Ringside 50 lb person boxing heavy punching bag kit

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  • consists of a couple of boxing gloves;a pair of handwraps;a 70 lb vinyl heavy bag and a swivel with mounting clip
  • the grownup boxing gloves have an open thumb for comfort and an elastic wrist support to effortlessly put on and take off gloves quickly
  • hand wraps are available in a pair and are entire with a thumb loop to preserve wraps comfortable throughout schooling
  • the 70 pound heavy bag has an smooth to clean vinyl exterior and springs whole with a custom filling of natural and artificial fibers
  • this workout package deal arrives prepared to cling with the swivel and mounting clip included so that you can begin your fitness;boxing;mma;muay thai or kickboxing education today

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champions of the following day are made these days. The ringside grownup heavy bag kit comes with the whole lot you need to practice the “sweet science” and get an unbeatable exercise inside the procedure.

8 reviews for Ringside 50 lb person boxing heavy punching bag kit

  1. chris kim

    So I got this for one reason…anger. Man this Corona virus has got me feeling depressed and sometimes angry. I now can punch the crap out of something to release some built up stress. Arrived pre filled so I I had to do is mount it.I also realized another thing really quickly. So first of all I am 43 year old dude. In my mind, I’m still in my early 30’s and think I can still kick some major butt. Once I started to work this punching bag, I quickly got winded and my left wrist started to hurt. I took boxing and lots of Jiu Jitsu when I was younger and still thought I had it in me. Boy, I was wrong! I’d be in a world of hurt if I got into a fight if it goes longer than 20 seconds. That’s a problem… not that I’m looking for fights, but I want to know if someone went down, I will be able to protect myself and family.My wife has also gotten into punching. Great value and makes workout fun again.Read more

  2. Megan Carvajal

    The zipper at the top of the bag broke within 30 mins of using it and all the stuffing came out. Description says it’s for adults but I think it’s supposed to be for childrenRead more

  3. Melissa

    Used in garage by my son. 3-4 times a week. He loves it. Bought a mounting bracket and works great.Read more

  4. Josh Haymes

    Probably not the best quality leather but its a good bag under a budgetRead more

  5. A Mom with Kids and Fur Kids

    Much to my amazement boxing has taken off in my family as a ‘group’ activity. It started last year when I selected a pair of boxing gloves. They were ringside and OtherAdult and I checked them out and then purchased another larger pair for him. So teenboy and dad and teengirl started playing around, with the younger ones learning something while dad got some exercise. Obviously more gloves were needed since I didn’t have a pair and the teens didn’t like sharing.This bag is easy to set up and we’re having fun with it. It’s a 70-pound bag which everything I’ve read said is adequate for noobs like us. The gloves that come with the bag are nice. They fit my mom-hand’s and were easy to put on. I felt like I was protected from my noob-ishness by the cushioning and the shape.The whole family is sneaking in some exercise and having fun.Read more

  6. Nikki W.

    This heavy bag comes with everything you need to get started working out. It is long enough so people of varying heights should have no problem with this bag. All you need to do is mount it. For the mount, I initially mounted it in my basement onto a eyebolt hook in a beam, but that didn’t hold up quite well as I was using it. To reinforce it, I got a 2×6 and cut it so it fit across 3 of the beams and screwed it in. Then I used the eyebolt hook and screwed that into the 2×6 and the beam and it is holding up quite well now.The bag comes pre-filled and includes a pair of gloves and wraps. The gloves and wraps are probably suitable for most average users, but if you have larger hands or plan to really hit the bag hard you might want to get different pair that is a little bit heavier and offers more protection. The wraps are decent but for larger hands, you might want to get longer pair such as 180″ which are only about $6. The longer length should help protect your hand better. I didn’t take any stars away as these are more of bonus items and are certainly suitable for most users. The main item (heavy bag) itself is excellent and 5 star worthy.The bag itself has held up quite well to the abuse I put it through. I use it about 3 times per week and throw punches, kicks, knees, elbows etc… and it and it has shown no signs of wear and tear. There are no rips and the filling has all stayed in place. Overall this bag is very well constructed and is great exercise. I would definitely recommend!Read more

  7. Kerry O. Burns

    Ringside Heavy Bag is 70 lbs of pure hitting material. It is easy to assemble but might take some extra muscle to help setup. It comes in a big and heavy box that is quickly discarded and then setup is easy. Four straps on each side combine to form a strong connection to heavy clamp that can be hung from any strong hook or overhead fastening device. We hung ours in the garage right off an existing bar that looks pretty strong. It took my son and I 10 minutes to set up and off we went punching away. This is a serious heavy bag intended for adults and serious work outs not intended for children. The gloves and wrist wraps are included, nice strong gloves with a thumb cut out. This is a great workout or stress reliever. The idea is not to punch through the bag but snap those punches and move and punch. A good vigorous workout can be achieved in 10 minutes. Build up strength, quickness and cardio. Excellent product.Read more

  8. Candra C. Georgi

    Took a beating from my husband, myself, and all four of my kids. Even before it was hung my kids were standing on it throwing it around and it never once tore, leaked or became dented. It holds its shape and is is study and heavy for punching and kicking. Gloves fit me a little better than my husband but the hand wraps worked too. We love it for exercise and general getting energy out for the kids!Read more

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