Ringside apex flash boxing education sparring gloves wh/bk, sixteen ounces

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  • 2 1/four inches of imf (injected molded foam) tech is right for sparring or bag paintings
  • long lasting and easy to clean artificial leather-based shell with complete wrap round hook and loop closure and connected thumb for protection
  • get in form one punch at a time with the comprehensive safety presented via those boxing mma muay thai training exercising gloves
  • a mesh palm to keep the hands cool and comfy as you teach to attain your health dreams
  • these sparring punching bag mitts come in a variety of colors and are positive to offer you a aggressive excessive calorie burning workout

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  • ttached thumb gives protection. T
  • raditional boxing grip bar lets in a tighter fist and decreases hand fatigue.
  • 8 reviews for Ringside apex flash boxing education sparring gloves wh/bk, sixteen ounces

    1. Jason Franqui

      My Opinion: By far one of the best constructed gloves i have purchased up to this point. I have been boxing for 6 years, and back then most gloves had all leather and not mesh. I have owned three sets of Everlast gloves, and i unfortunately had to return my previous purchase. The first two sets of gloves were great, both 16oz and 12 oz, they lasted for almost 6 years. The most recent purchase i had was a disappointment, because they started to use a mesh material on the inside of the glove. This material doesn’t have any support, the glove just moves around. This Apex glove has majority of leather on the inside of the palm, which provides support and quality. So happy with my purchase.Pros:The leather provides support and helps the glove from sliding up and down. Heavy padding on the knuckles.Cons: None (only used glove for a couple of hours)Read more

    2. shaun sipos

      I’m 5’9 165, I’ve got decent sized hands for my size but, not so huge that I would think these gloves would have a hard time fitting. The padding shifted when I would hit, my hands couldn’t fit in the gloves with wraps which isn’t good. The wrist support was so so. and the outside of the glove material is a cloth like substance. They look good but that’s about as good as they get (for me). I only used them the once and immediately returned them.I can’t give a review based on durability but, I was disappointed since my pair of ringside bag gloves held up well and gave good support.Read more

    3. Amanie M.

      When I bought these gloves, they were entirely too tight. However, after buying a few different pairs of gloves, I resolved that they will all be tight when they are new. So I took 2 small wash cloths and stuffed one in each glove, to help the gloves expand faster. It definitely worked, because I was able to use the gloves with wraps without my circulation being cut off lol. Unfortunately I can’t remember how long it took for this to work (at least a week or so) but would suggest trying this if you like your gloves but they’re too tight. But, I love these gloves and am very satisfied! I don’t box that often ( 2-3 times a month) but I have 2 pairs of gloves, and I’m always wearing these!Read more

    4. B. Torres

      I have probably gone about 25 rounds on the heavy bag hoping they would feel better after being broken in. Still was super uncomfortable with every punch. It felt like my knuckles were punching the bag bare fisted and was getting raw from abrasion even if my hands were wrapped. I can tell the gloves made well, just not made to be comfortable with using on the bag. I will keep them for sparring and just buy the Everlast ProTex2 Training gloves which I had before and were great for heavy bag training.Read more

    5. farinaz

      these gloves have a small fit. I dont have big hands but for a month they made my hands bleed every time I used them. Finally after two month they started to get loose but now they have holes inside of them, the leather has worn off and there are big lumps under the surface . So disappointingRead more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Mainly for sparring but good for bag work too especially if your new and other gloves make your hands sore after a lot of bag work.. these have so much padding your hands will not get sore from excess power punches on the bag.. that being said if your new you should really pay attention to how your landing your punches because excess padding makes it harder to pinpoint exactly where your contact points are really landing on your knuckles.. great protection but if you really wanna feel how flush your hands are landing may want to get a more compact glove.. always recommend 16oz but these 16oz are much thicker than other 16oz from a different brandRead more

    7. dany deleon

      Great pair of sparring gloves I use them for bag work very comfortable feel, nice padding too. As for durability I can’t tell you just yet, but I will have an update in a week or two. Definitely worth the money kinda has a Reyes Cleto feel and those are high end.Read more

    8. Aaron bush

      These gloves suck!!!!!! I could barely even get them on my fist after I had my hands wrapped. They felt like they overemphasized the fist area and well with how they formed my fist. Ringside fell off they used to have decent gloves. Titles silver and gold series is cheaper and fits and performs better if you cant afford winning or cleto Reyes.Read more

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