Ringside gel boxing mma hand wraps

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  • the ringside gel muay thai glove wraps offer crucial wrist guide on your mma, kickboxing and boxing desires
  • these half of mitts have shock-absorbing gel over the knuckles for increased safety of the fingers and opponent
  • complete with a hook and loop closure layout that secures the wrap in region even all through the toughest sparring sessions
  • made from a mixture of neoprene, mesh and elastic for a relaxed conformed healthy
  • for an most useful becoming glove please see the chart furnished and degree your hand circumference (small is for kids and medium-xlarge are for adults)
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the ringside gel shock glove wraps envelop your hands in a cozy aggregate of neoprene, mesh, elastic and shock-soaking up gel over the knuckles.


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Blue/Black, Grey/Black, Pink/Black, Red/Black

8 reviews for Ringside gel boxing mma hand wraps

  1. archit3kt

    I bought these for my wife and she absolutely loves them. She is rather petite (5’1″ tall, 110lbs) and the small size fits perfectly. We decided to try these gel type wraps because she was consistently having problems with standard hand wraps (mostly comfort issues and rubbing). She’s been looking forward to getting more serious into heavy bag training, and the standard wraps were just a hindrance. With these, seeing as they fit great and are comfortable, allow her to quickly set up and get going! So far, she has not has any issues at all with excess rubbing, or the wraps being too snug. Nor has she had any issues with her hands being unprotected. She has quite a natural left cross, and she can easily go full tilt with these wraps without any worry of incidental damage to her hands/wrists. Speaking of which, the wrist wrap portion works perfectly fine as such, particularly while wearing some proper bag gloves. I probably wouldn’t recommend her striking the bag with only these wraps, but I’m sure once she gets enough practice and has enough control of her strikes, she can do so at her leisure! Overall, I can easily say this is one of the best purchases I’ve made on my wife’s behalf in regards to her fitness endeavors. She loves the fit, performance and color of these wraps! Way to go Ringside! Read more

  2. Kristi

    Absolutely LOVE these. They actually cover more of your fingers (just below the middle knuckle), so you don’t get the knuckle blisters that can happen when hitting targets or the bag. I bought the medium and they fit a little snugly so they are a little difficult to get off when you’re finished working out, but the large would have been too big. I’m thinking that they may offer a little more give as they are worn more, as that’s what my previous gloves did (although those were a different brand). The main-knuckle/hand protection is padded well, plus they don’t have the air pockets like others do so the padding/gel won’t start to come out with repeated use. Read more

  3. Kindle Customer

    I ordered a small/medium and they were too small, so I returned and ordered a medium. They are not any different than the small. I like the gloves and I’ll probably return them and try the large. Hopefully they fit. Oh and it was $5.99 to return, so maybe I won’t send these back. Read more

  4. Chris Anne Baker

    I’m an adult female with average size hands. The gloves were a little snug at first, but loosened up after a couple sessions on the heavy bag. The gel cushion provides great shock absorbtion & my wrists are well supported with the Velcro wraps. I’m a novice at this and had graduated to these gloves after using boxing gloves for several months. Initially, there was a learning curve as I had to alter the angle of my strikes to prevent grazing my knuckles, but it didn’t take long. I have laundered them when soiled, but allowed them to air dry, & they’re holding up very well. Excellent product! Read more

  5. Osvaldo Acevedo

    I have used standard hand wraps for over 15 years so it was a difficult sell for me to switch over to anything else. I bought these and I fell in love with them. Same wrist protection as a standard warps, some extra padding to protect the knuckles, and they arre so simple to put on. You simply can’t beat this product. Plus it’s from Ringside so you know it’s made of top quality. I bought a second for when they finally tear- I’ve had them for about 6 months already and they are still going strong. Read more

  6. Efren

    These are great for everyday workout, mixing exercises, technique practice, and overall great performance in the gym. I just toss it in my washer with all my clothes and they do just fine. Read more

  7. stacee evans

    I love these. I’ve been taking a self defense class and was wrapping my hands which took forever and didn’t always come out that great. I have not tried them under my boxing gloves, but they work great alone. They were a little tight, but after a couple times of use, they fit perfectly. The price is right too! Read more

  8. Greg Nosbush

    The index finger was reallly tight to start with and cut off my circulation but as I’ve been wearing it more, they’re fitting better. The band on the back is quite big though. Thick enough to wear without gloves as someone who hasn’t hit a bag in years Read more

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