, Grey


    1/2" Thick 144 Square Feet, 1/2" Thick 24 Square Feet, 1/2" Thick 48 Square Feet

    8 reviews for Prosourcefit puzzle exercising mat ½”, eva foam interlocking tiles shielding flooring for fitness center gadget and cushion for exercises

    1. Lloyd

      These mats are great as an under mat for weights and lifting equipment; as well as, lessoning the impact on joints. I have about a 12′ x 12′ area set up in the basement. For some people, there have been issues with them coming apart which I did notice myself. To resolve this, I simply taped the backside of all the pieces with 3″ wide gorilla tape (see photo). It works very well and has held up for plyometric routines, burpees, mountain climbers, etc. If you need to mark off an area on the top of the mats, then I’d suggest gaffers tape. The mats have held up and there is no crumbling of the foam. Plus they are easy to clean/ wipe down.Read more

    2. Alisa

      I have purchased about 15 packs of these to cover my basement floor, and previously gave a five star review. However, my most recent 2 orders of them were disappointing. The new tiles have a much looser fit than those I purchased 7 months ago. They are about 1/4″ shorter, darker, and the texture is unpleasant. I called ProSource customer service and hopefully this issue will be resolved.Read more

    3. Bethany V.

      I wanted to love these mats and was excited to get my first workout in on them (bought 3 packs to cover a smallish basement gym area). Everything was going great until I was doing supine crawls and realized there were small pieces of glass (or possibly extremely hard plastic) embedded in the mats and also in my palms. Not sure if this was a QC issue or if these mats contain some sort of hard plastic but cannot keep these when there is a danger to myself or my 2 and 3 yr old children. One of the pieces that stabbed me actually drew blood.Do not recommend.Read more

    4. W. Knight

      They change the puzzle interlocking pattern every time I try to order more of these… If you get all you need the first time, they’re great, but if you ever intend to buy more, beware, they’ll probably ship you a model that doesn’t fit with whatever you bought before. I first bought some puzzle mats back in 2012 (essentially the same thing, just different seller, brand and mat thickness), I loved them, wanted to expand the area I was using them for and spent several weeks buying/returning orders because they were different than those I had originally purchased. The same is true when I bought about 8 sets back in Oct 2018 and 4 more sets in Mar 2019 – I used the “buy it again” option in Amazon but the model sent in March was a lighter color and different puzzle pattern than what I purchased in Oct.That issue aside – the mats are great. They look good, durable, easy to install and protect the floor in my home gym. If it weren’t for the annoying issue about ordering more, I’d give them 5 stars.Read more

    5. 76th & Madison 10021

      I live in a 80 yo house in the upper midwest. The floors of the entire house are hardwood that is original and in excellent shape. However, the kitchen is a pain in the keister as it is a high traffic area and connects to an outside vestibule door. For those of you in warm climates wet snow and ice melt are not kind to wood floors or anything else actually. This product is the ‘kitchen solution’. FYI this is my third set of these so I would like to offer some installation tips for hard surface flooring:1) Assemble upside down, minus the edging. When you have the correct configuration use packing or duck to tape secure the seams. This will eliminate the stress on the connecting seams and avoid the mat coming apart. (‘At the seams’, I couldn’t resist…)2) After taping the seams secure a non slip rug pad that covers at least 3/4 of the mats down/floorside. I strongly suggest that you tape the corners of the non slip rug pad down to the mat so it will not ‘buckle’ on the hard surface floor.3) An option for securing the non slip mat to the flooring backside is to cut a non slip mat for each tile and secure them together taping the seams.4) Lay the finished product SLOWLY on a freshly cleaned, dry floor.5) DO NOT WALK ON IT UNTIL IT IS IN THE PROPER POSITION, If you do walk on it and you need to move it, well you will know why I told you not to walk on it yet. LOL6) To position it, you can ‘ripple’ the mat to allow air between the mat and the floor.7) Once you’re happy its where you want it to me walk on it to push out any excess air and establish the contact of the non slip backing to the floor surface.8) Attach the edging.DA DA! There you go! Hope you find this product as useful as I have…Read more

    6. Julie Bishop

      I needed rubber matting for the barn. I have sheep/emus not horses. Ordered the real expensive stuff at the local farm supply store and they never got it in so I was running out of time. I figured I would at least buy something that could get me through the cold spells here in FL. This stuff was so easy to install. We had a 24 x 26 barn concrete floor installed in about an hour. Was a lil worried about it being ripped up by the critters, especially the emus as they have razor sharp nails on those long toes. This stuff has held up wonderfully. Actually its not even scratched (albeit I have shavings and straw on top of it). The measurements given are dead on, it really is 1/2″ thick. Good insulation against a cold concrete floor. Best bonus? the bugs don’t seem to like it. I spray and spray for cockroaches and spiders and we get some really nasty ones here in FL. Havent seen one since this has been installed for some reason. Not sure if that’s related. This is pretty tough flooring for foam. Its actually a VERY dense foam. Lightweight but very tough. I’m pretty impressed with it. A 4 x 6 horse mat runs around $30 to $40 apiece. The price of this stuff attracted me as I thought it would be temporary. It will no longer be considered temporary. Very impressed with this product.Read more

    7. Alexandria Andrews

      I have uses the black an grey color of these puzzle mats to line my closet workout space. I have really enjoyed them.They are laying on hardwood floors and stay put fairly well. The only time I have issues with them moving is when I do something like burpees where a jumping impact can spread the puzzle pieces at part.They provide good cushion and soundproofing for my second floor workout space, which is exactly what I was looking for.Read more

    8. Matthew

      Bought this to use for a workout mat and it is perfect. Good quality padding. I would recommended this product. I put a pair of shoes on it for a size comparison.Read more

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