Ringside panther boxing mma punch mitt, 10″

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  • make certain this fits
  • by way of coming into your model variety.
  • these panther attention punch mitts have a unique contoured form making an allowance for greater control and giving the train and teacher both better leverage whilst working the boxing mitts
  • the target education pad mitts are product of durable leather-based and degree 10″ x 7. Five” x three” in size
  • this clean to slip on and off pair functions a contour healthy to promote right alignment of wrists, arms and shoulders
  • best instruct mitts for boxing, mma, muay thai and partner touch recreation athletes alike to practice an expansion of punches and footwork
  • complete your home or industrial fitness center with the proper fight schooling device to get your athletes in form and competition geared up

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precise contoured form permits for more manipulate and gives the train and trainer both higher leverage at the same time as working the boxing mitts.  the panther mitts promote right alignment of the wrists, palms and shoulders in order that the effect from the punches are obviously dispersed and now not absorbed by means of the joints. This generation allows longer exercises to help build stamina and endurance. Promotes protection for the boxer as it lessens the risk of a sprained wrist or injured knuckle that effects from a poorly introduced punch. The snug suit hand compartment with a thickly padded leather wrist strap anchors the mitts to your palms, there may be no hook & loop strap to fumble with.

8 reviews for Ringside panther boxing mma punch mitt, 10″

  1. Sara Chisholm

    I ordered these to get me through the coronavirus shutdown. Normally, I go to boxing class 2-3 days a week, and that was my only real exercise ever since I got pregnant 7 months ago. My husband doesn’t box, but I figured he’d be able to at least hold up the mitts while I practice some combinations. Of course as soon as the punch mitts showed up my husband seized my boxing gloves leaving me to don the mitts. I tried not to laugh at his form as I parried his punches. I found the mitts fit snugly and I liked the ball grip thing in the interior for extra control. Then it was my turn, and I got in maybe 10 seconds of satisfying one-twos before my dog started going crazy, barking and jumping at me, making it abundantly clear that he would not stand for this aggression against Daddy. Apparently he recognized me as the real threat, since he was just fine when it was the other way around. I have yet to have a proper training session with the mitts but from my dog’s reaction, they’ll do the trick.Read more

  2. Am0032

    Wow! These look like a cheap knockoff of the mitts pictured on the listing! Very thin “leather” as you can see especially on the face in my picture, that is, if they are even real leather any more! Stitch quality is much lower. They look like a cheap imitation of what’s listed on Amazon, but I sent my pics to Ringside and they said they looked authentic.I guess some companies try to substitute an inferior product and hope people will still buy them because of their old reputation! What a disappointment!Read more

  3. Jeremy

    I ordered these to keep up with training after my Muay Thai gym shut down due to the COVID pandemic. I’ve been training with these mitts for the past 2 months in my garage and they get the job done. The contour of these mitts and the ball shape in the inside make them very comfortable to hold. The only thing is i’ve noticed in these past 2 months is that I found a small air bubble on on the mitts. This is more of an cosmetic imperfection and has not impacted the peformance of these mitts… so far (fingers crossed). These mitts do have IMF in them and I have heard it can be common to find air bubbles in IMF products. Other than the single air pimple I’m a big fan of these mitts. They’re a great buy.Read more

  4. Y.R

    I returned these mitts because they are not originals. The picture is not what you get. The picture has original ringside logo and ringside tag sewed on the side, what I received was a knock off of these mitts. They may work fine for beginners, but not for advanced boxers.Read more


    Ringside is king when it comes to punch mitts. They invented the cobra style panther punch mitt and are head and shoulders above the competition. These are the best mitts in the game. Everything done right for a trainer that uses the mitts as a main source of teaching and training fighters/boxers. Then the price just makes it an absolute no brainer. Shane Colburn – Mittology certified instructor.Read more

  6. Tyler McKay

    Perfect oversized training mittRead more

  7. Ruud Orm

    These are great, comfortable and durable mitts. The striking surface is quite hard, so you get good feedback. The ball shape inside, where you grip, is very easy to hold on to and you won’t have these gloves flying off. They are quite warm.Read more

  8. Roberto

    I bought these punch mitts to train my 7-year-old daughter & I love them! They are easy to slip on & off, even while using hand wraps. The quality is good, they feel great on my hands, & they have a ball-shaped cushion for your palms that makes your hands feel secure when you’re using them. I’m very happy with this buy & I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a solid, inexpensive punch mitt.Read more

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