Ringside boxing training heavy obligation bag spring (as much as one hundred fifty-kilos)

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  • this boxing heavy obligation heavy bag spring can maintain luggage as heavy as a hundred and fifty pounds
  • manufactured from all metal construction this heavybag hanger spring is extra sturdy
  • spring will lesson the surprise of hard hits, kicks and knees to maintain the durability of your bag mounts
  • ideal for boxing, mma, muay thai, or any of your favored touch recreation heavy bag schooling

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ringside boxing education heavy duty bag spring

  • lessens shock so bag mounts final longer
  • synthetic for use with baggage as heavy as 2 hundred lbs.
  • reduce noise, stress and vibration
  • approximately ringside

    whether you are an beginner or professional fighter, a instruct, or into boxing for its health benefits, ringside is the undisputed champion and has been for over thirty years. In case you’re in the combat game, you want the boxing tools to be had and schooling equipment at low-cost. From gloves and footwear to punching luggage and boxing rings, ringside is your supply for the boxing system. Earlier than you get into the hoop, make sure ringside is to your nook.

    8 reviews for Ringside boxing training heavy obligation bag spring (as much as one hundred fifty-kilos)

    1. Eric B

      This is a great spring, but I returned it for a lighter spring built more for 100 lb. bags. The purpose of the spring is to have a little bounce that will alleviate some of the shock of the heavy bag pulling on the ceiling mount. This spring did not have any give or bounce for my 80 lb. heavy bag. It was too stiff. This is more suited for heavy bags that may be greater than 120 or so pounds. If you have a lighter bag, I recommend the other heavy bag spring sold by Amazon.Read more

    2. Freedom Crawler

      While it may look miniature in the pictures this spring is extremely heavy duty and good to go. I was worried about its size and transferring the weight from my 100 pound bag but after receiving and installing it I have no more questions about it at all. I used it in conjunction with a ceiling mount and wanted the something in between the bag and the roof to help transfer the inertia. This spring definitely did the trick.It also doesn’t stretch or sag with use and the curled openings on each end give me a sense of security that the whole thing won’t “hop out” and fall on me.Read more

    3. Ryan Castillo

      This spring holds up a bag just over 100lbs (45.5kg).It is a very loud spring though, (jumps around and squeaks). So I wrapped mine with duct tape & paracord and it quited up pretty good.Overall, I like the spring and it helps reduce the jumpiness of the heavy bag.P.S. One other comment I have been reading is the fear that the open endness of the spring may have a heavy bag flying out of it. I don’t see that happening with this spring.Read more

    4. Michael Morris

      I didn’t expect much for $10 but, wow. This thing helps my bag take a punch. I’m 33 and have been using this heavy bag since I was 8, so trust me when I say that when I hit, it’s hard. A must buy if you’re hanging a heavy bag!Read more

    5. BIG AL

      The spring itself as far as the effect that it has on the movement of the bag is great. Instead of swinging when hit, the bag tends to bounce almost and IMO that makes for a better workout because there is less predictability in the movement of the bag (I have a 100 lb. bag) after being struck. My problem is (and this is totally my fault) that I am using a stand which is only 7′ high to begin with. Once I add this spring it makes the position of the bag way too low for me at 6′ tall. Such a bummer because I really like the difference the spring makes (and it is a big difference) but it doesn’t allow me to train properly since the top of the bag with the spring comes down to barely eye level. So, if you are thinking about buying this to use with a hanging bag that is suspended from an 8′ ceiling then I highly recommend this. If you are an average sized male with a heavy bag stand, this will probably not work for you unfortunately.Read more

    6. Krista Nelson

      Update – Ringside did send a replacement, but it was basically the same. I can’t recommend this I you plan to kick the bag or punch hard. Get a closed end spring.I will update after I talk to Ringside. Until then, this gets 1 star. I kickbox a lot and have used about every product imaginable. The problem I have with this spring is that one of the ends is way too short. Either the bag chains won’t stay or I flip it and it flies off my swivel if I hit it hard. This has to be a defective spring. It’s like part of the enclosure hook was cut off. This is nothing like the heavy bag springs I have gotten before.Read more

    7. Valencia Family

      Initially went with the ringside 150# spring for a 100# bag thinking it would be better but found the the heavier duty spring did not expand well enough to take much of the force. If you have a 100# bag I would definitely recommend a 100# spring. The 100# spring more than does its job and flexes and compresses nicely under the weight. No concern of the bag coming undone with the open ends of the spring.Read more

    8. Amazon Customer

      I have a 100lb heavy bag that hangs from my ceiling and I can say that this is very effective and is perfect for absorbing shock. I used to also have a lighter heavy bag and I say that it’s not for heavy bags under 100lbs. It’s very heavy duty, if you have a lighter heavy bag I suggest looking into some smaller springs.Read more

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