Ringside mexican style boxing hand wraps (five pairs p. C.)

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  • ensure this suits
  • by getting into your version variety.
  • mexican style hand wraps with a hundred and eighty” period of slightly elastic cotton combination cloth for premier consolation and aid
  • complete with thumb loop for safety and convenient hook and loop closure to get them on and stale in seconds
  • boxers need to guard their maximum valuable property and these handwraps provide essential protection for the bones of the arms and wrist
  • those sparring and bag work hand wraps consist of 5 pairs in a coloration of your desire and are gadget washer-friendly with handwrap wash bag
  • seek ringside handwraps 10 pairs p. C. To shop for in bulk and shop to your favorite handwraps
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these ringside mexican-fashion handwraps make it easy to wrap your palms fast so you can get busy training. The pliancy of these handwraps creates a contoured healthy providing critical protection for both your hands and your wrists. Buy 5 pairs in your preferred coloration and keep!


Blue, Electric Blue, Gold, Neon Orange, Neon Purple, Pink, White

8 reviews for Ringside mexican style boxing hand wraps (five pairs p. C.)

  1. Jack Ruby Built The Pyramids

    These are garbage compared to the previous version. I do not know if Ringside switched suppliers or just cut out more cost by sacrificing the product quality. These 2019 wraps (which I just received) are *thinner* and have *way* to much stretch in them to be considered “mexican style”. Also, the ends with the velco are sub-par compared to the 2017 wraps. First off, these are glued down, rectangular and light stitching with sharp corners. The previous version had heavy stitching and TAPERED ends. It never fails, once you find a quality item you better order as much as you can because if you go back later, there is almost a 100% chance the quality is driven out in the name of cost savings to the company (not the customer.) The customer still pays the same price for a product that is not as good as the previous version. I can’t return these fast enough.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    I purchased four brands of wristwraps, and as far as price v. value, these stand out above the rest. Of note is that they are not 100% uniform, but this doesn’t seem to affect their function at all, just rolling, as a lip forms on one side of them, but they are still fine to roll with no wrinkles. Of note is the elasticity. The elasticity is what makes these stand out. Not too stretchy and just stretchy enough. They would be four stars due to the uniformity issue, but the price cancels that out. They also have a This Side Down marker. Not that you really need it due to the stitching on handwraps indicates it anyway (always have the nice side toward you and the bottom of the stitching toward your hand/wrist.)Read more

  3. Mario J

    Not as good as other ringside wraps I have used. This seem thinner and cut a little differently. Not sure why these were different from the previous wraps I ordered. Still a good deal.UPDATE: After using for about 5 months, these things are way too thin. I wouldn’t recommend for heavy bag work. When you wash them, they shrivel up and its difficult to roll the hand wrap. They essentially become ropes and they get all tangled even if you wash just a pair in a laundry bag. I have 3 pairs of ringside wraps that i bought individually that are wider and thicker and more elastic. AND they dont get messed up in the wash.Read more

  4. E Pak

    I have no idea why the quality of these wraps has gone down so drastically. I purchased them back in 2019 and Jan 2020 but now (November 2020), they are thin and just not the same. It’s as simple as that. Maybe the pandemic changed something about the production in China? Who knows??? I’d like to speak to someone at Ringside about how to get the right products, because I did like them not too long ago. For now, this is what it is. I suggest going to a boxing store in person and just get a feel for what they have because I’ve unfortunately had to make too many returns on products that have lost a lot of their integrity.Read more

  5. sandman13

    These are not true 180”. Lengths vary from 174” – 192”. Poor workmanship on the thumb loop stitching and sizing. This sometimes causes some discomfort around the wrist from the bulge created by the loose loop band. The stitching on the Velcro on a wrap came apart the moment I removed them from its wrapper. One wrap had some type of defect on it as shown in the photo provided. Fresh out their wrapper, they were not stretchable. The feeling was similar to the traditional 100% cotton-type wraps. After the initial wash they gain some elasticity. The wrap itself felt soft and comfortable around skin.These wraps DID NOT go through quality control before being shipped out.If you’re on a budget, these wraps should be fine.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    I usually don’t write a review but hope that this may help others who think these are good.I got these because of the price and the good experiences I had with Ringside wraps.The stretch seems a little different from what I’m used of Ringside. What’s most annoying though is that you wash these, they curl up vertically. So you can’t roll them up in a convenient way at all. I guess you get what you pay for, but these really do lack quality and your fists deserve better. Get the Everlast ones. They’re like 8 bucks a pair but it’ll save you a lot of hassle.Ringside Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps (5 Pack), Black, 180″Read more

  7. Leslie R.

    Our son boxes regularly and wears wraps nearly every day. Several pairs were is need of replacing so I bought a 5-pack for him for Christmas. This is the only brand he wears. They are comfortable, durable and hold up to regular washings.Read more

  8. Ryan D McDonald-Willey

    I ordered a set of the Neon Green for myself and Electric Blue for my wife. I love the neon green! They are much better wraps than the wraps I got from the local sports chain store. However, the Electric Blue is a lighter material than the neon green, plus the thumb loops is sewn differently. After looking at the Ringside website, we’re guessing that the Electric Blue are the standard cotton wraps and not the Mexican-Style as they are advertised here. So 5 stars for the Neon Green but a return slip for the Electric Blue.Read more

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