Ringside health reflex bag , black

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  • this bag’s top can be without problems adjusted between forty nine”-69″
  • the plastic base tank may be filled with up to 125 kilos of water or 240 kilos of sand
  • mimics the movement of an actual opponent thru the specially-placed chrome spring
  • made from clean to smooth long lasting artificial leather-based

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from the manufacturer

ringside health reflex bag

the health reflex bag is for newbie boxers or fitness lovers who need to get exercise, whilst developing accuracy, timing and distance.

  • the long lasting-artificial leather punching bag
  • the bag’s top can be easily adjusted among 49” – 69″
  • the plastic base tank can be full of as much as one hundred twenty five pounds of water or 240 pounds of sand
  • mimics the movement of an actual opponent through the in particular-located chrome spring
  • product description

    product description

    the health reflex bag is perfect for newbie boxers or health fans who want to get a superb exercise, while developing accuracy, timing and distance. The long lasting– synthetic leather punching bag . The bag’s height can be without problems adjusted among forty nine” – 69″ the plastic base tank can be packed with up to 125 kilos of water or 240 pounds of sand. Mimics the motion of an real opponent thru the specifically-located chrome spring

    from the producer

    the fitness reflex bag is ideal for beginner boxers or fitness lovers who need to get a great exercise, while developing accuracy, timing and distance. The durable, artificial leather-based punching bag mimics the movement of an actual opponent via the mainly-placed chrome spring. The bag’s top may be without difficulty adjusted among 49” – sixty nine”, and the plastic base tank can be filled with as much as a hundred twenty five kilos of water or sand. Extra delivery expenses practice for this item.  the exact amount is quoted on the checkout or by using choosing to estimate your shipping prices in your purchasing cart.

    8 reviews for Ringside health reflex bag , black

    1. Daniel J. Gallant

      I am not a pro, or am, or even very good so if you are a high level striker, this review probably doesnt help you…This is a great little bag to have fun with and get a good sweat going. its great for finding timing, rhythm, and distance. it also forces you to keep your head moving or your hand up (sometimes both). Its not a heavy bag so don’t expect to giving it hail mary’s, and its not a speed bag so don’t expect to be daping the ice picks. its like a heavier free standing cousin of a double ended bag. originally I had it set up in my living room with weights on the base. that was noisy and unstable. i filled the base with water and moved it to the garage where it performed much better. the only times i have had any stability issues is when i was popping it harder than i really should have. i would guess ive put about about 120 3:30 rounds in on it. I had the graphics rub off on maybe my 60th round and i have to re tighten the pole into the base once out of every maybe 20-25 rounds. the spring, base, and bag itself are all in very good condition. i really have no complaints.one thing that i have been really enjoying is the skill curve on this bag. this bag give opportunities get off some wild off angle punches, fun counters, and interestingly timed combos.Read more

    2. Zebediah

      I got this equipment while on deployment, I assembled it and used it for about an hour before I realized there was a pinhole leak in it and was leaking water. I disassembled it to drain it and realized that the plastic that holds the spring for the bag was starting to disintegrate. I tried to return it but Amazon recommended I talk to the manufacturer so I messaged them and they agreed to send me replacement parts. They emailed me saying they sent the parts. I waited for a while since our mail is erratic and unpredictable here but after a couple months I emailed them again to find out what was going on. They now refuse to send and replacement parts, they didn’t send them before and now my window to return has lapsed. Do not buy this unless you want to throw away your money.DO NOT BUY THIS!Read more

    3. J. Brown

      I bought another brand last month. I wasn’t to happy with it but it’s ok. I wanted another to spice things up. This one is so much better1. Bag is solid but softer to hit. The other could hurt even with wraps and gloves2. Base is larger, won’t move as easily3. Taller. It’s actually head height instead of chest height4. Spring is so much thicker the response is faster5. Hardware is better qualityI would definitely recommend this one and wish I had two of theseRead more

    4. Zachary

      If you’ve been looking for a reflex bag for some time now, stop—you’ve found it. I know there are some negative reviews, but at their core, those all have to do with the quality the assembly instructions, which could be better. Once assembled, however, all is good and sturdy—far better than any of the others. (I’ve been through two already.) Also, it is very height adjustable.Read more

    5. k

      The base of the product is BIG, much bigger than I expected. Plus I would need to fill with sand or water. After putting it together and using the bag its very slow in return so if you throw combinations you will be hitting air because the bag is very slow to return. This good for non boxing people or small children. Not for any one who can fight even a little bitRead more

    6. myung kim

      I recently just bought this bag and was so excited to use it. However I cannot because there are not even screws with this in the package. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to come with it… am I wrong? If not, I’m hoping someone contact me and could just ship out the screws because I’d really like to start using this bag.Read more

    7. GlendaleRich

      Let me premise by saying I’m a 40-something guy trying to get back into shape, and definitely not a Golden Gloves contender. With that being said, after a month’s use, I think this reflex bag is outstanding.The first thing I noticed is this bag has more “springback” than I thought it would. The recoil appears to be a little faster than other brands of a similar price point. In my opinion, this is a good thing, since you will want to be challenged after using it for awhile.The punching bag itself is a dense foam, so no need to worry about pumping it with air. I highly recommend wearing handwraps at the minimum, as it is a rather firm bag. I use wraps and 14 oz gloves, and am able to execute crisp, snappy punches with no knuckle pain.As for the base, it is designed to be filled up to 125 lbs. with water or sand. I used water, and have had no problems with the unit moving during my workout. One note on the spring that connects to the base – it has a tendency to get loose. I remedied this with a small piece of duct tape on the threads. Have not had it come loose since.In closing, I would absolutely recommend the Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag, especially over the more popular brands that you see at your local sporting goods store.Read more

    8. Rev Kev

      This one is the real deal. Professional Gym quality. The spring is twice the size of the other models, the tubes are very heavy gauge steel, the base is very solid and doesn’t move at all even when only half full, and the bag itself is a dense foam filled bag that feels just like I’m punching my heavy bag instead of the air filled bouncy junk. I recommend wearing good bag or MMA gloves with good wrist support when hitting this bag. The height adjustment is also extremely high quality.Read more

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