Rage health conditioning rope, poly dac, 1. Five” width, forty’ / 50′ length


  • designed for total frame cardio and resistance education
  • works and promotes lean muscle tissues in shoulders, returned, legs and belly
  • constructed with ultra-sturdy, shed-unfastened poly dacron cloth
  • features clean, comfy poly-boot handles for clean-grip manage
  • measures forty’ in period with 1. Five inch thickness
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product description

improve your grip and strength with the craze performance 40′ conditioning rope. Constructed for complete-frame functional fitness, this forty’ conditioning rope serves as a versatile and occasional-effect education tool. Appearing an expansion of wave motions with the rope helps to increase, shoulder, lower back, leg, and belly power even as growing cardiovascular staying power. Enhance your explosive power with the craze overall performance forty’ conditioning rope. Guarantee data: rage fitness system (aside from grips) is assured for a period of 365 days from date of invoice in opposition to faulty manufacturing or defects in fabric. Rage health is constructed on sweat, passion, sacrifice and a number of the strongest, most long lasting practical health system on the earth. Rage (rāj) is all approximately explosive pressure, livid depth and burning choice, and the products we provide prove it every day. We gas the ardour and depth (a. K. A. The trend) for folks that elevate, leap, push, kick, run, climb, capture, twist, flip, resist, sweat and get better, after which do all of it all over again to push their athletic limits, attain their goals and improve their lives. The logo was born in 2008, but it failed to take lengthy for rage to spread to gyms, bins, garages and fitness clubs throughout the us of a and around the arena. Rage erupted into retail in 2012 and seeing that then has grow to be the definitive, actual and handy purposeful fitness brand in carrying items and fitness.


1.5” x 40’, 1.5” x 50’


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