Ringside leather-based boxing muay thai mma health exercise training kicking punching 65 lb. Heavy bag – soft stuffed

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  • this heavy bag carries new and advanced shredded rubber filling that absorbs impact and protects your fists while decreasing muscle pressure at the wrist, elbows and shoulders
  • heavybag is fashionable 14″ x 42″ length and weighs sixty five-70 pounds – arrives filled with heavy bag chain and swivel protected
  • the punching bag capabilities an indoors rubber that repels moisture to increase the sturdiness of the real leather shell
  • perfect heavy bag for boxing, mma, muay thai and phone game athletes alike
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general (14″ x 42″) size and heavy duty creation offer the correct goal for building muscular endurance and mobility. New and improved shredded rubber filling. This mainly formulated filling absorbs effect, protective your fists and lowering muscle pressure on the wrist, elbows and shoulders. The indoors rubber repels moisture, thefore extening the toughness of the leather shell.

  • bag weighs 65 – 70 lbs.
  • measures 14″ x 42″
  • a heavy bag chain and swivel are protected
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    8 reviews for Ringside leather-based boxing muay thai mma health exercise training kicking punching 65 lb. Heavy bag – soft stuffed

    1. Alex K

      Standard sized (14″ x 42″) heavy bag with thick leather shell. Being filled with shredded rubber rather than tightly packed cloth (like Ringside’s synthetic shelled 65 lb version of this same heavy bag) is supposed to earn it the “soft filled” qualifier. It’s supposed to absorb more force when struck and therefore help prevent sore knuckles, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders.Having worked out with both versions of Ringside’s 65 lb bag, I can tell you that this “soft” rubber filled bag is actually MORE traumatic to bones and joints. Regardless of boxing skill level, you should at least look into the cloth filled version of this bag before buying. The cloth filled version of this bag is one of my favorite bags.On the bright side, the shell consists of top shelf full grain leather. Pliable, smooth, and without visible defects or weak spots. The top of the bag is split crosswise and tightly laced up. Removing the laces give the user complete access to the contents of the bag. No zippers to get stuck or break. Stitching is straight, tight, evenly spaced, and done with thick thread. Even lengthy workouts involving beating hard on the bag with punches and kicks do not result in bag deformities or hard and soft spots.Read more

    2. George Pill

      Just got this today and hung it up. Great bag and a correct choice for a beginner guy who wants to get back into condition and strengthen my punches. I did a fair amount of research on different punching bags and concluded Everlast and Century bags were inferior to Ringside brand. Lucky to get a bag that was deliverable to Honolulu. Like the softer feeling and medium 80-pound weight. Also bought the Carolina North Hang ’em High Hand Chain Hoist, Hook Mount, 250 lbs Capacity, Lift, Headroom and the Ringside Wooden Beam Heavy Bag Hanger. Added a spring to counter the bouncing action so the ceiling hook doesn’t strip out. All available here at more

    3. J&J Andreason

      Great product for a home gym. Easily hung it in my basement. The bag is not too hard. Suitable for general exercise purposes. Probably not right if you are looking for a harder or more professional bag. I am happy with this bag for the way I use it. I would recommend this product to others.Read more

    4. Jay

      I spent many years in Martial arts.Bought this for my grandson hoping he may gain some interest.The size and weight was why I chose this bag.It is everything I hoped it would be.Not to heavy but not silly lightI would highly recommend this bag particularly with the price.Read more

    5. LeStrange

      Got this as a gift for my step dad but I’ve used it a lot and we love it! Not super cheap but it’s worth it!Read more

    6. Ctown

      Nice looking bag and looks great in my home gym! Weight is good for my wife and me who want more of a cardio workout vs. serious boxing.Read more

    7. Kathy

      This was a gift for my husband, but everyone in the family uses the bag. It is very good quality and I don’t believe it will rip like other heavy bags. My husband was really pleased.Read more

    8. Eric Berny

      Great bag, evenly filled. It doesn’t lump up, probably the best bag for the money!Read more

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