Rage health rubber hex dumbbell

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  • ensure this suits by using coming into your model range.
  • built with metal chrome 1. 1 inch diameter knurled contoured handles for comfy grip
  • premium rubber encased dumbbells are constructed to last
  • the 6-sided rubber encased dumbbell is ideal for home or commercial gym use
  • will assist reduce noise and protect flooring and system
  • hex form prevents rolling, easy to stack
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from the manufacturer

rubber hex dumbbells by means of rage health

available in 5 pound increments from 5-a hundred kilos


40 lb, 25 lb, 45 lb, 50 lb, 95 lb

8 reviews for Rage health rubber hex dumbbell

  1. Brad S.

    These dumbbells from Rage are excellent, hearty and solid. All my dumbbells are from Rogue and these are exactly the same but at a better price. They did not have an odor like other reviewers said, some of my others weights had horrific rubber smell that I had to keep them outside for days to air out, not these. They were packed great as well, it was a nice surprise to see them actually wrapped in the box at the front door instead of an open box that was shredded to pieces. It worked out great that the Rogue dumbbells just went out of stock when I went to order them and then stumbling upon these. I highly recommend and am in the process of checking out other weights on the Rage website. Thank you very much, these really made my day! Read more

  2. Linda Sexton

    Lost one of my dumbbells on vacation. I ordered a Rage Dumbell hoping it would be consistent with my other. It worked great, Great value, and quality. 5 ⭐️ Read more

  3. Vic Capaul

    The dumbbell comes wrapped in plastic for a reason. There’s a thin layer of black oil that needs to be cleaned off before exercising with this dumbbell lest you ruin your white workout clothes. After weighing my dumbbell it said 39.1 lbs, but that wasn’t an issue because I have another “40 lb dumbbell” that has the same discrepancy. Very happy overall with the purchase and the price. I had bought one 40 lb dumbbell before the pandemic and I thought I’d be able to pair it easily. 15 months later I finally did. Read more

  4. ejebersold

    Sticker on boxed product: “This product contains materials that are know in the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects”. RETURN. While I know cancer causing agents abound all around us, I don’t need to be spending money to bring them closer to me and my open pores when here are likely healthy weight alternatives. Read more

  5. Brandon

    This may be petty, but I ordered these because I have 10 pairs that say “xx LB”. These are pictured to say “xx LB”. Instead they showed up with just the number printed on top (e.g., “xx”). Now I have one pair that doesn’t match the other 10… Read more

  6. Domingo A. Figueredo

    Ordered two, 2 x 90 (ninety lbs) Rubber Hex Dumbbells; –> received one two days ago; thanks! –> second second one today, but it was for a 70 lb weight, not a 90 lb one. 🙁 I would be satisfied with ONE matching set: –> one additional 90 lb (preferred), or another 70 lb Hex Dumbbell. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE WELCOMED. Read more

  7. ShortBus Captain

    Good dumbbells to workout with. I read other people’s reviews about some rubber smell but I don’t notice it. They’re very sturdy and grip handles are ok. A little slippery when your hands are sweaty but wipe it off are obvious solutions! Duh! Read more

  8. HHI

    As expected, it had two ends and a bar connecting them. Seems to all be there. I assume, without checking, both are a full 50 lbs. I marked it down a bit because the first try at shipping it to me failed because the shipping box was damaged in transit. Because of the weight, they come as two separate shipments. Read more

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