Ringside competition-like boxing headgear with cheeks

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  • no longer accredited for opposition through usa boxing
  • the ringside headgear is whole with a sleek contoured design and curved cheek protections to better protect the pinnacle and face
  • product of durable leather-based production to ensure lasting dexterity and overall performance with top best laminated foam device that disperses impact so that you can focus adequately on sparring and preventing
  • top rated head tools for boxing, mma, muay thai and partner contact sport athletes alike to exercise to finish your private home or business fitness center
  • seek b07g4zclbl to locate ringside’s competition approved headgear
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  • is there a sizing chart available?
  • question: is there a sizing chart to be had? Answer: go to ringside. Com. They have sizing info (and video) for headgear and so forth. By means of d. Reilly on november 21, 2015 didn’t get solutions. See greater answers (3) collapse all answers

  • can we use this for united states of america boxing?
  • some of the solutions to this question are flat wrong. This can’t be utilized in united states of america boxing sanctioned events. It would not meet reputable competition specifications and does no longer have the usa boxing or aiba label anywhere on the headgear. This is a “competition-like” headgear (because the description states) not a opposition headgear. You want a real competition headgear with the “america boxing” or “aiba” label to compete in amateur boxing (e. G. United states of america boxing, golden gloves, silver gloves, friend, and many others). Under is an excerpt from the usa boxing professional rule e-book: “rule 22. Headguards 22. 1 the development of the headgear ought to be according with the specs authorized with the aid of united states boxing and shall have the usa boxing or aiba label in each headgear.” see less

  • will this healthy a 7 year vintage?
  • question: will this suit a 7 12 months vintage? Solution: i doubt it, a seven 12 months antique’s head is quite small. Through donald r. Dinkins on july 17, 2019 didn’t get answers. See more answers (1) collapse all solutions

  • does this come with a suede lining at the inner? The photograph looks as if leather-based.. If this is the case it will slide with the sweat in the course of sparring
  • question: does this come with a suede lining at the interior? The photograph looks like leather-based.. If that is the case it’s going to slide with the sweat during sparring solution: it’s far leather-based internal by using wil on october 26, 2017 failed to get solutions. See greater solutions (1) fall apart all solutions


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    8 reviews for Ringside competition-like boxing headgear with cheeks

    1. Chris

      I was hesitant to purchase the head gear without trying it on but the local stores had such poor quality headgear. I had to do a lot of research and shopping. Here is what I found out. The best quality headgear is expensive and works very well but sometimes the extra padding limits visibility. This headgear has excellent visibility but also offers cheek protection. I wanted to maximize my protection and limit visual obstructions. The head gear is very adjustable. It’s snug at first but wears in to the perfect fit. I recommend this head gear for people looking for the same features. Once you try it on you know you made the right choice as compared to Walmart, or basic sporting goods stores. Read more

    2. YL

      Provides good protection. I got hit on the head pretty hard for my Muay Thai leveling test, and this helped a lot. It’s a bit loose fit according to my head size, but it seems I can adjust it with the string on top. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the chin strap. If you have it snug with your head at neutral position, then it fights you when you’re trying to keep your chin down. The belt-like metal ring clip design for the chin strap also makes it a bit hassle to put it on and take off. The ring seems to be just carbon steel, since it’s got some rust on it from my sweat just after a couple of weeks. Read more

    3. Alyssa Marsh

      I have had this headgear for a really long time. Roughly 4 plus years. It has seen a lot of use, and is still in perfect shape and condition. I will say that over the years I have had to tighten the head gear more and more, perhaps the leather is starting to stretch — but over all I could not be pleased enough. This head gear is still in wonderful shape years later. During the fight that you can see on my review photos, great comparison —- the female I am fighting — her head gear continued to fall off and spin during the entire match. My headgear was strapped on and in place! NO moving! Read more

    4. Ben Moon

      Do enjoy getting punched or kicked in the head? Sure. We all do. But get hit enough times and you might find that having a little extra protection does some good. Put this headgear on and you’ll have that protection. Will it stop a bullet or a knife? No. Will it make you look like Shatterstar? Debatable. Will it protect against punches/kicks? Yes. Read more

    5. Dontread13

      Ok, good headgear, but the sizing is too small. I followed their sizing instructions and bought the one that was suppose to be good for me, but was too tight. I can and do use it, but the next size up would have been perfect. Hasn’t stretch out at all. Good product, but get the next size up if you are unsure. Read more

    6. Matt C

      Used for about a year before I decided to upgrade. It does its job, but honestly the visibility is fairly poor and if you sweat enough the buckle rusts, like mine eventually did. There’s not a lot of ear protection and the cheek pads are pretty shallow so they leave my nose out there. Spend an extra $10 on something better. Read more

    7. JC

      I’ve used this in boxing sparring twice now. It does a pretty decent job. Gives good protection, takes a little off my peripheral but my field of vision is still good. Had to adjust it after a round or two to get it just right but after that it was fine. The chin strap is a bit short though. Can be an issue for some. Would definitely recommend for beginners and amateurs. Read more

    8. Melky

      nice fit and comfortable, annoying thing though is the strap is too short and hard to use. It needs a longer strap and the headgear is the exact size for my head (22 inches) on the lower end. I don’t get why the strap is so short. It’s a good otherwise but this is a pain to secure Read more

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