Ringside historical past true leather-based boxing education sparring gloves

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  • polyester
  • imported
  • thickest 1. 3 mm aa premium drum-dyed 100% genuine cowhide leather-based
  • more extensive wrap-around hook & loop strap
  • unsurpassed match safety and sturdiness
  • 2. 25-2. 75 in pre-curved injected molded foam padding system
  • mainly designed for safety

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product description

product description

the history sparring gloves will match your unbridled passion for the game, punch for punch. Mainly designed for protection and sturdiness, you’ll certainly pick out.

from the manufacturer

the background sparring gloves will match your unbridled ardour for the game, punch for punch. In particular designed for safety and durability, you will surely pick history every time you strap on the gloves. Thick aa, top class, drum-dyed, one hundred% authentic cowhide leather complete leather, extra extensive wrap-around hook & loop strap unsurpassed healthy, safety and longevity2. 25-2. Seventy five” pre-curved injected molded foam padding machine in particular designed for safety unique padded palm underside thumb and palm ventilation holes to boost up dry time classic engraved brand detailing protective attached thumb moisture wicking, lining available in 14, 16 or 18 ounces.

8 reviews for Ringside historical past true leather-based boxing education sparring gloves

  1. Metin Leggett

    ***One year update***Both 16 and 18 oz gloves holding up well, after 150 rounds each against heavy bag and mitts.Leather surface looks better than new.Stitching still tight.Inside lining, small rip around the warning tag in one of the 18 oz.Padding very protective. Pimple appeared on one 16 oz. (See difference below)Comparing them to custom Winning gloves in 16 ozs, I can objectively say these gloves protect my hands better at half the price. Of course, it’s a matter of preference and many variables such as the angles and point of impact. But if you punch as hard as you can, these gloves protect the knuckles better than the best of ’em. I feel no soreness with wrap, and only minimal without. Even though Winning probably uses better foam per weight, the Ringside has more of a bulge over the knuckle, giving me the extra difference. I don’t care what the technology is, just result: less pain. I’ve heard the padding of the Heritage is the same as Ringside’s lower priced IMF, which if so is the best bargain around. That takes nothing away from these gloves though. The premium leather and workmanship that lasts is worth the extra.Initial review:If you’re a hard hitter, this is the glove to get.-Superior padding.Thicker than other boxing brands and their top of the line sparring gloves.First use, my aching knuckles can feel the difference on impact.-Hi quality, thick leather.18 oz is as pictured, brown with slight gloss.16 oz is a dull reddish-brown, same as their speed bag.The difference seems to be the vintage; the earlier being even higher quality.-Good stitching.-Wrist support is good. 8/10It’s not elastic, but the leather strap stretches and cinches firm.It’s much easier to put on yourself than dual strap designs using elastic.Yeah, it’s more expensive than many other gloves, but still cheaper than chronic injury and a doctor visit.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    The only reason it never got a five star was because of the long wait for the 16 ounce size that I originally ordered. Besides, I’ve only had it for a week and used it only twice to give it a perfect review. After 3 weeks waiting, I cancelled and switched to size 18 which I immediately received in two days. I expected this glove to be of high quality and I was not disappointed. The change in size was a blessing since I’m using gel hand wraps and it’s a little tight slipping it in, and my palm only measures 9 inches. However, once it’s in it feels perfect. I’m hoping it will get loose after using it for some time. I would have saved more if I waited for the size 16 which amazon sells for $160+, but the price is well worth for the quality and looks. I haven’t seen any gloves this beautiful and I can understand why there is a shortage. It came with a leather solution from ringside. Don’t apply too much or it will darken the color of the even after it dries. If you worked hard in this sport and you think you achieved your goal in terms of skill and progress, it’s about time you own and deserve a quality item such as this. You won’t be disappointed.It’s February 2015, one year after purchase. After using this glove for a year, I am rating this glove from 4 stars to 5 stars. I used this 2-3x a week, in boxing, as well as in kickboxing; and it has given my hands and wrists protection from both sparring and bag works. The leather where it constantly touches my temple has been stained by constant sweating during workouts. The inner lining on my left glove is torn, probably because I’m south paw and I hit harder with my left hand. Abrasions are visible on parts where leather hits the bag most, but applying the leather solution that comes with it makes it less noticeable. Besides, the sweat stains and abrasions only makes, an already handsome glove, enhance it’s classic looks. Surprisingly, the foams are still intact, like it was when I bought them a year ago and I feel like it would last for 2 more years. No odor inside the glove, considering I sweat a lot more than the average person. I guess those anti-microbials applied inside the gloves really work. It’s performance in sparring, mittens, pads and bag works are outstanding. Except uppercuts (where I occasionally feel pain, only on my left my wrist), I can hit as hard as I want until I ran out of gas, and not feel pain on my knuckles and wrists. In other words, this glove performed exceptionally well as good as it looks.This may be the priciest gloves I have ever paid, but I can honestly say that it was all worth it. I am buying myself another pair, this time a 16 oz. just for sparring; and will keep the old one for bag works. This time, I will find another leather solution to use that will nourish the leather, because the one that comes with it makes the brown color of the glove darker. It still looks OK, but I prefer the original brown color the way it was. Overall, a high performance and, hands down, the best looking glove, which has protected my hands and wrists; and has maintained, if not improved it’s classic looks after using it for one year. Thanks Ringside, for an outstanding product.October 2017 – I finally retired my 3-1/2 year old 18 oz. glove and replaced it with a 16 oz. after the outer leather skin peeled off. I realize the color is different from my original 18 oz. but it still looks good. I will treasure this glove to remind me the gallons of sweat and 20 lbs. of fat that was carved off using this glove.Read more

  3. Robert

    I’ve boxed all my life. I put these gloves on and hit the bag. After about three minutes my right hand started to hurt horribly. There was some thing that was pushing on my knuckle. Very uncomfortable. Set me back a week.Read more

  4. Christopher Franklin

    Good protection, great feel. They come very stiff and require some “breaking in”, but they break in quickly and feel great. Definitely recommend!Read more

  5. Kadieli

    Good qualityRead more

  6. Dwight

    Very good feeling with 18 oz can’t complain guysRead more

  7. pjf

    Too smallRead more

  8. kenny

    So I bought these gloves after last pair Started to fall apart. They had lasted 3 years for 1/3 of the price. I was told these things were built to last. My first impression was these gloves are amazing. The padding was just right. My hand fit the gloves like they were made for it. Then I noticed right where the manufactuter had stitched in a earring label they had started to tear. Right on the inside where your hand slides in on both gloves. I figured I would contact the makers but they said it was normal wear and tear. This was not. If the patch wasn’t there then the inner liner wouldn’t tear. I’m out $200 because they put in a 10 cent patch explaining the you can get hurt doing combat sports. As a professional athlete I need equipment that will last. I would have just used a seem ripper when I first got them had I known this was going to happen. The company won’t even respond to me.Read more

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