Ringside gel micro boxing mma punch mitts (pair), blue/black

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  • those gel micro cognizance punch mitts make use of cutting aspect gel surprise era with 1/4 inch thick layer of gel for ultimate sparring protection
  • the target education pad mitts are small in length however large in overall performance with a long lasting leather-based exterior and suede interior measuring 8 inches in length
  • this pair capabilities a concaved putting floor supplying the best candy spot and are smooth to slip on and rancid
  • perfect teach mitts for boxing, mma, muay thai and companion contact game athletes alike to exercise an expansion of punches and footwork
  • entire your property or industrial fitness center with the right fight schooling gadget to get your athletes in shape and competition equipped

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the gel micro mitt is compact, measuring most effective eight” in length. Mitt nevertheless packs quite a wallop in performance. Using cutting area gel generation, it is built with an internal 1/four” thick layer of gel which presents remarkable surprise absorption. It’s miles made of leather with secure suede on the hand aspect. With a concaved putting floor offering the suitable sweet spot. The gel micro mitt is small in length however big on performance.

8 reviews for Ringside gel micro boxing mma punch mitts (pair), blue/black

  1. Wai

    Quality built product for sure! Very small though as mentioned by everyone here. It’s got a nice sweet spot, and if you hit it just right you get can get a nice pop. Small Target so that’s helps improve accuracy. I’ve only had them for a couple of days, and for the first time using mitts in our sessions, a mitt flew off my coaches hand. I think having something in the glove to help grip it better would be nice. I have humongous hands and It’s easy holding these for my kids. All in all I should have these for a while and to me, that’s the most important thing. Great job, ringside.Read more

  2. B scientific

    i love these because they are tiny and when i run mitts it forces the person I am holding for to really focus to make the punches precise. i wish they had velco straps but thats ok, now that they are broken in they stay put. these are perfect for people with smaller handsRead more

  3. SRR1213

    I’ve used these mitts as a coach in a boxing gym for about two years now, almost on a daily basis. These are, by far, my favorite mitts. I’ve used these with kids all the way up to heavyweights. They’ve held up great. I’m a fan of smaller mitts to work faster combinations. Catching punches is an art in itself. Some coaches give too much resistance back or catch punches with their elbows in a very stiff position. If you catch punches correctly, you should have no issue. Since these are light and small, it’s easier to reposition for faster boxers. The padding on mine has become a little stiff from a couple years of impact, so I might be getting a newer pair. These are a must in my gym bag, especially at tournaments.Read more

  4. J. Steinmann

    I bought these several months ago, when I started having to conduct some of my Muay Thai private lessons outside of my usual gym. Since then, I’ve used them for at least three to four lessons a week, and I’ve found them to be a solid, if not perfect, pair of mitts.They are light, and easy to manipulate. Nothing is worse than feeling like you have to drag a focus mitt through the air.They do seem to absorb shock well. I’ve used some pads where I felt as though I was catching punches barehanded…these actually provide a decent cushion.My only complaint is that the hand holds aren’t quite as deep as I’d like, and the mitts sometimes slip down my fingers or even off my hands. And my hands are reasonably small. Someone with big hands might want to look elsewhere.Overall, a solid product.Read more

  5. Jon Baker

    After 2.5 years of use- great build quality. Relatively thick suede and leather. Would be near perfect if made with a wrist strap. A bit small for my hands but very portable.Read more


    Coaching boxing is what I do and it does not get better than these punch mitts without going custom. This design type is used by the best mitt coaches in the world I.e. Floyd Mayweather Sr., Freddie Roach, James Ricky Coward (mittology). I wont even use other punch mitts after using these, and many cost over twice as much. SHANE DONIVAN COLBURNRead more

  7. Amazon Customer

    great mitts for the price. Wouldn’t recomend using with a power puncher or your elbows will feel it. Go with something bigger if thats what your looking for.Read more

  8. Junior loya

    High quality mitts. Nice and agile, there was a downside to them. Mine are barely getting broken in so I can’t say if this issue is forever. The inside of the mitt, the part that touches your palm. After a few good mitt sessions dyed my hand black. But we’re in the gym to put in work so not a major complaint. So far they are holding up to my heavyweight, very impressedRead more

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