Ringside head shot powerhide punching heavy bag

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  • the suitable length and weight to develop easy, crisp and correct head punches – size: 15″ x 18″ weight: about 50-fifty five pounds
  • rounded form clearly incorporates uppercuts, hooks and straight punches for professional and amateur boxers
  • difficult powerhide cloth stands as much as the maximum excessive aerobic and strength building fitness workout routines
  • best heavybag for boxing, mma, muay thai and get in touch with sport athletes alike with a heavy bag chain and swivel blanketed

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the proper length and weight to broaden clean, crisp and correct head punches. Rounded shape obviously contains uppercuts, hooks and directly punches. Difficult powerhide fabric stands as much as the maximum intense workouts. Bag measures 15″ x 18″ and weighs approximately 50-fifty five lbs. A heavy bag chain and swivel are protected.

8 reviews for Ringside head shot powerhide punching heavy bag

  1. happygeezer

    I have several bags, each with their own function — heavy bag for power, another bag for practicing body shots and uppercuts, and a double-ended bag for speed and timing. But, none of them gave me the satisfaction of delivering specifically uppercuts. Hooks can be done elsewhere, but uppercuts are best practiced on this bag. It weighs about 45 pounds so it gives a nice solid feel to any punches. The swing is perfect for timing and since the bag is fairly high up it is excellent for practicing bobbing, weaving and ducking under. In fact, half my workout is basically delivering punches and then ducking under or slipping to the other side to deliver additional punches. For the money this is an excellent addition to your gym and may very well be the only all-around bag you will need if space is a problem for you.Read more

  2. MomentuMan

    The filling could be more complete. There are lots of small gaps in the perimeter of the bag. Hardware is strong with a good swivel.Read more

  3. Yang Cheng Fu

    I haven’t had it along time so I don’t know about it’s sturdiness and durability but it’s well built. The ball shape lends to a whole different set of exercises and drills you can do. I bought one for a friend too. Good for uppercuts too.Read more

  4. Jeff B.

    Great all around heavy bag. Great for all punches, but unlike the standard heavy bag you can really throw some good uppercuts on this one. It’s only about 58 lbs, so be aware it’s going to swing while you hit it. With this aspect though, I can use to my advantage by really moving around the bag and utilizing defensive techniques with it.Overall, love this…just wish there was a way to remove a couple links to shorten the hanging length a bit.Read more

  5. Tascam

    Great edition to my home gym . I love this bag and it quickly became my favorite. Perfect size and weight . It is very versatile and fun to use .Read more

  6. HP

    Perfect for training uppercuts and hooks. Have it hanging in my living room. Definitely have to wrap my hands though, there’s some good resistance to this thing.Read more

  7. A. Lilo

    Amazing punching bag. Used it nearly everyday in my home gym. Unfortunately, I sold my home and no longer have my garage gym. But I couldn’t part ways with it. Now it sits in my apartment closet. Eventually when I buy another home, I will set up my garage gym with this badboy in it. Great product.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    I just received my item and it was an air compressor and I needed this punching bag by tomorrow very unhappyRead more

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