Ringside apex flash boxing education sparring gloves, bl/wh, 16 oz.

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  • via getting into your model variety.
  • 2 1/4 inches of imf (injected molded foam) tech is ideal for sparring or bag paintings
  • durable and easy to clean synthetic leather-based shell with full wrap round hook and loop closure and connected thumb for safety
  • get in shape one punch at a time with the complete protection supplied by means of those boxing mma muay thai education workout gloves
  • a mesh palm to preserve the palms cool and at ease as you train to reach your fitness dreams
  • those sparring punching bag mitts come in a spread of colors and are sure to offer you a competitive high calorie burning exercising

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  • ttached thumb gives protection. T
  • raditional boxing grip bar allows a tighter fist and decreases hand fatigue.
  • 8 reviews for Ringside apex flash boxing education sparring gloves, bl/wh, 16 oz.

    1. Christopher isaiah Vasquez

      Ill Give a 4 to these Ringside Gloves. I was a Fan of Neverlast for Quite sometime before i actually started taking boxing serious. Once I started Sparring and Enjoying the Training i was doing every other day, I neededto up my Gloves. I searched everywhere for nice but not to cheap gloves. I was going to buy some from my coach for 65 at the Boxing Gym but felt as they were way to much. So i searched for the gloves everyone had at my Gym and found these ringside 16oz. 16oz is the best Gloves especially since 16oz is the recommended weight size for sparring. ive had these for about 1 month or more and a little stitching is coming out but you can always sew it back on. If youre a heavy hitter and you do hit bags or spar often DO NOT expect these gloves to last forever. Just like anything else with heavy use, you wont expect it to last forever!! Be opened minded to these gloves before purchasing, and do some research or even ask people you box with what they recommend, because sometimes 2 cents from others really does help get you the best product that suits you.Now let me break down the Gloves. When the Gloves came in, i was shocked at how nice they were. Just looking at the gloves and unpacking fron the Plastic bag was amazing. You smell the synthetic leather and right when you put the gloves on the cushion inside the gloves are so nice and fresh. The Gap in betweent the top of your hand and wrist is flexible and isnt really an issue if you know how to throw punches. if you dont know how to throw punches right you will hurt your wrists and it takes very long to recover. The feel of these gloves are so nice, they feel long and the velcro is v nice. Ive sparred about 8-10 times with these gloves since jve had them and since theyre 16oz they really do help with speed. I do recommend the Gloves to Beginners that want to take the Sport serious and training serious.Read more

    2. David

      Bought these as a gift for my cousin he says they’re very comfortable and look amazing they perform extremely well at boxing practice doing bag work and sparringRead more

    3. jay lorenzo

      The outer shell started coming apart after only 2 pad work sessions. If they couldn’t take pad work how are they going to take sparring? These are definitely NOT for sparring or boxers who train regularly!!! Beautiful gloves, but not worth the $$$Read more

    4. M. Smith

      I was so incredibly happy with these gloves at first, but in less than a month of use the lining near my right finger tips is opened. This is a major bummer as my fingers can easily push through and be right against the leather.Read more

    5. Chris

      They are good for mitt work because of how solid they are. But after 20-30 rounds of heavy bag your wrist will kill, too much gel padding and the glove is very top heavy. I switched to Rival this year for both sparring and bag gloves and will never go back. After 2 days with the rival gloves my wrist felt fine.Read more

    6. Mr and Mrs E

      Very good quality material and excellent feel. I really love these gloves. They are my husband’s but I have tried them on and they feel amazing.Read more

    7. Arturo Fiero

      My favorite of four different glovesRead more

    8. Allison L. Callender

      These gloves are perfect for training and maybe light sparring. The IMF foam shape is very natural, and the extra elastic across the inside of the fingertips keeps the gloves from sliding. The material holds up great on the heavy bag, but is a little stiff on an opponent’s face (that’s their problem, but thought you should know). Great gloves.Read more

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