Protocol punching bag with stand – adults & children – punching bag with stand plus boxing gloves, fitness accessories – adjustable height stand – fantastic for exercising and fitness amusing for the whole family

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  • make certain this fits
  • by using getting into your version quantity.
  • the whole thing you need to build & tone muscle – the protocol core and energy schooling set is a comprehensive, muscle-building fitness accessories set, which incorporates 5 latex exercise bands of varying resistance and 2 center sliders.
  • varying trouble levels – every resistance band has a selected electricity stage, from ultra sturdy to ultra mild resistance, relying on the muscle area being worked in addition to your training revel in.
  • flexible makes use of – use the exercise bands for stretches, strength schooling, pilates, yoga, and extra. The sliders assist with lunges, planks, and pushups. One facet of the middle sliders work on hardwood and laminate floors, and the other on carpet, making it smooth to training session everywhere.
  • construct your house health club with protocol – pair the protocol middle and strength training set with the adjustable, customizable leap rope to create a complete exercise that includes cardio training, middle strength, and normal muscle conditioning.
  • protocol – where form, function, and amusing play collectively. Items and wearing items for all which might be nicely-designed, crafted, and succesful. The mixture of actual-global practicality and a dose of fun for every age!
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  • is sand higher to position than water? Or vise versa??
  • sand weighs extra than water however water is less complicated to work with. Attempt it with water first. Depending on how vigorously you strike the bar you can find, like most people, that water offer sufficient ballast. If, after you operate the set, you find you want greater weight you could trade the water out and update it with sand. For the maximum weight, you may also use a mixture of sand and water. Blending each will come up with the heaviest and handiest ballast. See much less

  • does this aspect withstand roundhouses? How strong of punches can it take without falling over
  • does this aspect face up to roundhouses? How robust of punches can it take with out falling over

  • does this make a variety of noise say buddies downstairs complaining or is it some what quite or does it bang at the ground plenty ??
  • does this make a whole lot of noise say buddies downstairs complaining or is it some what pretty or does it bang at the ground plenty ??

  • is that this loud, is base loud making impact? Is it apartment friendly?
  • is this loud, is base loud making effect? Is it condominium friendly?


    Children's Punching Bag, Core & Strength Training Set, Desktop Punching Bag, Heavy Duty Punching Bag, Inflatable Punching Bag, Jump Rope, Junior Red Punching Bag, Junior Yellow Punching Bag, Premium: Heavy Bag, Reflex Ball Kit, Standard Punching Bag

    8 reviews for Protocol punching bag with stand – adults & children – punching bag with stand plus boxing gloves, fitness accessories – adjustable height stand – fantastic for exercising and fitness amusing for the whole family

    1. kx

      Pretty good for the price. My best quarantine buy! Easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of space. Have a blast every day; it’s relaxing. However, you have to put weights on the bottom to hold it stable. I put 20lb plates on it with full water to make it stable. Don’t go too hard on itRead more

    2. Lady Tr3ble

      The setup took 10 minutes, no missing parts. The instructions was a picture of it but no step by step, was still able to set it up quickly with the “blueprint”. After adding water to the base it`s pretty heavy so it withstands the punches. The gloves are soft and pretty good quality, I like that it matches the red bag. The picture shows the highest it can go, you can lower it for kicks. Happy with the product overall.Read more

    3. Nick LaRose

      #1- Super Easy to assemble. I am not super handy and assembled as my husband and 17 year old son watched me. It even comes with the tools you need! That was a beautiful thing!#2- Doesn’t take much space- we are limited on space and this is the perfect size for our small room#3- All of us are getting a great work-out-upper body (mom, dad and 17-year old son). We may invest in a 2nd set of gloves- the ones that came with the set are fine but my big handed son thinks they are a bit snug for him. Overall, we think this was a great purchase-really good value.Read more

    4. tmck

      Overall IT would be an excellent product, except for the knob adjuster. It constantly looses when the bag is struck even with moderate force. I think you should be able to put a lot of muscle into the punches. but evidently if you strike it with a force any greater than a baby’s breath, the knob will loosen. After time the upright support started to become bent inwardly as I continually had to tighten the know. I drilled a hole completely through the upright tube, but the knob still loosens after a few hard strikes. I’ll see what happens in the long run, but my advice to any prospective buyers is DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!!Read more

    5. mags

      I bought this for a stress relief. I don’t think I have ever felt stress released like this.I will definitely be using this every day, not just for stress hopefully but for a work out of some sort.Read more

    6. Late664

      This was very easy to put together. I filled mine up with water as I was too excited to try it out and didn’t want to go buy sand bags. I feel the water alone suits it perfectly because this isn’t meant to be hit hard anyway.One flaw of the design is the top portion of the pole can come loose. Mine did and it flew across the garage. The flaw is the hand knob/tightener doesn’t have a hole for it to be secured. The end of the screw/bolt just pushes against the smoothness of the pole. So I simple drilled a hole and now it’s not going anywhere.The gloves that come with it is also on the harder side (as in not much cushioning and comfort). No biggie as I had other boxing and training gloves lying around. I feel a 12oz glove works amazing with this.Lastly, this is not a heavy bag. Don’t treat it like one and I feel it will last for many years. GREAT workout and so much fun and can really get your blood pumping. Highly recommend it!Read more

    7. Hawkeye

      bought this for the office so we all could release our daily frustrations rather than belittle other coworkers. It’s defiantly getting worn in. I’ve not used the gloves that comes with it, but rather just gone street fighter style. So far so good!Read more

    8. Dane W. Sullivan

      Bought this just a couple months ago in July to stay active at home during quarantine. It was fairly easy to assemble, but has been a constant problem since I bought it. It just broke after only two months of using it maybe twice a week.First, the gloves that came with it are cheap and immediately started tearing apart about week after using it. No big deal, I really just cared for the bag itself and wanted to buy some better gloves anyway.Next, the screw that connects the pole to the base kept coming loose. I would have to constantly turn the base to its side and screw it back in. Very annoying, but still not a big deal. I found a sturdier screw from my toolbox, used that, and the pole only loosens off the base every once in awhile.However, finally today I was punching the bag and noticed it was bent. The metal on the bottom was breaking apart and it just completely broke off.I really wanted to love this product and would still have given five stars even after the first two issues, but now I’ve spent $90 on an item rendered useless after just two months.Will contact support if there is any and update my review based on their response, but for now I suggest staying away from this product due to durability issues.Read more

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