Ringside mexican fashion boxing hand wraps (pair)

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  • make sure this fits
  • by way of getting into your version variety.
  • mexican style hand wraps with one hundred eighty” length of slightly elastic cotton combination material for finest consolation and aid
  • entire with thumb loop for safety and convenient hook and loop closure to get them on and rancid in seconds
  • boxers need to guard their maximum treasured assets and these handwraps provide crucial protection for the bones of the palms and wrist
  • those sparring and bag work hand wraps include one pair in a coloration of your desire and are system cleanable with handwrap wash bag
  • seek ringside handwraps 5 or 10 pairs percent to shop for in bulk and store for your favourite handwraps
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product description

barely elastic, true mexican fashion wrap fabric for a contoured match. Special hook and loop closure.


Black, Blue, Electric Blue, Gold, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Purple, Pink, Red, White

8 reviews for Ringside mexican fashion boxing hand wraps (pair)

  1. Carly S.

    These are awful. Perhaps I should list the differences in these (the ones at the top of the picture) and the real ones (at the bottom of the picture).1. Very, very thin material2. Had to reinforce the stitching on the Velcro, very cheaply sewn.3. The Velcro end is crookedly chopped off instead of tapered like the real ones.4. The logo is incorrect and not in the normal spot.5. The stamp causes the thin, cheap material to bunch.6. The thumb hook is cheaply done, they just sewed it into the end instead of a reinforced straight edge hem.7. Notice the difference of how they come out of the wash in a laundry bag. I had to battle these out of my sports bra for 8 min.If these things are ok with you, they I would recommend them. For them being almost the same price as the real ones, I am going to pass. I am so disappointed.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    The lengths are correct and they are matching. I have a pair of blue ones that are a few years old before the velcro started wearing out and losing grip during training. One thing I noticed is the “This Side Down” print started fading immediately on the first use. Furthermore, this print actually bled onto the handwraps. Not a big deal, but I don’t get why it happened on the very first use. It gives parts of the wraps a dirty appearance even though it’s just ink from the print.Also, the “This Side Down” print on one of the wraps is printed on the wrong side. Still works fine, but I just have to mark the one that’s printed wrong. Lastly, my blue handwraps that are a few years old feel more stretchy than these new ones. Maybe they just need to break in, maybe they changed their quality over the years. Despite the flaws, I only deducted one star because I still like this brand better than Everlast.Read more

  3. Andrew Z

    I had been using this product for months, replacing with fresh wraps every so often – they seemed OK. I opened a fresh pair of wraps and they were terrible. There were these random “snags” (see second picture) and they appeared to have not been cleaned – part of the wrap was white like it was new and part of the wrap was yellowed – hard to make out in picture, but picture attached. I just threw them away after first use (I would have thrown them away before first use, but did not have a spare set of wraps with me). I’d give them the lowest rating possible were this the only pair I tried, but I’ve used others that were fine so I made it sort of a weighted average rating to be fair.Read more

  4. Lorraine S.

    The velcro which is sewn onto the wraps begun peeling off the first time I unwrapped these. I had to use fabric glue (which hardens and keeps the fabric and velcro in tact much better than sewing it again which could cause the wrap to tear). The same thing is happening in all sides of each wrap and I’m going to have to completely fabric-glui the entire velcro adhesive on both sides of both wraps if I want to continue buying these. Honestly, I was disappointed because I heard such great things about this company. I’ve been using my everlast 180 for over a year now without such issues and I washed those everyday. Nontheless, if you are in the market for a new set of wraps, do not buy these unless you have fabric glue lying around or a sewing machine which can secure the velcro.Read more

  5. ShinyKari

    I really like these wraps. The color has remained vibrant through several washings, and the slight stretch keeps me from accidentally wrapping too tight. The velcro is EXTREMELY strong (almost too strong for my noodle arms after training some days). I love that these come in more colors than the standard black and red, and am eyeing those bright blue ones for a backup pair.The only issue keeping these from being 5 stars is that the stitching on the thumb loop came undone the first time I used them. Considering how much stress that seam is under, it ought to be sewn far more tightly, preferably with a zig-zag for strength, which is what I did. I’ve had no trouble with them since. Be aware that you or a friend might need to repair them long before the rest of the wrap wears out.Read more

  6. Taylor Ray

    The quality for these is decent, not great. They work pretty well, I haven’t managed to do to much to them yet. I’ve got 4 pairs that I rotate through the week so each one gets one use a week before being washed. After 2 weeks one of the pair has a slight tear. It’s pretty disappointing that one is already torn as I make sure to take care of these when I wash them (Mesh wash bag, delicate wash, hang dry only) Not sure how it already torn as I’m by no means rough on these.Elasticity is good, and the velcro is good enough. I wish they were of the type that used a smaller velcro strip but that is a preference more than a knock on quality of these.If you’re looking for an average/good handwrap at a low price, then these are a solid purchase.Read more

  7. JHL

    I’ve gone through several of these. More recently, I’ve ordered three pairs over the last several months and the quality seems to have gotten worse over time. All of them have had at least one if not both wraps mislabeled (the ‘this side down’ was on the wrong side). Moreover, the last two pairs I’ve ordered, which I’m now returning, are not made of the same semi-elastic material that they used to be made of, and the quality of the material is inconsistent. For example, some parts of the wrap are nice and thick, other parts become really thin. I won’t be purchasing Ringside handwraps anymore, I will probably stick with the slightly more expensive Title handwraps. I’m very dissapointed with this product.Read more

  8. Nathan A. Edwards

    These replaced my old Everlast wraps. Although I believe that these won’t hold up as long as the denser and stiffer Everlast wraps, they are way more comfortable. The touch of elasticity in the cotton blend not only provides a little extra padding, but I have found that the occasional rubbing I used to get from the Everlast wraps now never occurs. I also feel that these breath a little better.The more pliable material does make them substantially more likely to catch the Velcro on my gloves, so I have to be a little careful there. As I said, I just don’t think that these are going to hold up as well, but they are so much more comfortable and less hot that I won’t mind picking up two pairs of these to every one pair I would have used of the Everlast wraps.Read more

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