Ringside one hundred-pound powerhide boxing punching heavy bag (smooth filled)

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  • make sure this suits
  • with the aid of getting into your model wide variety.
  • this heavy bag has a gentle 2-inch foam liner presenting a at ease hitting floor for professional and amateur boxers
  • the ringside powerhide heavybag product of long lasting powerhide will keep up to your most powerful assault in your house or business gymnasium
  • punching bag is soft crammed to a hundred kilos and measures 14-inch x forty two-inch with a heavy responsibility chain and swivel covered and a d-ring on bottom
  • perfect heavy bag for boxing, mma, muay thai and call sport athletes alike to exercise kicks, footwork and punches
  • construct electricity, tone and condition your frame with a muscle building aerobic workout, training and the right fitness equipment

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ringside 100-pound powerhide boxing punching heavy bag (soft stuffed)

the resilient powerhide covering guarantees an attractive, well shaped bag so one can constantly come back for extra.

  • smooth 2″ foam liner affords a cozy hitting floor
  • measures 14″ x 42″
  • d-ring on bottom
  • a heavy bag chain and swivel are covered
  • no more sore knuckles or hands and helps lessen muscle strain on wrist, elbows and shoulders
  • product description

    its unbelievable sturdiness will make our powerhide heavy bag one of the maximum used portions of gadget for your health club. The resilient powerhide protecting guarantees an appealing, nicely fashioned bag so one can continuously make you come for extra. The soft fill facilitates lessen muscle pressure on wrists, elbows and shoulders.

    8 reviews for Ringside one hundred-pound powerhide boxing punching heavy bag (smooth filled)

    1. Huston

      I actually like the bag. The reason I gave 3 stars instead of 4 or 5 stars. It is because the bag weighs about 80 lbs and not 100 lbs as advertised. I weighed it 3 times with these results: 75, 78.2, 79.9.Read more

    2. Kyle McCarthy

      Seems like a great bag with amazing quality. The problem is that it doesn’t weigh 100 pounds like it said in the description and title. What’s up with this?Read more

    3. Bob

      This is a great heavy bag for beginners to intermediate users, especially for the price. I’ve waited 8 months to leave a review because you can’t judge the quality of a heavy bag without breaking it in.The bag is very study. I’m 235 lbs with over 2 decades of martial arts/boxing experience and can hard punches/kicks with proper technique. This bag can take a beating and keep its shape. I haven’t noticed any tears in the bag or any defects in craftsmanship. This bag compares in quality with $300-400 bags I’ve used in professional gyms.I attached to the bag to a 9’ high ceiling joist with a 7.25” heavy bag spring and haven’t had any problems. Some people like to attach a weight to the bottom of the bag to keep it place, but I prefer a little movement with a heavy bag. It has the perfect amount of swing to it for a great cardio workout and/or training session.Read more

    4. Top

      Huge step up from the average bag. Has d rings and chains instead of straps that wear out. All the stitching is heavy duty. No cheap plastic zippers, this bag is laced up. Its shorter than other canvas strap style 100lb bags. If you are using a stand that comes in handy. You can hang it higher. This bag has a couple inches of foam underneath the synthetic cover. Its packed hard. Its awesome! To go from turning a bag into a banana after a hook to a bag that holds shape is quite nice. The cover is a little slick at first but man what a bag! This IS the bag you are looking for if real leather isn’t on the table.Read more

    5. Mark McElroy

      After the better part of 15 years and series of 3 or moves my old bag had seen its better days. The last year had me working out from home exclusively and accelerated its demise. I shopped for a new bag for months before settling on this Ringside Bag. The bag shipped quickly and the carbineer made it easy to connect. This bag is a beast, densely packed , however, with enough give to absorb and distribute the punch without returning the energy . The density is consistent top to bottom, no soft spots. The shell is tough and provides good snap when struck. You will need good gloves and wraps to strike this and it might be a bit dense for beginners. This is a very well made product and a great value.Read more

    6. Angelo

      This heavy bag is well worth the money. Before this I used the standard 100lb Everlast Powercore bag from the sporting good store. The bag was great for the first 2 months but eventually all of the filling settled at the bottom and it became hard as a rock.You can instantly feel the difference with this Ringside bag. The bag is compact but has great cushioning for the hardest of shots. The bag is a bit smaller than most bags but this is great for Heavy Bag stands because it doesn’t make as much noise.My only gripe is a minimal one at best, the surface is a bit slippery to landing inside right hooks could be a little weird. I assume this would go away with time though.Read more

    7. Sam Harringer

      It’s a hit! I got this for my boyfriend for Christmas and it’s really come in handy. The perfect weight, firmness, and durability. A gift that keeps on hitting!Read more

    8. Mark Twain

      Good solid bag. Stitching seems ok. Time will tell as to the durability of it. I’ve put 2 workouts into it and it’s holding up fine so far. All and all a good purchase.Read more

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