Prosourcefit stackable resistance bands 11-piece set with greater big handles, door anchor, ankle straps, exercising manual and sporting case

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  • make sure this fits via getting into your model range.
  • general body exercising – designed to goal all your muscle tissue through a full variety of motion for expanded power and toning, without any machines or special system.
  • durable construction – made with a double-dipping procedure to ensure heavy duty, excessive overall performance latex that holds as much as stretching and heavy use.
  • customizable – four colour-coded bands may be used personally, or mixed to provide up to fourteen stages of resistance and up to fifty six kilos: green (5-eight lb), pink (eight-12 lb), blue (12-16 lb), black (16-20 lb); forty eight-inches each.
  • on-the-pass comfort: is available in a carrying case with all of the add-ons you want to exercising anywhere you go. Consists of 2 greater massive foam handles, 2 padded ankle cuff straps, guide door anchor, and workout guide.
  • versatile: stackable resistance bands are extremely versatile, wonderful for rehabilitation, toning and strengthening muscle tissue, pilates exercises, p90x, outside workouts, and tour.

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from the manufacturer

prosourcefit makes high nice merchandise for energy and resistance schooling, overall performance, muscle recovery, yoga and pilates. Our health gadget is made with industrial gym high-quality at prices that still makes them best for domestic workout routines. We exist to inspire lively, healthful lifestyles with products that make health achievable and fun for every person. Our extensive line of system is perfect for home workout routines, private running shoes, crossfit packing containers, yoga studios, and gymnasiums of all kinds.

prosourcefit stackable resistance bands are an exceptionally handy and versatile workout set for all of us from experienced gymnasium rats to busy stay-at-domestic mothers. You could get in a complete-body workout with those four bands that provide various resistance tiers from 5-20 lbs. Even higher, they can be stacked for up to 14 degrees of resistance to keep you challenged! The door anchor and ankle cuffs permit you to carry out top body, decrease body, and core exercises every time, everywhere!

  • handy and low cost energy-education
  • forty eight-inch bands with greater-big foam handles
  • consists of: door anchor, 2 ankle straps, 2 removable handles, exercise guide, wearing case
  • heavy duty, double-dipped latex for excessive performance and sturdiness
  • high pleasant carabiners to easily combine bands for extra resistance
  • functions

    prosourcefit bands are particular due to the more-massive handles with cushioned foam grips. Best for guys, who frequently find everyday resistance bands uncomfortably small, those are also top notch for any user. Palms stay cozy and guarded through multiple repetitions and ordinary use.

    comfy and adjustable ankle cuffs live at ease with velcro and clip onto bands, making it smooth to isolate your rear quit, and all elements of your thighs. Pair it with the door anchor for leg extensions, hamstring curls, kickbacks and plenty extra. Ideal for girls for targeting those stubborn regions within the privacy of your home!

    a door anchor makes all the difference in the variety and amount of sporting events you could carry out with health bands. Just slip it in among the door and doorframe, close securely, and the band stays in location for a ramification of sporting events. Anchor up high for chest presses/flys, lat pull-downs, triceps extensions, or crunches, anchor down low for legs, bicep curls, and again rows.


    bands have plenty to offer for all and sundry from the professional inside the gymnasium, the beginners, and everybody present process running around past or present accidents. Tube resistance bands mission your muscle tissue in new ways whilst enhancing balance and coordination. They can help you work from one-of-a-kind angles to contain greater muscle corporations, with a more variety of motion than with traditional weight device sporting activities. Moreover, they may be used to softly help in stretching or warming up muscle tissue before a exercising.

    each band is made the use of the double-dipping method, ensuring the most powerful bands with elasicity that resists breaking and snapping. These durable tube bands are built to ultimate and secure to use for trendy energy education and toning.

    the handy stacking machine uses high high-quality carabiners at the ends of each band for clean clipping on/off of the handles and ankle cuff. This additionally lets in you to combine bands together for extra resistance and without difficulty switch among exercises and muscle groups. First rate for multiple customers – roommates, spouses, gymnasium buddies because it gives 14 resistance ranges in a single small package. Additionally best for while you get more potent and need to boom weight – no want to shop for new bands, just stack them to keep away from a health plateau!

    product description

    product description

    no fitness center? No hassle! The prosource stackable resistance bands offer a full-body workout set with great versatility. The eleven-piece set consists of four heavy duty latex bands ranging from 5 to 20 pounds, 2 ankle cuffs, a door anchor, workout manual and sporting bag. High great carabiners will let you combine bands for up to fourteen levels of resistance. Wonderful for at-domestic use, rehabilitation, outside workouts, journey, or day by day gymnasium workouts. Carry out the whole thing from chest presses to shoulder increases to leg extensions with simply 4 bands. No extra having to pick out just one weight or resistance stage for a confined exercising – this set has the whole lot you want to stay in form from home!

    assurance prosource is assured our high best merchandise, that’s why we provide a confined lifetime assurance on all products for manufacturer defects, so that you can experience confident for your buy.

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    the top rate stackable latex exercise resistance bands gadget from prosource offer a convenient and in your price range way for you tone and make stronger your whole body–from the consolation of home. The gadget includes four, 48-inch resistance bands that every have their personal resistance stage. The bands can be used personally or stacked to provide you with a complete of 14 resistance levels that degrees from 5 to 56 kilos. Further to the bands, the gadget comes entire with cushioned foam handles for a comfortable, comfortable grip, a door anchor to be used everywhere with a strong door, and ankle straps. Designed and built for a safe and effective workout, each band is built with incredible latex rubber that gives dependable stretch resistance. The bands are geared up with durable carabineer attachments for long time performance. The system comes with an workout manual to get you began, in addition to a bring case for easy garage and shipping. This resistance band set supports a number of the modern day workout workouts which includes however no longer confined to p90x, crossfit, slimin6, insanity, turbojam, and more.

    resistance specs:

  • inexperienced band: five to 8 kilos
  • purple band: 8 to 12 kilos
  • blue band: 12 to sixteen kilos
  • black band: 16 to twenty pounds
  • 3 reviews for Prosourcefit stackable resistance bands 11-piece set with greater big handles, door anchor, ankle straps, exercising manual and sporting case

    1. kelker11

      I’m trying to get myself in shape, so I ordered P90X. One of the things they recommend is exercise bands. I debated over several options, but decided on this one because of the high reviews and the lower price. I’m so very glad I did. As you can see from the picture, there are four bands that vary in strength (tension) from five to twenty pounds. The bands include a paper that has the color to weight information included. The handles are sturdy foam over nylon with metal clips that securely attach to the bands. I received two sets of handles in my nifty little carrying case that zips close. I also received the door anchor, which was important to my exercise program as it was to be used in place of a chinup bar–which I couldn’t use…yet. Anyway, the door anchor didn’t look like much. Just a nylon strap with a loop on one end (that you feed the bands through) and a bulky portion on the other end that you can lay across the top of your door (then shut the door) to securely fasten the bands in position. I planned on using the bands on my closet door, but to be honest, my builder didn’t use the most durable doors in my home, so I was worried about the bands/anchor breaking my doors…or the door popping open while using the bands and causing injury. But the worries turned out to be foundless. The anchor is very secure, and apparently, my door is strong enough to support the pressure from the bands. The bands are made of durable rubber material and have heavily re-enforced ends that are firmly attached to a metal loop that attached to the handles. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how well they work. I’ve been using them for three weeks now with no problems. I will definitely be upgrading to the heavier duty bands (higher weights) by ProSource when the time comes. And one more thing, if you are debating between these and the Beach Body bands…don’t. These will handle your needs without any issues, and you’ll save money in the process. Read more

    2. Jerry H. Bond

      UPDATE: 3/15/14 My original review was 5-stars. Now, it’s 3-stars. DESIGN FLAW: The weakest link always breaks first. THE ANKLE STRAPS. Lay the ankle straps flat out with the D-ring up. On the short side, there’s 2-inch square of female Velcro next to the sewn-in product label. Flip the strap over with the D-ring down. On the short side, there is a 3-inch section of male Velcro. The space between these two sections of Velcro is the highest stress point on the ankle strap. It is nothing but stretch Lycra material. After 3 months of use, my ankle straps came apart at this location. It’s a good thing I caught it before it broke while I was using it and broke out a window with industrial sling-shot force. The fix was simple enough by sewing zig-zag the above mentioned two pieces of Velcro together by hand with heavy polyester thread. Even so, unless a fix is done during manufacture, others will eventually have this same problem. This is just a head’s up. After my fix, the units are once again 5-stars and I use and enjoy them daily. ORIGINAL REVIEW: After using a set of these ProSource bands for a month, I bought two more sets. They are versatile and afford many creative options…and they take up minimum space. So far, there is no muscle group that I have not been able to figure out a way to exercise. This is the most economical and space saving method I’ve found in over 60 years of serious exercise. Weights and exercise machines are great but there comes a time when doing solo bench presses with heavy equipment is not safe or practical. If you have adequate locations of varying heights to secure these rubber bands, the sky is the limit. The only problem I’ve had deserves a word of caution. I was stupidly holding one of the hand grips with my foot while doing curls with 4 bands attached. The handle slipped off my foot and gave me a shiner and a fat lip. And yes, it hurt. And nobody believed me when I tried to explain. For every problem, there’s a solution. I cut an 18-inch long piece of 2-inch wide nylon strap from an old travel bag. After flaming the ends to prevent fraying, I overlapped the ends two inches and sewed them together with upholstery thread. I generously glued the belt-like accessory under the sole of an old tennis shoe and let it harden over night. The bow in the nylon strap on top of my shoe left plenty of room to run several rubber bands through it. It worked so well, I did the same for the other shoe. Then I bought enough rubber bands for each shoe so I wouldn’t have to waste precious workout time swapping bands from shoe to shoe. I run the rubber bands through the loop and lock both ends onto the handle. This is perfect for doing curls, presses and a dozen other contorted exercises. These speciality tennis shoes make lazy workouts fun while watching sports on TV. Just relax in your favorite recliner and do curls and leg pumps with no fear of getting a bloody nose. If you’re using several stretch bands, attach the ends to a larger spring snap link hook carabiner just like the ones on the stretch bands but larger. That way you only have to make one connection with each change. There no use making exercise any harder than it already is. In a workshop or garage, large eyebolts in the ceiling and walls afford unlimited options. Health professionals and experts agree that exercise, even more than diet, is the most important thing that one can do to ensure a long and healthy life. If you do both, you have an excellent chance to stretch it to the limit. Read more

    3. Superdesi

      Bought these to use with EA Active sports and they work pretty well. The good part is that you can push the handles and just hold the straps with the wiimote and nunchuk in your hand. If you try to hold the wiimote and nunchuk with the handles than the wii doesnt regsiter your movements. Also, these arent flawless with EA Active sports since there are times that wii wont recognize movements even if your only holding the straps of the resistance bands. It almost seems like you have to slightly keep moving the wii mote and nunchuk when curling instead of curling and just stopping. Its hard to explain, but once you use them for a few sessions you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Once you get understand the minor tweaks when using these bands, then you really start feeling your workout. Nice part is you get 4 bands in this set so if things start getting easy then you can double up bands as long as you are holding the straps and not the handles. Also, straps are not as comfortable as the foam handles but its not like they cut into your hands or cause chronic pain (at least not for me). It’s a bit uncomfortable during workouts but then again, workouts are generally uncomfortable for the body to being with (at least for us lazy ppl 😛 ) Build quality is pretty solid no snaps or breakdowns yet, though I’m not much of a heavy user to comment on how long these bands will last. Anyways, I highly recommend these for ppl looking to supplement pretty weak band that came with EA Active. It should greatly improve your workout. Read more

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